Halloween costumes on sale in Poptropica Worlds!

Hey sp00ptropicans!

Halloween is just about upon us, and if you haven’t assembled a freaky costume for your Poptropican yet, now’s the time to do it. From now through Halloween (October 31), the store on Poptropica Worlds is having a sale on 8 spooky costumes.


The costumes receiving a discount are:

  • Vampire Boy and Girl
  • Midnight Ninja
  • Goth Cheerleader
  • Pirate Boy and Girl
  • Fairy Queen
  • Skyhawk Warrior

Every costume piece is currently 5 coins off, and sale prices end on Wednesday after Halloween. So, make the most of it and get those costume parts now, on Home Island ofΒ Poptropica Worlds!

Our Halloween Costume Contest is now closed at this point, but we can’t wait to reveal all the winning entries tomorrow, right here on the PHB! As an added bonus, we’ve been in touch with the Poptropica Creators, and they’ve agreed to sponsor our contest by awarding a one-month membership to each winner. So, be sure to check back tomorrow to see which costumes are the sp00piest of the season! πŸ˜‰


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