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I say we go somewhere even funnier: Poptropica Original.

Hey Poptropicans! What do you tell a sick person on Poptropica?

“The doctor is Hare!”

Ha, ha…. aaand we’re just getting started. With a new video, Dave is about to fill you in on some more of “The Funniest Jokes in Poptropica Worlds”:

And the “funniest jokes” in Poptropica Worlds are…

  1. Scuttlebutt’s sick burn: calling you a “crusty bilge waffle”
  2. Beatrice’s ruthless dig on Hazel’s digs, when she says “I say we go somewhere even more depressing: your house.” (And it looks like Dave is referring to Beatrice with the conventional pronunciation now.)
  3. When Dr. Winslow tells you you’ll be safe underground: “It hasn’t exploded in, what, two weeks?”
  4. When King Mondo gets real with you: “Where else am I going to go?”
  5. When the gas station attendant tells you he doesn’t even have any gas.
  6. When you turn on the faucet to find Mr. Whiskers.
  7. The fact that anyone would order “carrot ice cream.”

Did any of these lines get you dying of laughter like Dave—or at least crack a smile?

Despite the humor, it seems not every Poptropican is amused enough by Poptropica’s latest videos. A commenter on the above video, SuperTalkCam (also known as TallMeloniscool), wrote this as part of a longer comment: “You did not list the funniest jokes, you listed all of the jokes.”

tm comment

The comment raises some fair points: the Poptropica Creators have been heavily promoting Poptropica Worlds since its release in May, yet there is much more content on Poptropica Original that isn’t getting the same love from the Creators in their YouTube content. The Creators have only been making these list videos recently, and so far, all the attention has gone to Pop Worlds.

Although we all want to see Worlds succeed, many of us are also longtime fans of the original game, and even those of us who are newer players can see that there is more to appreciate on Poptropica Original. Wouldn’t it be great to hear about our old favorites in Dave’s video lists? Wouldn’t it be a lot more exciting to see more than two islands being featured in all these new videos? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Also on YouTube, Stephanie has returned with another livestream! In this week’s episode (#10), she mentions that last week’s votes were miscounted, so she’ll actually be playing Dr. Hare’s Revenge in this video. (It’s more of a mini-game, though she refers to it as an island.) Catch the archived video below:

After spinning the daily wheel and changing up her outfit a bit, Stephanie heads over to Dr. Hare’s Revenge, where she speaks Carotenoid’s lines in a high-pitched voice, and then she’s off to nab some carrots! She plays through Zone 1, makes it through about half of Zone 2, and eats oatmeal cookies.

Have you played through all 40 levels of Dr. Hare’s Revenge yet? You’ll get a cool prize at the end! Be sure to check out our handy PHB guide for some tips.

Stay tuned for more Poptropica Worlds livestreams, which air on Poptropica’s YouTube every Friday afternoon (Eastern time).

Last but not least, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving—or if you don’t celebrate, then at least a decent Thursday night dinner. The 3 new food followers—Cran Barry, Punkie Pie, and Sweet Tato—are still waiting to be found on Poptropica Original, and according to the Creators, they’ll be gone by Monday—just like Thanksgiving leftovers.


Captain Crawfish even put out a post stuffed with sentiment to thank Poptropica players, both longtime fans and new ones. Poptropica Creators, we’re ever grateful for you too!

Speaking of giving thanks, THANK YOU to all of you loyal PHB readers! Thanks to all of you, especially those of you who come here often, we’ve reached 30 million hits here on the Poptropica Help Blog! That’s a pretty huge milestone, and you helped us get there.

We’re grateful that we get to reach such a wide audience of Poptropica fans, and we hope to keep at it for more days to come. Thanks for being part of our community—for checking back on our site to see what’s new, sharing your thoughts in the comments to encourage change in the game, creating amazing artwork to express what makes this game great, and so much more. Stay awesome, Poptropicans. ✌️💕


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Thanksgiving hunt, Coco stunt, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here with the latest scoop of mashed potatoes what’s popping on Poptropica.

First, with the American Thanksgiving holiday coming up, the Poptropica Creators have let loose a few new feast-themed followers on Poptropica Original! Can you find all three of these foodie critters?


Skip this paragraph and the images below if you don’t want any spoilers: you can find Sweet Tato on top of the Arcade on Home Island, Cran Barry on the water tower on Early Poptropica, and Punkie Pie atop the Photo Gallery on Wimpy Wonderland.

thanksgiving followers
picture credit: Young Hippo (@Poptropica_King on Twitter)

Hurry—they’re only sticking around until the end of the holiday (which this means they’ll be gone by next Friday). Catch ’em while you can!

Also on Poptropica Original, there’s an ad game for Coco, the Pixar animated movie that releases this Thanksgiving! Talk to the skeleton man to get started, and you’ll be sent off running through the whimsical streets of the world of Coco, jumping over obstacles in order to deliver the leg of a skeleton without letting Dante the dog grab at you.

coco ad

Once you make it to the end, you’ll be rewarded with a Dante Follower and Miguel Music Power. The Dante Follower is what its name suggests, and the Miguel Music Power equips you with Miguel’s guitar. When space bar is pressed, an audible guitar strum can be heard, and you’ll raise up some orange specks that float briefly.

Over on Poptropica’s YouTube channel, there’s a new video from Dave, who tells us about the “CREEPIEST Moments in Poptropica Worlds!” Check out his list:

  1. The tremor you feel when you first visit Crisis Caverns.
  2. The mysterious Dr. Crispin Vincent you keep hearing about.
  3. The mysterious mushroom cavern and its mole people inhabitants.
  4. Pretty much everything about 24 Carrot Island.

What would you add to this list? Do you think it compares to our list of Scariest Poptropica Moments for Poptropica Original? Sound off in the comments!

Last but not least, Stephanie has returned with another one of her weekly livestreams! Livestream #9, which aired November 17 at around 3:45 p.m. EST, is the fourth episode in her exploration of 24 Carrot Island (see the previous three here). Check it out:

In this episode, Stephanie continues venturing through the vents and eventually makes her way to the computer control, where she finally foils Dr. Hare’s plans and completes the quest. Her snack of choice is fitting for the video: carrots!

Towards the end, she asked viewers where she should go next: Crisis Caverns or Dr. Hare’s Revenge. Crisis Caverns won the live vote, so that’s where she’ll be exploring in next Friday’s episode—stay tuned!

From Stephanie and all of us here at the PHB, happy Thanksgiving! 🍂🦃🍁


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Stephanie steps into 24 Carrot Island

Hey Poptropicans!

It’s been a while since we heard about Stephanie’s livestreams, with no word about it from the Pop Creators on social media, but she’s still been going at it! Lately, she’s been exploring 24 Carrot Island—and we’re three episodes in. Check ’em out:

Livestream #6 aired October 28. In this episode, Stephanie hops into 24 Carrot Island for the first time, ending it just as she gets to the humble home on the carrot farm.

Livestream #7 aired on November 3. In this episode, Stephanie picks up where she left off, having found Whiskers and ending as she’s about to cut the wires in the factory.

Livestream #8 aired on November 10. In this episode, we’re first treated to an awkward two minutes of silence before it begins, and then Stephanie heads back to the freezer room where she was last, and continues the journey exploring the factory, vents and all.

As of right now, Stephanie is still on the search for all the missing kids in the factory! If you haven’t had the chance to finish the Poptropica Worlds version of 24 Carrot yet, be sure to check out our 24 Carrot Island Guide for Worlds.

While the exact minute each livestream starts seems to vary, they generally begin sometime in the afternoon each Friday (in the EST time zone) and go for about a half hour. If you manage to catch the stream while it’s live on the Pop Creators’ YouTube, you can even join in on the livestream chat that Stephanie reads from time to time as she streams!

Anyway, enjoy the archived livestream videos, with all its international candy! Stay tuned for new episodes every Friday, and stay popping, Poptropicans.


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6 + 2 Awesome Moments on Worlds, feat. Dr. Hare’s Revenge for all and Livestream #5!

Hey there, good players of Poptropica!

It’s Purple Claw here bringing you all an abundance of Poptropica news!

To start off, the new mini-game Dr. Hare’s Revenge is now open to all! It’s still in beta, which means it’s not quite finalized, and you can leave feedback in a survey that will pop up after you finish a zone in the game. Here at the PHB, we’ve finalized our Dr. Hare’s Revenge Guide at last, so check out the new page for a video and written walkthrough!


Dr. Hare’s Revenge was released for members only as a beta two-and-a-half weeks ago. Also, if you’re playing from your mobile device, you get to try a new control scheme, with a virtual joystick and jump button!

The basic gist of this game is that you have to stop Dr. Hare from getting his revenge by going to different types of areas called zones and collecting all the carrots. There are four zones, each one consisting of 10 levels each. After you finish the first zone, you’ll be asked to fill out a quick survey, which will help the Creators gauge players’ thoughts on this game and plan out what to put out next on Poptropica!

Over on YouTube, Poptropica uploaded a video titled 6 AWESOME Moments in Poptropica Worlds where Gentle Lion (a newer narrator we’ve been hearing more from) shares his 6 favorite moments from Worlds. Check it out:

Here is his list of awesome moments, summarized below:

  1. The Carrot Museum: It’s a great place to learn more about carrots, their origins and what they do.
  2. The journey to the lair of the mole people: On Crisis Caverns Island, you’ll come across a civilization of mole people, who are in a war against the chthonians.
  3. Finding hidden quests: You don’t always have to follow a single path! You should try to talk to every person you meet and have an eye on the hidden quests that aren’t required, but are fun!
  4. Infiltrating 24 Carrot Island’s factory: This island is all about sneaking in the factory and prevent Dr. Hare from mind-controlling everyone in the world of Poptropica
  5. Escaping the center of the earth: Even after you put an end to the war the mole people have against the chthonians, the supervolcano is going to erupt anyway so you have to hurry up and get out of the underground as fast as possible!
  6. Adventures you make yourself: the ways you can costumize yourself, decorate the house, and adventure is unique and different from anyone else’s.

We at the PHB have a sneaking suspicion that Gentle Lion may be the mystery blogger over at the Creators’ Blog, since his character in this video (and recent videos and blog posts) wears the same sunglasses as the blond guy we saw in earlier screenshots.

His voice in the videos suggests he’s pretty young, which may explain his inexperience with writing. Again, this is just a theory, not proof — but he is doing a great job on these videos, so we hope to keep seeing more of them!

In other Pop YouTube news, another new-ish Creator, Stephanie, hosted livestream #5 this Friday, October 20 at 3 PM EST. Catch the archived video below:

In this episode, Stephanie spent more time decorating her house, this time exploring the members-only house expansion (extra room) feature. She’s spent the last couple of livestream episodes talking about houses, so personally, I’d like to see something new next time. I really wish they made more stuff about Poptropica Original, since there’s way more content over there.

Regardless, I found the video pretty interesting, and I’m glad the quality of each livestream keeps improving. It looks like the videos are starting to be more consistent, too, so perhaps we can keep expecting them on Fridays at about 3 PM EST. Whenever they’ll be, we can be sure to expect a new livestream every week!

Last but not least, Poptropica Comics are back! Check out the newest adventures following Oliver and Jorge on an island of nice people, then werewolves, then a sneeze-inducing moon over on GoComics (which got a redesign back in January):

The Poptropica GoComics site now has an About page, which introduces the comic and cast. Unlike the graphic novel series, Mya is not part of the comics.

comic boys

There is also a mobile app for the Pop comics, but it doesn’t seem to be updated, and the FunBrain page for Pop comics has strangely disappeared. But on GoComics, a new comic strip has been coming out every few days or so, so hopefully that keeps going!

Anyway, thanks for reading this post! What do you think of these updates? Share your thoughts in the comments!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

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Speedrun through 24 Carrot, slow down for Home Island, and don’t forget the Antlers

Hey Poptropicans! Slanted Fish here with the latest report on what’s popping.

Poptropica has released a new video, and this one’s pretty unique compared to the others: it’s a speedrun of 24 Carrot Island, which shows you how to complete the island in approximately 4 minutes! It’s pretty impressive, so check it out:

The narrator’s voice is not one we’ve heard before, but it sounds like it could be a teenager, or at least someone young but not childlike as in the trailer video. This video uses some visual clips from the trailer, and I think the new voice fits the vibe pretty well. The narration packs a fair bit of humor in its quick walkthrough, only stopping once for a hilariously deep breath. I’d like to see more videos like this! What do you think?

That’s not the only new video this week — we’ve also got another livestream (#4) from Creator Stephanie! Catch the archived video below:

This episode aired October 13 (Friday). (Speaking of Friday the 13th, check out this Creators’ Blog post highlighting some superstitiously-unlucky Poptropica moments for the occasion. It’s good to see Captain Crawfish blogging again!)

Anyway, back to the video with Stephanie. The first minute is just silence before Stephanie realizes she’s on air, and then it’s off to Home Island again! As with the last livestream, she picks up on decorating her house, this time adding membership furniture like the beach themed windows along with her non-member items.

Before placing the furniture in her home, she takes a candy break — not jellybeans this time, but candy from her recent travels to Colombia! Then she starts placing her decor around the house, starting with beach windows and then carefully thinking through where to put her clock, fireplace, rocket lamp and more. Plus, she’s taking names for the suit of armor guarding the house — got any suggestions?

Just as she signs off, we can catch a quick glimpse of the recording program she’s using: Gameshow 2. So there you have that, in case you were wondering!

Stephanie will be livestreaming Poptropica Worlds every week for the foreseeable future. They could be any day of the week, but stay tuned for the next one!

In other news, the Elk Antlers on Crisis Caverns Island have moved! Though they used to be in Crispin Cave, they are no longer there — instead, you’ll now find them on top of Ye Old Cabin and Mine. Why they changed this is a mystery, but perhaps it makes a little more sense in the story as a location for pranksters to place the item.

You can see this update in action in this video by Young Hippo. Thanks also to Green Cheetah for the update and a screenshot!

As you may notice if you try it out for yourself, or if you complete any other item on your quest log, a side note will now appear beside your quest log to mark the completion of an item on the list! Pretty neat new feature to let you know when you’re making some progress. But that’s not the only thing that’s new about the quest log…

Now, when you progress to a new point, a notification will also pop up beside the quest log to give a little nudge for what you’re supposed to do or think about next. You may have noticed it in the 24 Carrot video above, which gives pointers like this one:

questlog update2

Cool, huh?

By the way, here’s your chance to write for the PHB: We’re working on a guide for the new mini-game Dr. Hare’s Revenge and would appreciate any help! Send us your writing and/or pictures to [email protected].

Anyway, what do you think of the new quest log updates, livestream, and speedrun video? What would you like to see the Creators do next for Poptropica? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!