Announcing the 9th Sp00py Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

phb 9th hallo win

B O O, s p 0 0 p t r o p i c a n s !

It’s here: happy Halloween!

You know what that means (at least, you should if you’ve been paying attention to the PHB in the past month)—it’s time to unveil the winners of our 9th Annual Sp00py Halloween Costume Contest!

This time around, we had two categories you could enter in: Poptropica Original, and the newer Poptropica Worlds. We received tons of awesome entries (admittedly mostly for Poptropica Original, which still looks to be the more popular game).

But in the end, it came down to these sp00ptropicans… (hover over each costume to view their names and creators! note that untitled entries were assigned names):

🎃 Top 6 Poptropica Original Halloween Costumes! 🎃

Now these are definitely trick-or-treaters you would not want to deny at your door! But that’s not all. Take a look at the customization capabilities these creatives have come up with over on Poptropica Worlds:

👻 Top 6 Poptropica Worlds Halloween Costumes! 👻

There were so many more amazing entries from Poptropica Original that we just had to feature a whole bunch more. So here are 9 honorable mentions of costumes we thought were pretty sp00py, too (click to view in full size):

🍭 Honorable Mentions 🍭

As we announced in our post about the contest, in addition to being featured here, each of the winning costumes will also be immortalized on our Costumes page! The prize for our honorable mentions is simply the honor of being featured here.

ALSO! We recently reached out to the Poptropica Creators about our contest, and they agreed to sponsor it with one-month memberships for each winner. So, if you were a winner, look out for an email from us and let us know your username so we can pass it on to the Creators for your membership prize!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Halloween competition! We’re all sp00ped out from looking through your sp00py suit-ups, but we’re amazed by all of your creativity. Congrats to all the winners! If you’d like to check out everyone’s entries, browse the comments section of the contest post now… before it’s too late.

👻 † Happy Halloween from the PHB! † 👻

58 thoughts on “Announcing the 9th Sp00py Halloween Costume Contest Winners!”

  1. Even though I didn’t win, it feel so GREAT to see my costume in the honorable mentions! (Of which any of you might’ve guessed.. It was Black Mage from Final Fantasy) 😀

    But I have a question, do honorable mentions get prizes too?

    Have a sp00py Holloween!! 🎃🎃👻

    1. Ah, I wasn’t familiar with the character. Would’ve been good to specify in your entry, but thanks for letting us know! Congrats on the honorable mention! HMs simply get the honor of being featured here, which is still pretty cool—there were lots of entries we wanted to show here, and this was a way to extend that. 👍

      1. Oh well though. I did had other ideas (the werehog, then Zurg, until Black Mage), but they all backfired so I went with this. (Although I do have another idea that might work next year 😉)

  2. Well, I certainly was not expecting my costume to be in Poptropica Worlds Top 6! But i’ll be totally honest with you all the costumes were fresh and original which i love to see in halloween costumes! Congrats, to those who won, and who were mentioned. And if you didn’t win, just keep trying and i’ll promise you’ll get there.

    P.S Just how many entries were there for Poptropica Worlds (just curious.)

    1. Congrats! As I mentioned, Poptropica Original was definitely more popular than Worlds in terms of number of entries—so every Worlds entry was able to win a spot (still, all deserving).

      1. Double thanks and ditto! I, personally, couldn’t make anything out of that cloud hair, and here you are doing it with ease. Nice work and congrats!

      2. Thanks, lol. It was a complete accident that I even came up with a good costume. I just mixed and mashed some costumes until I got what I thought was a nice design with a good colour scheme and overall cohesiveness. Funny thing is that this one took maybe 5-10 minutes to make and it was a 100% rush job on the last days of the competition, so imagine my reaction when I saw it on the front page! This coming from someone who usually always submits a bunch of costumes every year and still usually doesn’t win. Still, congrats and I hope you enjoy your membership fwiw 😄

    1. It was definitely a cool costume, especially with the hair that grows—but the overall colors didn’t feel quite spooky enough for a Pennywise imitation. Still pretty clever, though.

      1. Eh, it was pretty mediocre overall, but I’d say that is to be expected when you try to recreate something that isn’t originally from Poptropica. At least Worlds’ sassy clownfish got featured. Speaking of that, can the name on my Worlds entry be changed to “Emo Nemo”? Seems like a more fitting name.

    1. You sent us your entry as Crazy Peppers, but we can change the name if you like. If you just meant that as your username for the prize, then sure, we will pass it on—we just wanted to ask in case you wanted the membership on another account.

  3. *sees that I’ve won*


    Seriously though thank you guys ily. I never expected to win considering I only submitted one thing this time and yet I still did. I’m astounded because that only took five minutes to make lol. But still thank you and a virtual hug to everybody on the PHB. Congrats to the others as well, with costumes like that you deserved it. 😁

    Also my username is xplus1 if you already didn’t know ;D

  4. Haven’t gotten an email yet, so I’ll just say it here–my username for this entry is MirandatheGuardian.

  5. can I just say my username in the comment section oh And I did not think I would win but I can’t belive I did

      1. Update: You should be set. If you’re having trouble seeing your membership activated, the Creators recommend clearing data and logging back in to your account.

    1. We asked the Creators again, but probably soon. Some have already gotten theirs. However, you may have to wait until at least after the weekend since they’d probably be off work now.

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