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Iris Ray, you can stay—with Dave and the Batcave

Hey Poptropicans! It’s Slanted Fish, popping in with the latest.

First, the Poptropica Creators released a new video introducing “6 Cool Side Characters” from Poptropica Worlds! Check it out:

And the six cool cats to be featured are…

  1. Captain Scuttlebutt, who lets you spin the daily wheel on Home Island
  2. Ranger Rick, who’s pretty attached to his bottle of glue 😉
  3. Hazel and Beatrice, the elderly ladies stuck in Crispin Cave — although I don’t think “Be-a-trees” is the conventional pronunciation, Poptropica’s Beatrice is probably unique enough to go for it if she wanted. 🐝🌲
  4. Maynard, also known as Weird Barn Dude
  5. Charlie, who really loves her cat Whiskers
  6. Iris Ray, whose color-changing clothes make her not so much a creeper who hangs around in front of your house all the time, but who adds to the cool factor

Those are some pretty solid choices, although, hey—Hazel and Bea-trees are two characters, not one! Anyway, who else would you add to the list?

That’s not all: it looks like our mystery narrator (who may also be the mystery blogger, and who we’ve been calling Gentle Lion which is his character’s name in the videos) has a new name: Dave. Take a look at the video description:

dave poptropica

Well, it’s good to finally be introduced, Dave!

It also looks like Dave (or Gentle Lion if you prefer Pop names) will be doing more videos for the YouTube channel, along with Stephanie, since both have recently been pretty active on there. (And doing pretty well, I might add!)

The Creators’ Blog has been all back to Captain Crawfish lately. Captain Crawfish also confirmed with the PHB over Twitter DM that he’s “running this stuff for the time being.” Not sure how long that will be, but Poptropica’s recent tweets have been on top of their game lately, so this seems like a pretty good arrangement!

Over on Poptropica Original’s Home Island, there’s an ad for The LEGO Batman Movie! (It’s been out for months, but still, it’s a good one.) Head inside the Batcave and talk to Batman to help him stop the Joker.

Your task is to help build three Batmobiles, and you’ll be given 20 seconds to complete each one. Simply drag each piece to where it belongs, noting the shape of each part as you hover over them until you find the one that matches.

When you’ve successfully built all three vehicles, you’ll win some prizes! The Batmobile Builder assembles a LEGO Batmobile on your screen when you press space bar, and the Batarang is a handheld bat boomerang you can throw (by pressing space bar). You’ll need to de-activate one to use the other, since both require space bar actions.

batman ad poptropica

Finally, this is our last call for you to enter our Halloween Costume Contest! You can enter as many times as you like in two categories, Pop Original and Worlds. The contest closes on Monday, October 30 and we’ll be revealing the winners on Halloween.

phb 9th hallo

We’re also still taking art (of all forms) for Community Creations! This month’s theme is Halloween, and as usual, you have up until the end of the month to enter.


Need a little inspiration for both? Check out our list of ASGs for Poptropica Original for tons of cool costume parts. We keep adding new ones, so keep checking back!

Plus, for those of you in the know, Stranger Things—an amazing Netflix drama—released their second season this week. What does this have to do with Poptropica? Well, check out our Pop-over post for Stranger Things to find out! 👻

Stay sp00py, Poptropicans!


15 thoughts on “Iris Ray, you can stay—with Dave and the Batcave”

  1. Who here is kinda annoyed that most of the Poptropica Youtube content is all walkthroughs? Well the videos that the Poptropica Creators are making are the kind of videos I wish most Poptropicans on Youtube could of made 🙂

    1. While it’s not something that “annoys” me, I am glad to see these types of videos from the Creators, and maybe they’ll inspire other YouTubers to make more varied videos too!

      1. OH man who knows if they inspire more people. In fact one of the reasons why I made my Youtube channel is because I wanted to make videos that I have always wanted to see on Poptropica Youtube

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