Island Flash-backs, Wild West Island

Island Flash-back: Wild West 🐎

The months seem to be going by faster and faster for me, and we’re already at the next island! Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone who participated in last month’s Monster Carnival Island Flash-back—we had guest posts analyzing characters and presenting hopes and ideas for the island that had been years in the making.

And now for March’s Island…

Wild West!

While not as popular as others like Super Villain or Mythology, Wild West Island is still beloved and remembered by many. It is another great example of Poptropica’s ability to simplify backgrounds based off real-life locations while still keeping a certain charm. And I won’t deny that one of the most memorable parts for me was our Poptropican being able to ride the horse, Elmer.

Concepts for the horse’s design and animation

Wild West also incorporated a similar map style as Skullduggery (later used in Ghost Story), where you could travel between ports or locations from a bird’s-eye view, while sailing your ship or in this case, riding your horse. It also incorporated 3D elements!

Part of the map used to travel between different towns in the island!

I also cannot legally finish one of these posts without mentioning any villains. El Mustachio Grande is well-recognized for his flashy design, and while lacking in backstory, he manages to make up for it in personality!

Now here comes your part, Poptropicans! Wild West and other classic islands were rendered unplayable for most people in the Flash-Haxe transition, but the months of work that Poptropica’s artists and writers put into it should not go to waste! Make fanart, fanfiction, videos, and guest posts. Let the Creators know what you appreciate about their past work to encourage them to preserve it!

Until April!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

22 thoughts on “Island Flash-back: Wild West 🐎”

  1. Hey smart bubbles….can you give me a clear answer as to what in happens in Wild West because I don’t really know about it….should I watch the walkthroughs or can you explain here? I’m betting it’s a good island and I would love to guest post about it…so?

    If any other Poptropican knows what it is tell me here!

    1. I would recommend reading through our walkthrough or watching a playthrough video if you can’t experience the island, but I can give a half-decent summary!

      Basically, El Mustachio Grande is a criminal in the town of Dusty Gulch, where you arrive. The sheriff is old and tired, and you basically have to take his place, hunting for clues to the whereabouts of Mustachio and his gang and how to defeat them!

      1. It’s an awesome island. I absolutely LOVED Elmer, even though I kept accidentally calling him Wrangler because that is the name of my real horse. 👍

      2. Ya, but since I can’t keep a horse in Chicago he currently lives in my uncle’s barn. I visit him in the summer.

  2. Wild West is quite underrated and I stand by that. How Captain Crawfish became a more popular villain than El Mustachio Grande will always confuse me. I would’ve loved to see him take Crawfish’s place in Super Villain Island.

    1. The thing is, there’s evidence that Mustachio was planned to be alongside the four in SVI. I wonder why the Creators decided to leave him out in the final product?
      And yeah, at least Mustachio has some personality (sorry Crawfish…).

      1. Wow, didn’t know that. My guess is that the Poptropica Creators added Captain Crawfish in since he was more popular than El Mustachio Grande. Or maybe that they wanted Captain Crawfish to be put in since he is a Poptropica Creator or part of the 4 main villains of Poptropica.

      2. You know, I never understood when people say he is a pop creator. I assumed it was because the creators wanted to make it feel like important characters had a personality and a life on Planet Poptropica, but when you say it like that…
        Is he really a poptropica creator?

  3. For some reason, the ads about the pop store show dresses and a dragon costume. I crave that dragon costume. Yet, when I go to the store, I see the normal stuff and no dragon🥺
    Could someone explain this to me???

    1. The ads don’t always reflect what’s currently in the store, since the store rotation changes a lot (generally weekly). We have a post coming up about the latest store update — no dragon costume, but there is new stuff! 🙂

      1. Okay, thanks. I thought I had a glitch or something. Phew!

        Although, I will miss the dragon….

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