Fairytale Island Guide


Someone has stolen the happy endings of the people of Fairy Tale Island! Get to the bottom of the mystery and make new happy endings!

For walkthroughs on Fairytale Island, scroll down.

Released: April 22, 2021
Preceded by: Reality TV: Wild Safari Island
Succeeded by: Goofball Island

Resources on this page: Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Trivia

Island Extras: PHB Review | PHB Posts | Official Tour | Rumpel’s Challenge Guide

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Lucky Joker
Special thanks to idk, Gear, MissEligon, & Slanted Fish

Once upon a time in a far away land called Poptropica, there appeared an island with the most whimsical of landscapes and characters. But unfortunately, everything has gone awry, and now it’s up to us to give everyone their happily afters — so says a snarky talking pig on the main street. Let’s go!

Fairytale Island is made up of three short quests that can be completed in any order. Jump to different sections of this guide:

(A fourth side quest, Rumpel’s Challenge, is available after completing the first three parts of the original Fairytale Island.)

Break the Spell

Head a little to the right and talk to the dwarves in the trench coat. They need our help in waking Snow White from her slumber in front of the palace.

Amelia (our girl from Home Island) suggests finding Snow White a true love to break the spell. Jump up the steps, and you’ll find a sobbing prince — is he the one? He’ll direct you up above to his father, the great king, who turns out to be no king at all — it’s a nameless creepy magic guy who’s stolen everybody’s happy endings! He teases you with some lipstick, but Amelia doesn’t trust it.

The dwarves try to help by telling us everything Snow loves, but if there’s one thing we know she loves more than anything else, it’s animals. Walk over to Ye Olde Stables on the left and click on the stinky goat. Surprise! The goat kisses Snow, which wakes her right up. Snow then reveals her dream is to become a veterinarian and she gets her happy ending. Now, back to the town.

Red Riding Food Delivery

Head left and talk to Little Red Riding Hood, and she’ll ask for assistance in delivering her pizza order to a cabin in the woods.

The dark forest is a big wild maze, but you’ll find the cabin somewhere on the right. Here’s a map to point you in the right direction:

Did you see the big bad wolf? Quick, enter the quaint little cabin. Inside, you’ll be greeted by a huntsman, who tells you to lure the beast in with candy, beans, and other food items from the kitchen.

Turns out he’s desperate for a date and even tries to feed grandma to the wolf to get one. Yikes! We give him some better advice, though, and he goes off to pursue a lover. Red is just happy to get paid, and the grandma didn’t get eaten, so everyone’s happy.

But wait, who ordered the pizza? Apparently the receipt is signed by somebody named Rumple—who could that be? Anyway, the wolf will take us back to town.

Climb the Mountain

Back in town, go all the way to the right until you meet the fairy godmother. She’ll inform you that poor Cinderella seems like she won’t make it to the ball on time! We’re going to need to guide her up the High Road mountain.

Make your way to the right and up to the next level and talk to Cinderella. Oh boy, it looks like this damsel in distress will need to be carried up to the top. Let’s get going, then! Follow the path up, watching out for obstacles along the way, including some slapping saplings and epic cat-i-corn stampede.

Then, hop onto the platform being deadlifted by a giant troll and keep on trekking. You’ll fall into some mud, and suddenly, Cinderella takes on a whole new attitude. Bye bye glass slippers!

Follow Cinder up to the ball and watch out for the fire-breathing dragon on the way. Cinder unleashes her inner punk by rocking out on stage, making sure to address someone called “Whatever-Stilts-Man.” Hmm, this is all coming together! After the rock show, someone offers to give you a ride back.


As soon as we finish all of our side quests, we’re immediately teleported to the creepy magic guy’s lair.

You might’ve pieced together his name from the clues in the three side-quests: Rumple– from the pizza receipt, –Stilts– from Cinder’s concert, and —skin from Snow White before she went off to pursue her vet career. Rumplestiltskin! You say it three times, and it sets him free. Rumple transforms into a large dark entity and disappears. But where did he go?

We may have not defeated the villain, but we did give mostly everybody their happy endings. For that, Amelia rewards us with the island medallion! Congratulations on completing Fairy Tale Island!

Rumpel’s Challenge

Hold on, there’s more! Not everything has been neatly resolved, but the story continues with Rumpelstiltskin on Main Street of Fairy Tale Island. Check out our Rumpel’s Challenge Side Quest Guide to search for the missing true king!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🏝


  • Fairy Tale Island was designed by Perfect Crab. It was announced as a winner of Poptropica’s Design Your Dream Island Contest on December 28, 2020.
  • Fairy Tale Island was released for all players on April 22, 2021.
  • There is no common room and Quippy store on this island.
  • You earn a total of 950 credits for completing the island (250 for each side quest, and 200 at the very end).
  • The pigs on the main street are a reference to the Three Little Pigs fairytale. You can see them working together to build a house with straw, sticks (wood), and bricks, the materials from the original story.
  • The “Break the Spell” side quest is inspired by the classic fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In Poptropica’s version, it’s not a prince’s kiss that saves Snow White, but a goat, representing Snow White’s love for animals.
  • The “Red Riding Food Delivery” side quest is inspired by the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. In Poptropica’s version, Red delivers pizza for a customer, rather than for her grandmother. The big bad wolf also isn’t hungry for humans, but for pizza. Meanwhile, the huntsman in Poptropica’s retelling has some strange ideas on how to meet girls.
  • The “Climb the Mountain” side quest is inspired by the classic fairytale Cinderella. In Poptropica’s version, Cinderella isn’t escaping an evil godmother nor racing a midnight curfew, but she is in a hurry to get to a ball, where she becomes Cinder, the punk rock star of the show. (“Cinder” also refers to partly burnt coal or wood, so the name is fitting here.)
  • The island’s villain, Rumplestiltskin, is inspired by titular character of the classic fairytale Rumpelstiltskin (with e and l mixed up in Poptropica’s spelling). In Poptropica’s version, there is no spinning of straw into gold, but we do have to guess at his name.
  • On September 23, 2021, Poptropica released a follow-up, Rumpel’s Challenge, for members only. It was released to all on July 13, 2022. The side quest corrects the spelling of the villain’s name to Rumpelstiltskin as in the aforementioned classic fairytale.
  • Amelia Earhart from Home Island appears in front of the palace and is involved with the story.
  • High Road, the name of the mountain, refers to the saying of “taking the high road,” meaning to choose the morally better path.
  • The mountain includes cameos from other Poptropica places: a Grapple-Pap cart from the Grapple-Gift side quest, the cart in the mud styled after the Adventure Outfitters store on Home Island, and the boy on that cart resembling Ishmael from SOS Island (who also appears occasionally on Home Island to promote the arcade).
  • The cat-i-corns on the mountain are a blend of cats and unicorns, hence the name.

🐉 happily ever after 🧚


99 thoughts on “Fairytale Island Guide”

      1. Yeah, thanks for pointing out! I had this glitch on the map a little yellow part doesn’t stay filled and snow white covers my right side even though it’s complete?! I thought it was a glitch with me..gr!! I can’t see the explorer person congratulating me on completing all of them!

    1. Once you finish the island you need to come back to your house then go to the backyard, talk to the robotman and comeback to the front of the house, then talk to Red and she will tell you that weird things are happening in the island then you go and you are ready.

  1. This island is trash. It was SOOOOOOO boring. the older islands were 100% better.at least let us guess rumpelstiltskin’s name or something? like all we do is click stuff not even collecting anything!!the character design is already sooo good and the storyline was pretty interesting.But the gameplay was NOT fun it was boring and i managed to finish it in a few minutes. I’m not trying to be biased or whatever to the older islands but seriously it is much MUCH better. i was really really disappointed as i was extremely hyped up for it hhhh……poptropica if ur reading this please pleaseeeeee try to make it like the older games that make us think instead of randomly clicking objects.

    1. So much feels though. I really hope they get some more of the old islands back soon. I loved hunting for items and having some actual puzzles. I still enjoy what is being made but I miss the old islands.

      1. at the end my character fell of the platform where snow white was sleeping and I could NOT get back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i actually give this a 3/10, animations are good but the plot… you don’t collect anything, you just go through 3 mini quest and one of them is a maze and then a cutscene where you literally do nothing. and not everyone gets their happy ending, i especially feel bad for the prince charming and the people who didn’t get to cinder’s ball. also we never get to defeat rumpel, he just gets his karma. good animation, but plot could’ve been better than that. goofball and jade island better be better than fairy tale

  3. This island sucks, I miss the OG islands, my favorites were wild west, nabooti, astro knights, and skullduggery. I’d love to be able to play nabooti again. Haven’t played it since before it became members only, and that was years ago. I got stuck at a loading screen when snow white woke up, and it won’t fix itself. Poptropica disappointed me badly this time.

    1. We just have an opinion on the island. You may love the island, while others think it is a disappointment. We are just sharing feedback, that’s all. Calling everyone haters because they’re sharing their opinion is kind of rude.

      P.S. Dangerous Dragon just said that he likes the island, so try not to accuse everybody of hating the island.
      P.P.S. This comment isn’t supposed to be rude or offensive, so please don’t think I’m angry or anything. 🙂

    1. no, never. In Rumpels side quest, after we rescue his father, he goes right back to crying bc he would rather eat fancy cakes than conquer…

      1. Every time rumplestiltskin becomes free, my poptropican goes out of the castle and the game begins loading forever and it restarting it doesn’t work.

      1. we have all been through that. just restart the island and try again. that might sound crazy to you, but it actually works. i learned that from FRIENDLY SHELL

  4. i wonder wat happened to poptropica . they used to have really challenging islands before .but i guess this island is kinda a shame on poptropica’s history of creativeness .

  5. I had forgotten about Poptropica, logged back in today. I wonder why they deleted many islands. I remember Vampire’s Curse was my favourite one, Skullduggery the toughest. The fairytale island was a bit of shame.. there were hardly any puzzling quests. Bored of it. Wish poptropica makes a comeback

  6. i miss the old islands. remembering those fun times playing them was so cool. one time, i dreaded about it so much that i got a stomachache😢🤢🤮

  7. I have a question. Why does it say it’s not complete on the map even though I got the medallion??? Is it a glitch? I got the medallion, came back and got it again! WHAT?

  8. I think I’ve come across a glitch..
    I’ve gotten to the end of this island, but instead of being rewarded the medallion my little person gets stuck in front of Amelia.
    This is what I’ve gotten for the past 15 minutes

  9. I did everything i was supposed to do, but when i was about to get my medal it freezes. And my character bounces up and down . I really want to complete it.

  10. hey does this happen to every person without a membership um when you get out of the castle you go down to the bridge and jump up and down down up down down down help me please someone

    1. Yes, it happens to me as well. Seriously. I did the island too many times and that still happens. Even worse yet, it does not let you go to the main street upon selecting the island from the map.

      1. Actually if you go to the bottom of the screen with Your cursor you can get back to Main Street.

  11. I can’t get past the troll in the Cinderella (no, she’s not dressed in yellow XD) abc I can’t get on the platform 😦

  12. Hi I’m not sure if this is a glitch or I did something but the island is showing on the progress bar that its not competed but I did the island twice and rumple’s side quset. I cant figure out what any advice?

      1. Hey I was Just doing the same thing but i think if they make a quest for that they make her have a crush on him which is the green guy from fairytale island.

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