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Current mood: cloudy with a chance of reversible octopus ๐ŸŒฅ

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish here with a store update!

Not all of the items are pictured below, as most are already familiar from previous store rotations. But we also have a few new things in the mix:

In pranks, there’s a new Leprechaun Wand, which pairs well with the returning Leprechaun costume for St. Patrick’s Day this month. ๐Ÿ€

Among the miscellaneous items, we find a new toy: the Reversible Octopus. It’s a handheld item, and when you press space bar, it flips to one of its two modes, angry red or happy yellow! ๐Ÿ™

And in powers, you can now find Mood Clouds, which also comes in two modes: cheery white or melancholic gray. Whichever cloud you pick, it follows you above your head. (There’s me with a floating cloud on the new SpongeBob Island โ€” stay tuned for that update!)

Also, over on Home Island (the snowy version), I discovered a stage with arcade games. Talking to the character standing by will allow you to choose to go to the actual arcade, although the Blast-off Arcade is still on Home Island. But perhaps this is being tested for the new Home Island, which doesn’t have the arcade building? ๐Ÿค”

Ishmael (of SOS Island), is that you?

Anyway, you unfortunately don’t get to play “Tight Shot” and “Rumble Quake” (which seem to be art from PoptropiCon), and “Bot Breaker” comes from American Girl: Courtney’s Island, a former ad space. Just the usual arcade games in the arcade!

That’s it for this post. Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! โœŒ๏ธ



20 thoughts on “Current mood: cloudy with a chance of reversible octopus ๐ŸŒฅ”

  1. Wow! This is awesome! I did notice that there is some new things there, a pet cart and… Herc’s Hero Truck! If only I could’ve actually bought those fish sticks…
    I love fried fish

  2. And that arcade one reminds me so much of Wimpy Boardwalk…
    I love how so many parts of modern Poptropica represents early Poptropica. Like that dude on Poptropicon 1 is wearing the goblin hat from Twisted Thicket, in the clubhouse store is the rocket from Legendary Swords, and the one lady who is awesome at the MAF card game on Poptropicon 2 has a board game in front of her, and it has some monsters from Twisted Thicket Island. This is filling me with nostalgia..

  3. Donโ€™t forget about the funny moments contest to have a chance to earn a one year membership in Poptropica on the Creatorโ€™s Blog, PHB. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. It is all the way at the bottom of the Spongebob Island post. It says that the Pop creators will hand out 5 one year memberships to the winners. You have to create a funny video stating all prizes you can win on the Spongebob Island. They will pick the 5 winners and post about it on March 12. You would have to post it on YouTube, Instagram, or Tiktok though with #poptropica. Hope this helps

    1. Yeah when I started Poptropica SOS was the first island I played (well, after Monkey Wrench island, but that doesn’t really count)

      1. That’s so fun! I LOVE SOS! The first game I probably played I think was a loooong time ago, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  4. And I do miss the old arcade game. Hoops back, please. And I miss the old way of talking. Back then, you could say, “Do you like to read?” or “Do you like getting mail?” or anything. Nowadays, you can start conversations with “Your costume is awesome!”. While the compliments are fun and appreciated, I feel like conversations and friendships should be based off of something more than “You’re great!” “Thank you!” “You’re cool!” “You’re the nicest!”.
    Compliments just going back and forth tells you nothing of the person you are friending. I want to know my friends’ personalities better, and more questions that ask about that person would be great.

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