Goofball Island Guide


Someone is blandifying the goofy citizens of Goofball Island. Only you can return them to abnormal!

For walkthroughs on Goofball Island, scroll down.

Released: November 18, 2021
Preceded by: Fairytale Island
Succeeded by: Jade Scarab Island

Resources on this page: Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Fry’s Fried Freds | Trivia

Island Extras: PHB Review | PHB Posts | Inside Look with Dream Island Designer | Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest Guide

Video Playthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Leggybug & Slanted Fish

Welcome to Goofball Island! As soon as you step foot here, you’ll overhear a conversation between the brightly dressed Mayor Naise and the monochromatic Detective Anna Gram. Sounds like someone named Dr. Blandston has been turning this funky town boring, and must be stopped!

City Hall

When you follow these two into the City Hall, the Detective will accuse you of turning everything bland! Goodness! She’ll quickly retract her statement when she realizes you aren’t from this island, and ask you to search City Hall for clues. 

There are only two clues in City Hall, so hop up two floors and run to the center room, which is the mayor’s office. Among the mess of items strewn on the floor are a book about the island’s history, but more importantly are the clues you’re looking for: a Broken Device and Crazy Club Matchbook, presumably both left by Dr. Blandston.

Go back downstairs to tell Detective Gram, and she’ll ask you to get some fingerprints of potential suspects while she goes back to her office. You won’t be able to enter her office in the Dreary Building until you get the prints for the Suspect Files, so it’s best to start now!

Mayor Naise

Getting the Mayor’s Print is easy. Just ask and he’ll give it to you.

Jumpy Spinner

Jump up to the top floor and head to the bland side. There you’ll find city planner Jumpy Spinner, who’s quite content with being orderly. He wants to make sure you have the island’s best interest in mind, so he’s going to quiz you on island’s history before he gives you his fingerprint — fair enough.

You can find the answers for all of these in City Hall, but if you don’t feel up for it, here’s what you need to know: The island was founded in 1647 by Emperor Thirsty Flame III and then was “discovered” by Xavier. Once you’ve answered all three of his questions, you’ll get Jumpy’s Print.

Bosko Oksob

Exit City Hall. For our next suspect, we’re going to Goofside, which is to the right of Main Street. There you’ll find a large purple monster named Bosko Oksob standing in front of their Car Fixing and Embroidery shop. Ask for his fingerprint and he’ll try to tell you a joke. Whatever you say, you’ll hear the joke (if you can call it that) and gain Bosko’s Print.

Crazy Club

Since the Crazy Club has “crazy hours,” you won’t be able to enter until you get the previous three fingerprints. And you’ll need to look the part.

To the left of Goofside, you’ll find a frog trying to hit a piñata. But you’re going to beat him to it — click the piñata to make it fall, and it’s yours! …I’m sure the frog is fine. Throw on the Pinata Costume and you can slip right into the club. (It won’t change your costume underneath, except for the pants.)

Bobby Bill

You’ll find tons of colorful characters inside the club, but the one you’re looking for is Bobby Bill, right below the DJ, performing moves never before seen on Poptropica. To get his fingerprints, he’ll challenge you to match his moves.

Freaky Dance-Off

In this mini-game, you’re watching and copying Bobby Bill’s dance moves. The order is random, but builds on each other. To help you remember, you can write down the numbers for each round so you’ll know the order.

If you misclick once or twice, Bobby will repeat the pattern. If you misclick a third time, you’ll have to start over. After five successful rounds…

…oh no! Dr. Blandston strikes again! But at least you’ll get Bobby’s Print.

Now, let’s go get Dr. Blandston! The doc’s hiding upstairs. Jump up the ladder on the right side of the club and run left. Right in the middle of your confrontation, however, the floor will give way and you’ll both crash on the floor… revealing the identity of Dr. Blandston. What’s this!? Dr. Blandston is the cat-loving mayor!? How could this be! You should take him to the detective…

….but wait! Suddenly, as you’re leaving the club, Bosko gets hit with another one of those blandifying machines — by another Dr. Blandston?

This mystery just keeps getting kookier. Bosko will give you his Leaf Blower. Although the other Dr. Blandston escapes, you’ve still got the mayor in tow. Head left, past Main Street, and into Dullsville to find the detective.

Dullsville and the Detective’s Office

Over in grayscale Dullsville, past the Dusty Crust Bakery and the entrance to the subway is the Dreary Building. Who’s on those subway trains? Shouldn’t all the suspects remain on the island? Questionable…

Anyway, the detective will buzz you in. Once inside, you can either go the slow way — up the elevator, or the quick way — up the stairs to the top floor, where you’ll find Room 7: Anna Gram’s Private Detective Agency. Go on in.

You’ll find out that the detective’s arm has turned goofy! Who would do such a thing? She’ll give you a fingerprint duster to use on the door handle, since whoever turned her arm goofy must be whoever broke the door.

Click on the door to start dusting. To use the brush, hold down on your cursor and move. Once a fingerprint shows up, match it with the one from your files (hint: it’s the second one on the right column)…

…and what’s this!? The fingerprints match with Detective Gram’s!

The mayor will awake from his wiggly red-eyed state and inform you that the detective has escaped out the window. Follow her!

The Subway

After also jumping out the window, follow the detective into the opened subway, past the train platform and into the sewers.

Keep running right, past the decrepit dentist’s office, and drop down the hole into a cave full of crystals. Along the way, you’ll come across journal pages from Dr. Gramston DDS, which offer some insight into what Anna Gram has been up to. Apparently, this dentist-turned-detective has been using crazy crystals to make herself and others more productive!

Keep going, and past the gray crystals you’ll find colorful ones. Eventually you’ll come across a room covered with illegible inscriptions and a large face with a nose. Though you aren’t able to read it, your companion can. The mayor tells you that the ancestors of the Poptropicans on Goofball Island would use these crystals to create a balance between bland and bizarre.

Continue right to pick up a Gray Crystal of your own, which you’ll fix into the broken device from earlier, creating a Blandify Device.

Go down and head left, then use the leaf blower Bosko gave you to blow the powder from the fingerprint kit into the darkness. The dust will reveal the detective, aka the original Dr. Blandston, with her own Goofify Device!

Time for a little showdown. As she speaks, aim your Blandify Device based on where her speech bubbles are, and click to fire when she pops up. After a few hits, she’ll fall back…

…and ask you to check your Blandify Device for fingerprints. Like before, hold and move to dust, focusing on the handle and just to the right of the crystal.

And… huh? It looks like the prints are yours and yours alone.

A short flashback will reveal that you were a Dr. Blandston when you first arrived on the island. Someone offered you the device and you took it!

Completely baffled, the mayor leaves the fate of the island up to you. This is yet another first in Poptropica: the player gets to choose the ending. Will you make the place and its people goofy, balanced, or bland?

You’ve seen the balanced version from the beginning of the island, but the newer version adds some bizarre characters and dull props to the mix. As for the other options, here’s how it looks all goofy:

And here’s the bland ending, which calls for just a little celebration.

Whichever one you pick, you’ll have “saved” the island and will win your Goofball Island Medallion! Congratulations!

Blitz on the Fritz

Don’t buzz off just yet, there’s more — if you’re a member. On Main Street, talk to reporter Katie Dare in front of the Hive News van to get started. Check out our Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest Guide to help her save the islands from a blandifying device in the hands of a bad bee bot!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🏝

Fry’s Fried Freds

On Main Street, you can order up some fried bread (called “freds”) from the food truck. Each snack comes with its own space bar action.


  • Goofball Island was designed by a player named Thirsty Flame. It was announced as a winner of Poptropica’s Design Your Dream Island Contest on January 7, 2021.
  • Goofball Island was released to all on November 18, 2021.
  • The Blitz on the Fritz side quest was released for members on January 11, 2022.
  • There is no common room and Quippy store on this island.
  • Emperor Thirsty Flame III is named after Thirsty Flame, the player who designed Goofball Island. You can read about the design process in this interview, where he mentions, among other things, how Bosko may be named after one of his original characters.
  • Mayor Naise is a pun on the word mayonnaise.
  • Detective Anna Gram’s name is a pun on the word anagram.
  • The bland lady on the second floor of City Hall mentions a pop artist named Lichtenstoon who created the painting of hangers in her office. This may be a reference to Roy Lichtenstein, a leading figure in the 1960s pop art movement whose work is more likely to fit in with the goofy side of City Hall. According to her, Lichtenstoon was born near Pelican Rock. She also references Van Nostrand, the painter from Escape From Pelican Rock Island.
  • Lichtenstoon is said to have painted “The Flying Girl,” which may be a reference to Roy Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl.”
  • The bland lady goes on to say she once went on a field trip to another island to go to its art museum, which parallels a storyline from old Poptropica: in Counterfeit Island, players travel to Early Poptropica Island to visit the art museum there.
  • The bland lady’s casual referencing of two classmates’ names, Timmy Jenkins and Speedy Runner, suggests that it is commonly accepted that some Poptropicans have real world names while others have Poptropican player names.
  • As revealed in a book in the mayor’s office called A Brief History of Goofball Island by Gray Bird, the original name of the island was Otimbo Island.
  • The book also reveals more about Xavier from Home Island: as part of the Adventurers’ League, he discovered and renamed Goofball Island in 1976. It is also the first time we see his full name, Xavier Pendragon, which itself is the name of a character from the video game Eternal Champions.
  • According to Jumpy Spinner, while the island was founded in 1647 by Emperor Thirsty Flame, the Native peoples date as far back as 1,000 years before them.
  • A blandified citizen in City Hall (who is being held by goofy citizens) mentions that he is looking forward to streaming a Bucky Lucas biography, referencing a character from the original Reality TV Island.
  • According to the Suspect Files, the player character is 4.3 feet tall and weights 350 pounds. Those are some zany proportions.
  • The collecting of thumb prints in this island’s storyline points towards the idea that Poptropicans do have fingers, despite their ball-shaped hands.
  • Bosko’s last name, Oksob, is his first name backwards.
  • Above the Crazy Club, you can find a strange, bored-looking bird flying, and hop on its big body for a brief ride.
  • Regular Dan’s name is a pun on two facts: that he’s the Crazy Club’s only regular (frequent visitor), and that he is now a blandified character. (In his goofier days, he was known as Irregular Dan.)
  • The Dusty Crust Bakery has a sign saying their bread is made with gray-n, which must be some especially gray grain. You can order their gray bread and munch on it with the space bar.
  • Dullsville is reminiscent of film noir, a cinematic genre associated with black-and-white visuals, low-key lighting, and crime dramas. The visuals on this side of town even flicker with old-school film effects.
  • The letters behind the name Dr. Gramston DDS stand for Doctor of Dental Surgery, representing her title as a dentist.
  • This is the first time in Poptropica that music adjusts itself within a scene: when you’re on the bland side, the music slips into softness, and when you’re on the goofy side, it gets loud and vibrant.
  • The illegible inscriptions you find in the crystal cave are also seen in a cave in the Baron’s Crusade Side Quest.

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      1. Too bad you can’t try any of the bland freds, in the blandified ending.

        Hmm, I wonder if those use gray-n

    1. The PHB is made up of only fans, not creators. I mean, maybe you could apply for a job at Poptropica’s official site, but this blog isn’t the actual creators.

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if this should be in the trivia, but the sleeping guy in Dreary Building is wearing the Porter outfit in Mystery Train Island!

  2. I went back onto goofball island to see if If I could go back to the crazy club (Btw you can’t) And Guess what I saw? Anna Gram was no longer her goofy self! I clicked on her and she said “Back to my hard-boiled self again.” Could someone please explain what was happening?

    1. When you finished, did you click “Balanced?” If so, everything would be half and half, but the people would be the same as they were at the beginning of the game.

      1. It’s the same thing with Mayor Naise and Bosko, if you choose the bland ending, and come back later, they’ll be re-goofified

      2. Earlier, in the bland ending, they would have a newspaper person next to City Hall, saying, “Bland is best, Island turns gray!”. He disappeared around the same time Bosko appeared at the ending.

  3. When I was in the hotel (at least I think it was a hotel), everyones answers to there doors were really funny. I especially loved the one about the paper clips.

    1. Yeah lol! If you chose the bland ending there’s a big box of them on main street so even if that ending isn’t great for everyone, at least your character got their wish for paperclips!

      1. Gosh, I know it doesn’t matter but the fact that I spelled paper clips wrong is really bugging me

  4. wow , this island is a total blast . this is far more better than fairytale island [items to collect at last 🙂 ]
    and the best thing is, that i finished it before the guide came out , which i think is great 🙂 . and , the guide is great too. a big shout out to leggybug and slanted fish

  5. Okay, might be unrelated but when I was listening to that bland lady talk about art museums a weird pop-up appeared on my screen that read something like “Vlad the Viking wants to meet with you”. I hovered over it, but it then disappeared. Does anyone here know what that’s about?

    1. That’s interesting. Haven’t heard any more about this so I’m not sure what it’s about. It could be something the creators are working on that glitched its way onto your screen.

  6. I’m not sure if you guys noticed this, but Goofball Island had a recent update (I think), and Bosko is present in the end. If you chose Goofy or Balanced, Bosko will return with more jokes, but if you chose the Bland ending, Bosko will be in his “bland” self, and will mention about his job as a mechanic. Just letting you know!

    1. Hey, that’s cool! I noticed some joke dialogue in the files and just assumed that it was unused (rather than something new) so it’s nice to see that that was actually implemented in to the game! Also, I think you’re right about there being an update — it looks like Bosko has been added to Home Island as well. He has some new dialogue over there (plus one of his cars)!

  7. I noticed if you take the time to knock on every door in the Dreary Building, pretty much everyone will tell you to go away, but if you click on door 6 and ask for Gram, the person inside replies with “uh… the dancer, the dentist, the designer?” And after you reply with detective, they say “whatever she is nowadays she’s in room 7.”
    Gram’s professions all start with “d” and it gives you a clue into her past before the big reveal.

    1. Yes!! Makes sense why she lives in the Dreary (keyword being Dreary — starting with “d”) Building, huh? Too bad she doesn’t live in room 4…then she could have the room number equivalent of the corresponding letter in the alphabet! (From a gameplay standpoint it’s understandable why it isn’t like that, but it’s still fun to think about nonetheless)
      Also, that dialogue makes me wonder if there’s more foreshadowing for the reveal that we missed/haven’t caught yet! This comment might be an incentive for me to play Goofball again to look for that 🤔

      1. Cool! So my theory is that Dr. Gram had many jobs throughout her time on Goofball, but none of them worked out for her, as her personality is bland, not goofy. Eventually, she had enough of it, and started blanding the whole island and you somehow helped her into making the island completely bland. At the end, Dr. Gram learned that you should respect other people’s personality and opinions, and leaves the fate of the island up to you.

      2. Has anyone noticed that in Dr. Gramston’s dentist office, the journal is red, and is the only color? (other than you)

        Also, isn’t it weird to have a dentist’s office in the SEWERS?!

      3. That is interesting. Maybe some of the goofy colored crystals rubbed off on the page in her dental office (and the sewer location might be for proximity to the crystals).

  8. Remember what Thinknoodles said about saving Goofball Island for next week??? Well, it have been a few MONTHS, and still nothing about it. Just wondering if he will ever make a Poptropica video again.

  9. It’s interesting how when NPCs (such as the City Hall bland lady, and Amelia in her Miniquest) reference Escape From Pelican Rock Island, they refer to it as Pelican Rock, even though the Island includes the Prison and Bay City.

    Also, I appreciate the reference to our friend Van Nostrand

    1. I think Pelican Rock is the place where the prison is located. Seems to be an outlying island of Bay City. It does, however, bring up an interesting question of canonical place names in the Poptropica universe (e.g. “Pelican Rock”) vs place names on our map (“Escape From Pelican Rock Island”).

  10. By the way, in the minigame, Gram has a Goofify Device (colored crystal), not a Blandify, since if you lose, it says, “you’ve been goofified!”, and her blasts are blue, not gray.

  11. Something’s not right. In Monster Carnival, the weight guesser says you’re 115 pounds (he’s right), but here, you’re 350.

    1. Good catch. 🤔 I guess the realist way to look at this is recognizing that since Monster Carnival isn’t on the map anymore, its facts are negated. Or if both measurements are true, then you’ve gained weight since the time of Monster Carnival.

  12. One night I had the strangest dream about goofball Island having 2 episodes and now I think that goofball island has 2 episodes can you remind me and tell me if its full or episodic

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