Blue Tooth speaker pairs with Coolmath

Hey everyone, Sporty Boa here POPping in the drop some pretty cool news! Let’s hop right into it, shall we?

Blue Tooth has entered the chat!

Today, the Poptropica Creators Blog pleasantly surprised us with an introduction to a new blogger, Blue Tooth! (Check out the post right here!)

Blue Tooth with pet bunny, Dorf!

Within the introductory post, Blue Tooth mentions how the Creators have been actively working hard on new updates arriving in 2019. Considering all the exciting big moves and updates that have already arrived, I’m quite interested in what lies ahead for Poptropica.

Anyway, Blue Tooth also mentions interests in skateboarding, gaming (I see that Nintendo Switch!), and chilling on Mythology Island.

Blue Tooth’s role (which sounds quite like that of Skinny Moon, Poptropica’s previous social media manager who left in mid-2017) will include locating players’ crazy cool clubhouses and costumes to showcase on the blog. (I’ve gotta step my game up if I want to be featured!)

Overall, I like this speaker—and this development really (finally!) shows the Creators are making an effort to connect with us and the community. Plus, just look at Blue Tooth’s fluffy bunny, Dorf! So adorable! (Having my own pet rabbit IRL, I can relate to Dorf’s lack of enthusiasm with being held, lol)

Speaking of pets, the Creators’ Blog (probably Blue Tooth specifically) published another blog post reminding us that National Puppy Day is on the way! So if you have a doggo and you haven’t already done so, treat your pup some neat stuff at the clubhouse shop! 🐶

Happy National Puppy Day!

Based on the pics on these recent official posts, it looks like a new illustrator has joined the Poptropica team as well! (Or perhaps Blue Tooth herself did the drawings? Either way, pretty cute!)

Anywho, that’s not all regarding the latest news…

Poptropica is on!!!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s true! Poptropica announced the promo on social media, and I’m beyond hyped. Having grown up playing Poptropica and Coolmath games all the time with my bro, it’s a match made in Mount Olympus if you ask me!

That’s all for now. Let us know in the comments what you think about the addition of Blue Tooth and the Coolmathgames feature.

Until next time, this Boa’s gotta bounce!


Chat about the new LEGO Minecraft ad!

How’s it going, Poptropicans—it’s Lucky Joker here! Let’s pop into the latest news.

Over on Poptropica’s Instagram (@poptropicacreators), which seems to be the primary source of Poptropica news these days, we’ve got a bit of a “sneak peek” (if you want to call it that 😛 ) regarding the Blast-Off Arcade:

As the Creators’ post says, new chat features are coming to the arcade! That’s pretty cool. (Too bad it isn’t an island… it’s kind of been a while…) I wonder what the “gazillion other new things” they mention in the caption will be? Hmmm.

That’s not all. There are also a couple of new advertisements. Let’s start off with the LEGO Minecraft one, which can be found on Home Island.

The goal of the game is to escape the Creepers by dodging obstacles with the click of your mouse—without losing your six lives. (Tip: click multiple times for a higher jump)

Once you successfully make it to the finish, you’ll earn a batty Bat Follower and a Crazy Minecart. Cool!

For the next ad, Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns, you can access it via the island map.  There’s no game for this one; all you have to do is watch the short video trailer to earn a Kite Power card. The movie premieres in theaters on December 19. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now! What do you think the new chat options will be like? Are you going to see the new Mary Poppins movie? Let us know down in the comments!

Thanks for reading as always, and I’ll talk to you all soon… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Incredible Suggestions Needed!

Hello, everyone, how’s it going? It’s Lucky Joker here, and good news: the Poptropica Creators want our feedback!

On Instagram and Facebook, the Poptropica Creators asked us, the players, to give our thoughts on Poptropica’s islands by commenting on their posts.

Unsurprisingly, most people wanted more new islands on Pop Original. I would strongly agree with that. But the Creators are also interested in knowing how they can make islands better, so be sure to leave them your suggestions!

Personally, though, I’d like to see Poptropica host another Create Your Dream Island Contest — because if the reason we’re not getting any new islands as frequently as we used to is due to a creativity/idea shortage, then I think it’s the perfect time for a second one. I’m sure any Poptropican would love a chance to have their island idea in the game!

In other news, there’s an advertisement for Disney·Pixar’s newest movie, Incredibles 2, which is accessible from the island map. It’s basically the exact same as the ad we saw before when we were still awaiting the movie’s premiere back in May.

The object is to escape the underminer by making it to the finish line while dodging and blasting obstacles without losing all six of your lives. Your lives are represented by the movie’s logo, which you’ll find in the top left corner along with a progress bar (to see how close you are to the finish).

Poptropica Incredibles 2

Once you complete the game successfully, you’ll earn a Grow Power card and Laser Eyes Power card (which we saw the last time). (The Grow Power card looks a little odd, but oh well. 😛 )

So what are your thoughts on Incredibles 2, and more importantly…what are your opinions on the islands of Poptropica?

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all very soon…pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

A gram of Hare and ad-ception

Hey Poptropicans! It’s Dr. Fish—uh, Slanted Hare—uhh, whatever; somebody with a funky animal name and honorific that only #RealPoptropicans would understand.

For those of you on the ‘gram, you might like to know that the PHB is now on Instagram, too! Well, sort of. We’re letting our fluffy friend Dr. Hare run the show:


Dr. Harvey Hare, as any #RealPoptropican can tell from the profile, holds a PhB degree in Poptropica help, so I daresay he’s qualified to post his hare-y selfies while offering Poptropica updates and other tidbits on our new PHB feed. Plus, he just won “Best Poptropica Worlds Character” in this year’s Poppies, and he’s pretty proud of the fact!

Charming, is he not? Give him a follow on Instagram @PoptropicaHare!

In other events… while enjoying some good old Poptropica Multiverse at the Poppies party last weekend, I came across something a little odd… are you seeing it, too?


Ads for Poptropica… while playing Poptropica! And not just one, or two, but three of them! Now I’m not sure whether this is desperate, or sad, or funny, or perhaps a mixture of all three… but it does seem rather excessive.

Anyway, these are the latest shenanigans on Poptropica. Let us know what you think in the comments, follow us @PoptropicaHare on insta, and as always, keep on popping!


Costume Comebacks and Flashy Questions

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with news about Store updates and answered concerns!

Just today the Creators posted about some updates coming to the Store, saying that every month items will be added, old or new. And so far, they have proven themselves…


Three items have been added to the Store on Poptropica Original, all of which are Member exclusives from old islands. These include the Berry Scary Monkey follower from Monkey Wrench Island, the Beachgoer costume from Wimpy Boardwalk Island, and the Sea Captain costume from S.O.S. Island:

Added Cards

So far, I’m pretty excited about this idea. After all, we’ve all been wanting at least some update to Poptropica, and hey, Store items are a start. I especially like that fact that old items are being brought back for those who missed them.

The Creators are also asking for feedback about what you would like to see added next through their new comment system. Lucky Joker recommended some items like the Steamworks Mech Pilot costume and Vampire Count costume, and I recommended costumes from some of the earliest islands, as many of us didn’t play when the game was first created. What do you want? Leave it in their comments (and ours)!

Not only are updates being announced on the Creators’ Blog, but they are being announced on Poptropica’s Twitter (@Poptropica), too. One of the most pressing questions that has been on all of our minds for awhile now is what is going to happen to Poptropica when Flash ends in 2020, and @FordGaile finally got an answer:

It looks like the Creators are planning to transfer everything over to Poptropica Worlds or somehow avoid the Flash issue, which is very good news. Perhaps all of our progress on Poptropica won’t be lost after all!

The second most pressing question we’ve had is about what has been happening to Realms since its disappearance months ago, and this time @georgiemendes03 got an answer for us:

This may mean that Realms had a serious bug or that some big changes are going to be made, but at least it will be back! Additionally, the Creators announced that they’re “working on a lot of new stuff” and to check the Creators’ Blog often, and the somewhat pesky ads for old islands are for the “tons of new players” coming to Poptropica.

Despite our worries about Poptropica fading out, if what the Creators said is true, it’s actually doing the opposite. Still, that begs the question: why the recent staff cuts? As Skinny Moon (@PopGirlJess) recently tweeted, the team “got drastically cut down.” So what’s really going on?

What do you think of old items coming back to the store? Any theories on what Poptropica is going to do to adapt to Flash ending in 2020? Leave your comments below!

-SW 🐺

Outfit snatching and a Skinny note

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish popping in to show you what’s popping.

The Creators have posted another “Outfit of the Week,” and this time it’s Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. Check it out:

ootw hermione

That’s creative, it seems, except it wasn’t their creation to begin with—and while they say in the post “we spotted this,” they fail to give credit to the source. Locating the source should only take a simple internet search, and I was able to find this attributed to Rachellyy, a.k.a. Short Eagle, over on the Poptropica Fashion Wiki. And, again, descriptions for how to get the costume were absent altogether.

Want instructions on how to get a cool Hermione costume, plus how to dress up as other characters from Harry Potter? Check out our PHB Pop-over Special: Yer a Poptropican, Harry!

Considering that the Creators also say they’ll be featuring outfits from members of the community, proper attribution is not something that should be overlooked. You can do better, unnamed blogger.

As we said in our previous update about the Creators’ Blog, what we want to see is more creative content from the Creators—sneak peeks for upcoming adventures are ideal, but even just more effort into posts like Outfit of the Week would be something. What we’re getting, and don’t need, are all the Island Highlights—old news for most of us.

Notice, too, how although the Creators’ Blog supposedly takes comments, there are still 0 comments on every post lately. Several of our PHB commenters have mentioned how they’ve tried to comment, but their comments have yet to be approved to be seen on the blog. Creators, if you’re going to be asking us to “comment below,” why aren’t you showing and interacting with these comments? Fans want to know they’re heard!

Oh, and despite multiple attempts to reach out to the Creators on Twitter—no word from them on our many ideas for the game and community that they claimed to be so interested in. Hmm.

In the meantime, we also got this brief note from former social media manager, Jessica a.k.a. Skinny Moon:

Although we only know of a few of the Creators who were asked to leave a couple months ago, the tweet seems to suggest that more have left, to the point where “almost everyone” who was there before, when was working Skinny Moon with the Poptropica team a year ago, “is gone now.” Sad. 😦

On a brighter note, the community of Poptropicans here at the PHB is still kicking! In addition to our own posts, we regularly welcome guest posts from readers. You can check them out just by scrolling down our front page, and we invite you to write for the PHB anytime you’ve got an idea worth sharing!

That’s all for now. Keep on popping on, Poptropicans.


What’s going to happen to Poptropica Original?

og pop

Today we’ve got Poptropica Worlds, but Poptropica Original is the game where it all began over ten years ago. However, the OG Pop is on its way out.

Though we’ve made mention of the situation a few times here on the PHB, we haven’t yet discussed it on the blog in great depth. The bottom line, however, is simple: Poptropica Original was built on Flash, a technology that will no longer be supported by 2020. That’s why Worlds was created to continue the legacy on a newer technology, Unity.

The question of what will happen to Poptropica Original is best explained in this Facebook post from the Poptropica Creators, written December 2017:

Here are the main takeaways of that post:

  1. With the departure of Flash by the end of the year 2020, Poptropica Original as we know it is likely to be inaccessible by the arrival of 2021.
  2. Poptropica continues to own the intellectual property that makes up Pop Original—all the art, characters, stories, etc. They’ll be using that, along with new ideas, in their future creations, as we’ve seen from Worlds so far with islands like the remade 24 Carrot or Mythology-inspired, yet original Greek Sea Odyssey.
  3. It’s not just limited to islands on the web or mobile—Poptropica hopes to go where kids go, which could mean more books, comics, or something new.

So that’s that. As it’s 2018, we still have about two years to enjoy Poptropica Original: all its nearly 50 islands, tons of customization options (especially with glitching!), multiplayer functions, and more. Make the most of it and go explore, collect, and compete your heart out on this digital playground while you still can!

And where can we expect the new Poptropica Worlds to lead?

While Pop Original will still be around for as long as it’s able to stick around, expect most updates to come through on Worlds (though, oddly enough, we’re also getting March Prizes on Pop Original?). We’ll continue to keep you all posted with the latest news, both Original and Worlds, but the Creators haven’t been offering much on social media lately (and their blog hasn’t seen a new post since December).

With the recent layoffs of several high-up Poptropica Creators, a mass unfollowing of fans on Twitter, and now, this tweet from former Pop social media manager Jessica Devine (Skinny Moon), it seems things aren’t looking so good with the current management at Poptropica HQ.

In Jessica’s tweet, she links to a Verge article (link warning: some strong language used) about the “toxic culture” at another game studio that started out small, then grew so fast that it often pushed employees too hard in the race to put out new content. According to Jessica, “not all of it, but a good amount” resonates with her (and former coworker Mitch Krpata’s) experience working at Poptropica.

Whatever’s going on at Poptropica HQ right now, it’s leaving a lot of Poptropicans confused and apprehensive. Current Creators, if you are reading this, please step up your game (literally). Don’t burn yourselves out, but do give us an update here and there!

In the next two years, let’s hope that Poptropica Worlds can catch up some more with the original game, and bring us more of that Poptropica magic we’ve been in love with for so long. But we could use some more assurance from Pop HQ.

As much as we loved the original, we know it’s not going to last. But let’s build a brighter future on Worlds (and beyond, if Poptropica lives up to its statement of being a whole ecosystem). We’ve got lots of ideas. It’s not over yet.