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Ice cream cat, how about that? 🍦🐈

Hey Poptropicans, are you ready for costumes galore?? 👗

The Pop Creators received tons fantastic entries for July’s monthly costume contest — enough to create a picture slideshow nine minutes long! Just take a look at the fandom’s creativity:

Picking a winning design was “an impossibly hard choice to make,” according to the Creators’ Blog, but in the end they went with the Ice Cream Cat by Silver Flame. 🍦🐈 As promised, the costume will soon be available for free through the returning Baron’s airship. Sweet!

While the video above contains loads more amazing costume ideas (and some copyrighted characters like Bendy, Baldi, Minecraft creepers, and more), I’d like to highlight a few of my personal favorites with a mini slideshow of my own. Which ones caught your eye, and did you have a creation featured? Share with us in the comments!

In other news, we’ve made it to the end of July, which means the login challenge has wrapped up! If you managed to log in to Pop every day for the past 10 days, a bonus 5,000 credits should have automatically been added to your account today. Cha-ching!

That’s all for now! Check back tomorrow for some more fanciful Community Creations. Stay awesome, Poptropicans. ✌️✨


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The Adventures of Ruby part 2, and 2 more days till credit craze ✌️

Hey Poptropicans! In this post, we’ve got a fan comic and a couple of Instagram highlights. Let’s pop right in!

The Adventures of Ruby by Muddy Kid (aka PegaKid Studios) is back with a part two installment on the Pop Creators’ Blog. Picking up from part one, it’s six years later and Ruby meets a new friend and aspires to be like her adventurous uncle. Click to enlarge the comic panels:

To hear more from Muddy Kid (Pegs), you can find her on the PHC.

In other news, we’re almost to Friday! As the Pop Creators reminded fans on their Instagram story, keep up your login streak and you’ll soon be eligible for the 5,000 credit craze. Speaking of Insta, check out the kind words the Creators wrote on our Poppies highlight! 💙🏆

Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️


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Almost out of time to submit your coloring pages! Hurry this instant! ⏰

Hey, everyone! It’s time for a quick news update. Let’s pop over to Instagram to check out Poptropica’s latest announcements!

The Creators put out one last call for submissions to Poptropica’s first Coloring Creations Challenge! Artists, you have until tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Pacific to submit your inked drawings through Poptropica’s submissions page. Hurry for a chance to have your art featured in an official fan-driven coloring book!

The Creators also took the time to confirm that Time Tangled Islands is now available to all players. We appreciate the update, Creators, but you were a bit too slow on the draw. You’re no match for Neat Peanut and the Poptropica Help Blog! 😜

Bragging aside, go celebrate the occasion by playing this classic adventure from 2008. If you have some digital currency to burn, you could also buy the Finest Piece of Pop Merch around: the Time Tangled Wall Clock! We wish you luck on your time travel escapades!

To wrap things up, let’s look at Poptropica’s latest batch of Instagram stories. We have artwork starring classic characters and unique OCs, some colored in coloring pages, and even some Poppies posts! Check out our Poppies recap if you want to see the winners.

The Creators also left a reminder for players to login today as part of the ongoing 10 Day Login Challenge. If you have logged in to Poptropica everyday since July 21st, you’re still in the running to earn 5,000 credits at the end of July! Just login everyday until July 30th to receive your reward.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Coolmath fame and classic games 📸🥕

Hey Poptropicans! In this update, we’ve got Pop-arazzi snapshots, tweets, fan art features, an official vid, and more. Let’s pop right in!

First up, the Pop-arazzi are back with more Pop fashions inspired by real-life pop stars. This time we’ve got American alt-rock musical duo Twenty One Pilots and actress Zendaya featured on the Creators’ Blog!

These stylish icons aren’t the only celebs floating in the fandom this week. Over on Twitter, a fan asked Jeff Kinney, Poptropica’s founder, if there were plans to restore the Wimpy Kid islands to the mobile app. Jeff responded, “I don’t know! I miss all the islands!

This marks the third time this year Jeff-senpai has publicly acknowledged the game he helped create. Although he’s not currently involved with Pop and doesn’t seem to have any say in its development these days, it’s great to see he still cares. And hopefully it’s one more mighty nudge for the current Creators (who retweeted Jeff’s tweet) to maybe, just maybe, bring the old islands back?

Poptropica’s been active on Twitter too this week. In response to sister site Coolmath Games (who hosts Pop among the games on their website) sharing that they’d added the updated maps, Poptropica thanked them for the “Coolmath Fame.”

On another note, here’s the latest batch of fan art features from Pop’s Instagram stories. Check out the villain vibes and costume creations!

While most of Poptropica’s classic islands seem untouched after Flash zapped them away, at least a few of them have survived into Haxe. One of them is 24 Carrot Island, which just recently got an official walkthrough video made and its tour page updated with a full written walkthrough.

As the Creators’ Blog explained, “24 Carrot was one of the few islands we didn’t have a complete walkthrough for, but now we’re one step closer to a complete Island walkthrough playlist.” But hey, you know where you can find a complete collection of Poptropica island walkthroughs in both video and written form, plus more extras like trivia and long-gone album photos? The PHB’s Island Guides!

Finally, the Baron’s Airship has set sail, but she’ll be back! Next time the Baron returns, we’ll get to pick up the winning designs from July’s costume contest (which ended this week) for free in her Cabin of Curiosities.

That wraps up this post! Plus, stay tuned for the Poppies voting round dropping later today. Thanks for popping by, and stay awesome, Poptropicans!


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Creative custom looks for your home and yourself 🏡👕✨

Hey, Poptropicans! This is Gentle Dolphin bringing the latest Poptropica news! Today’s post will discuss the newest store items, Instagram fan art features, and a very fashionable guest writer. Let’s dive in!

Six new furniture items are available for purchase in the clubhouse store. Everyone can decorate their clubhouses with the storage trunk, white dresser, selfie ring light, and skateboard. However, members can acquire the mobile phone and pineapple picture.

After some furniture shopping, why not treat yourself to some new clothes from Amelia’s Adventure Outfitters? Our current store lineup features familiar fashions, but there is also a brand new Galaxy Hoodie, which members can purchase for 150 credits.

Nothing at Amelia’s store suits your style? Don’t forget to hop onto the Red Baron’s airship for some exclusive items, including the winning entries of June’s costume contest! Act fast before the Red Baron sets off on another adventure and leaves these costumes lost to time.

While you’re buying clothes from either Amelia or the Red Baron, think about how you can mix and match pieces of your new duds to create a unique look for your popsona. Golden Wolf, the newest guest writer to grace the Creators’ Blog, made a post showcasing some custom-made outfits ranging from cozy to classy.

Golden Wolf was also happy to provide original art of her popsona! I love her cool street fashion in this picture, especially with her two colorful hair streaks. 💙💜

Last but not least, the Poptropica Creators shared more amazing fan art in their most recent Instagram stories. There’s fan art of classic Pop characters as well as some July costume contest submissions. The story also included our IG post advertising the PHB’s Poppies 2021 event! Thanks for the shoutout, Creators!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬