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Poptropica Creators – they’re the team behind every detail of the game we know and love. Every island, every item, every idea, everything. They write up the fun posts with special sneak peeks you see on their Creators’ Blog, make videos for the PoptropicaCreators YouTube channel, and lots more. This page is all about those identities – their aliases (Poptropican alter egos) as well as their real life ones.

In actuality, Poptropica Creators sometimes switch from identity to identity, but this is just a fun way to present them together. Let’s start with those whose real identities have been matched up to Poptropica alter egos!

Captain Crawfish

Captain Crawfish is prominent for being the primary post-writer on the Creators’ Blog, being the voice of the Poptropica video walkthroughs, and more. In the game, he’s the villain of Skullduggery Island. His username is CaptainCrawfishCreator.

We know the voice who narrates the aforementioned videos is that of Mitch Krpata from an interview he spoke in. Mitch is Poptropica’s lead writer and has written most of Poptropica’s graphic novels and much more. You can learn more about him and his advice to Poptropicans in this interview conducted by the PHB.

Comic Kid

Jeff Kinney is the founder of Poptropica. You may also know him as the author of the bestselling children’s book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which has some sponsored islands on Poptropica). He also mentions being the founder of Poptropica at the back of his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

It is not confirmed whether Comic Kid (a retired personality who used to write on the Creators’ Blog) is in fact Jeff’s alter ego, but players have referred to him as such due to his connection with comics. In the game, “Comic Kid” is known as Ned Noodlehead, the comic book store owner on Super Power Island. His Poptropica account is unknown.

Director D

Director D is the retired alias of past Poptropica product development director James D. Lema. His username is DirectorDcreator1, and James Lema’s LinkedIn profile picture used to be one of Director D. Additionally, there is a post on the Boston PIB (Partners in Business) blog (which is related to Pearson, Poptropica’s company) in which he presented a graphic invitation to a ‘Poptropica Lunchtime Seminar.’

On his Twitter, James has made a few tweets referring to his job at Poptropica, including a selfie of his last day at the office, a goodbye gift from a Poptropica artist named Joel, and a signed shirt that read “Director D-Lema” with Director D’s character on it.

Dr. Hare

Dr. Hare is the alias of Poptropica lead developer Jordan Leary –  we know this because his Poptropica username is, simply, JordanLeary. Jordan’s website has an image of Poptropica and describes it as, “This is the big game I’m currently working on.” He has also been quoted in an HJNews.com article about Poptropica. Jordan is the one in the middle of the picture on the right. Also, the developer “Billy Jordan” on Mocktropica Island could be a reference to Jordan.

In the game, he is the villain of 24 Carrot Island, and according to Poptropica: The Official Guide, the idea of Dr. Hare was conceived by Shark Boy (presumably Nate Greenwall; see below) when he was in college and was thinking of a nemesis for his comic book protagonist, Carrot Teen (a radioactive carrot).

Dr. Lange

Dr. Lange is presumably the alias of Poptropica game designer (artist) Ashley Lange, based on their names. Her username is not known, and Dr. Lange’s character appears in-game as the scientist on Virus Hunter Island who sends you into Joe’s body.

Ashley Lange has a LinkedIn profile professing her Poptropica credentials, and she has also posted some of her own unused Poptropica concept art on deviantArt. On Christmas Eve 2014, the Poptropica Twitter posted an unexpected tribute to the then-current authors of the Poptropica Help Blog (that’s us!) – artwork made by Dr. Lange!

Hazmat Hermit

Hazmat Hermit is the alias of Justin Lacy – we know this because his Poptropica username is, simply, JustinLacy. Not much is known about him, and although he used to blog on the Creators’ Blog, the identity seems to have since been retired. In the game, he is the guy standing on the meteorite that crashed into the Super Power Island county prison.

Master Mime

Master Mime is the alias of Poptropica illustrator and advertising design manager Jon Pitcher, but his Poptropica account is unknown. Jon’s LinkedIn profile used to be a picture of Master Mime, a character modeled after the mimes on Counterfeit Island. On Survival Island (Episode 4), there is a Pitcher item with “Jon” engraved on it – a clever reference to this very person.

He also manages the official Poptropica Pinterest page, where the icon is also of Master Mime. Jon’s own Pinterest has a board where he posts Popstorms, a series of Poptropica-inspired sketches.


Medusa is the alias of writer Tracey West, who has authored several Poptropica books. One of these is Poptropica: The Official Guide, where it says that Medusa, a character from Mythology Island, is also known as Tracey West.

On page 116 of Poptropica: The Official Guide, “Medusa” writes, “When I first learned about Greek Mythology in school, Athena was always my favorite goddess. I knew I had to make her a major character when I wrote the Mythology Island script.”

Shark Guy (formerly Shark Boy)

shark boy nate greenwall

Shark Boy (now known as Shark Guy, thanks to a copyright dispute with a wrestler named Shark Boy) is a long-time Poptropica icon whose identity has now been retired (you can read about the Mystery of Shark Boy here). His username is SharkGuyCreator, though previously it was SharkBoyCreator.

He is believed to be the alias of Poptropica illustrator/lead designer Nate Greenwall, whose office looks just like a picture that was once posted by Shark Boy on the Creators’ Blog (the post has since been removed). Nate’s website also confirms his role within Poptropica.

Skinny Moon

Skinny Moon, also known as Jessica Devine, is the alias of the official Poptropica community liaison. As of early 2016, she is the face of Poptropica’s social media accounts, and her username is PopGirlJess.

Jessica has announced some spontaneous Multiverse parties with fans over Twitter (read about her first one here) and showed up with her character Skinny Moon, and occasionally visits the PHC (you can find various Q&As with her on the PHB).


Triton has never posted on the Creators’ Blog, but his character once appeared on it in a picture showing a Poptropica Creators’ party. It was revealed through a conversation with Chris Barney, a game designer for Poptropica whose projects include Realms, that he used to use Triton’s character to pop in to common rooms every now and then.

After Mocktropica Island was released with one of the unnamed basement developer characters modeled after Chris, he took up that identity instead of Triton’s. In the game, Triton appears on the beach of Mythology Island and his username is TritonCreator.


Zeus is the alias of Jess M. Brallier, Poptropica’s publisher and the person who runs the Poptropica Twitter (the profile picture is of Zeus), where he frequently connects with Poptropica fans. His Poptropica username is not known, but Zeus appears in-game as the villain of Mythology Island.

Jess once met up with renowned Poptropica player Thinknoodles for a chat in New York City, which you can read about here. He has also generously participated in a Q&A with us (the Poptropica Help Network), which you can read the contents of here.

Other Aliases

These are Poptropican characters who have been recognized as being personas of Creators; however, there is currently no data on who is behind these aliases.

  • Binary Bard used to post on the Creators’ Blog but seems to have since retired. In the game, he’s the villain of Astro-Knights Island, also known as Mordred. His Poptropica username is BinaryBard.
  • Black Widow occasionally posts on the Creators’ Blog, and in the game, she’s the villain of Counterfeit Island. You can also add her at the username BlackWidowCreator. In the past, her identity was speculated to be Jennifer Wood, due to her high-ranking title (managing editor, senior project manager) at Poptropica, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her being female and her skills in copy editing (writing) made her a likely candidate for the alias of Black Widow. However, a conversation with Chris Barney (Triton; see above) revealed that while he could not reveal Black Widow’s true identity for privacy reasons, it was not Jennifer.
  • Gamer Guy (not pictured) briefly posted on the Creators’ Blog as an “intern”, as a joke to promote Mocktropica Island around the time of its release. His username is unknown, but he is represented in-game by Abe, the gamer on Zomberry Island. James Lema’s shirt tweet includes a signature from “Abe”, who may be represented by Gamer Guy. There is also someone named Abe (Abraham Tena) who has worked as a Poptropica game designer, and you can view his portfolio (which contains Poptropica art) on his website.
  • Hades used to post on the Creators’ Blog, and his username is HadesCreator1. His identity was once taken up by Mitch Krpata, as we can see from this posting by him on a “Poptropica Assets” page which has a Bolas Plant SWF which was posted by Hades on the Creators’ Blog. However, Mitch is now more prominently known as Captain Crawfish (see above).
  • Red Lightning (not pictured) was briefly mentioned in a Creators’ Blog post as one of the Creators whose dog, Rubbles, played in the snow with a Dr. Hare plush toy one February day in 2017.
  • Thirsty Whale used to post on the Creators’ Blog but seems to have since retired. In the game, he’s Edmund Hilary, the first guy to reach the summit of Mt. Everest on Time Tangled Island. His name is possible to get when signing up, but you can find him on Poptropica as ThirstyWhaleCreator.
  • Vlad the Viking (not pictured) used to post on the Creators’ Blog but seems to have since retired. His name is also the username of the old Poptropica YouTube channel. In the game, he’s one of the Vikings on Time Tangled Island.

Other Real Identities

Not much is known about these other Poptropica Creators (both past and present), but for reference, they are listed here with what little information we have of them:

  • Abraham Evensen Tena, Poptropica illustrator (portfolio site)
  • Bard McKinley, Lead Framework Engineer at Poptropica (LinkedIn)
  • Chris Goodwin, Illustrator, Designer, and Interactive Artist for Poptropica (Behance)
  • Chris Messner, Technology Director (LinkedIn), selfie on Twitter matches picture seen in Poptropica’s tweet of Creators in a Google Hangout; a Gmail conversation with him revealed that his username is shreggy
  • Cara Campanelli, Poptropica Customer Support (LinkedIn)
  • Dan Franklin, senior software developer for Poptropica/Pearson (LinkedIn)
  • Dena Bachman, worked with Poptropica comic creators, managing editor (LinkedIn)
  • Gabriel Jensen, Poptropica developer (UI system, episodic content, mini-games) (portfolio site)
  • Jeff Heim, music composer for Poptropica (Soundcloud)
  • JD Kilby, senior multimedia developer for Poptropica (LinkedIn)
  • John “J.T.” Gallant, Poptropica.com Intern (LinkedIn)
  • Kevin McGrath, used to work at Poptropica. “Conducted web and systems testing both on the user and back ends of the children’s Flash video game Poptropica.” (LinkedIn)
  • Kyle Fox, music composer for Mocktropica’s Mega Fighting Bots (LinkedIn)
  • Lance Fry, whose name is occasionally mentioned on other Creators’ LinkedIn profiles (LinkedIn)
  • Lisa Wolfe, L. Wolfe Communications for Poptropica, 773-227-1049, lwolfe@lwolfe.com (from Poptropica’s About Us page)
  • Max Brallier, Poptropica game designer (his website); author of Galactic Hot Dogs
  • Michael Etzel, early developer of Poptropica (LinkedIn)
  • Nasan Hardcastle, Designer & Illustrator for characters, environments, games, and toys on Poptropica (his blog) (LinkedIn)
  • Nate Tufts, Illustrator/Designer working for Poptropica (his blog)
  • Pamela Dixon, Poptropica license manager (Yahoo article)
  • Steve (username may be SteveCreator; his character appears in various Daily Pop sneak peeks)
  • Tyson Burnham, Poptropica motion graphic designer (LinkedIn)

If you have any other information about the Poptropica Creators you’d like to share with us, leave a comment on this page! There are probably loads more people out there who’ve worked with Poptropica, but these are the main ones we’ve uncovered. Stay popping, Poptropicans (and Creators)! 😀

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  1. Lewis says:

    Dr.Hare’s username and possibly the one who is Dr.Hare is jordanleary
    Shark Boy’s username is sharkboycreator and the person is Nate Greenwall
    Comic Kid is probally Jeff Kinney
    Vlad Viking ??????????????
    Thirsty Whale’s user is thirstywhalecreator
    Director D’s user is directordcreator1
    Hades user is hadescreator1 and is probally Mitch Krpata
    Captain Crawfish’s user is captaincrawfishcreator
    Black Widow’s user is blackwidowcreator and might be Jennifer Wood
    Triton’s user is tritoncreator
    and there is a user called fmonster and could be Jess Brailler’s because its a boy Poptropican and fmonster is short for Factmonster a site he owns

    Hijuyo: Thanks, except FMonster is not Fact Monster because of the Undefined Undefined name. 😉

  2. Metsfan21/Checking Back says:

    I gave you all of the Fact Monster Info 😛

    Hijuyo: The information in this page comes from various sources, so you may have been one of them. 😛

  3. maximum ride says:

    I have a question: How do you comment on Nate’s blog? I don’t see a button or box..

    I think all the info you have is neat. It must’ve took a while to find the avatars too….

    Hijuyo: You can contact Nate through his Contact page. As of now comments seem to be disabled on his blog. 😛

  4. Obiwan2324 says:

    Wow, was this partially taken from the database on the PHF? I remember the time I think it was Jordan Leary called us little stalkers… 😛

    Hijuyo: Jordan should think of us as curious fans, not stalkers. xD

  5. Shaggy Tornado says:

    Too bad we don’t have Vlad’s useraname or Master Mime’s username. Maybe we could find them in the future!

  6. Noisy Wolf says:

    Creators could have more than one avatar on the pcb.

    Hijuyo: This is just a collection of the info we know about them.

  7. postopialucy says:

    Thanks for database! I was hoping to find someething with everything in it. Instead of something here and something there.

  8. Daniel says:

    There’s some guy with the username MasterMimeCreator, but he’s obviously not Master Mime. Mainly, his name’s Rough Boot. Also, his eyes are always closed. Lastly, his mouth looks like that of a dog.

  9. Tkowch2 says:

    Poptropica is MAde By Family Education, which in turn is made by Pearson. Where i live, Pearson also MAkes this big test that we take at the end of the year! (AIMS, Arizonas Insrment to Measure Standards!)

    Hijuyo: Yes, Pearson Education runs FEN (Family Education Network), which runs Poptropica, but the point of this article is to point out the particular human beings behind the Poptropica creation team.

  10. LEWIS says:

    OMG!!! I found info about another creator. I was so bored so I looked back on all the post and On the Clowns,Firefighters,and Two new Creator’s Blog posts It said some of the names of people who worked there were Chris, Justin and Jordan.
    Justin is: Justin Lacy(Hazmat Hermit)
    Jordan is: Jordan Leary(Dr. Hare)
    I searched “Who Is Chris that works on Poptropica?”
    One of the first pages was a LinkedIn that said Christopher Barney. I clicked on it and it said he worked as a game engineer/game designer at Poptropica.
    He could be:
    Binary Bard(was the one who posted that pic on the PCB)

    Hijuyo: There is no proof about him being Binary Bard, but Chris Barney is definitely a Poptropica Creator! Thanks for the information Lewis; it has been added to the database. 🙂

  11. speedy kid says:

    Cool not only i play poptrpica but i also play CP ( club penguin ). 🙂 P.S I voted for Director D on the poll thing. No need to cry Director D. 🙂 So yeah… i’ll support u . 🙂

  12. Shaggy Peanut says:

    Strangly enough, the Poptropican with the username “MasterMimeCreator” is Dr. Hare holding a torch. As far as I know, evil geniuses in pink bunny costumes holding medievel torchs don’t qualify as mimes.

  13. DRAKE says:

    Strangly enough, the Poptropican with the username “MasterMimeCreator” is Dr. Hare holding a torch. As far as I know, evil geniuses in pink bunny costumes holding medievel torchs don’t qualify as mimes.

  14. DizzyDee says:

    Oh, by the way, it appears the Creators are now leaving signatures. The book which you push down on Shrink Ray Island (Tess’s Tree) was written by Jess M. Brallier in real life and it shows his name on the side.

    • Rory dosen't care if WordPress chose not to log him in automaticly today. says:

      That’s right! It’s in the moms and kids playground on funbrain.com.

      • Rory dosen't care if WordPress chose not to log him in automaticly today. says:

        Sorry for two comments. *her

  15. Aang says:
  16. moochawesomeness says:

    OMG! Search Chio on avatar studio to find:
    UNDEFINED UNDEFINED!! We (my friend and I) think that it’s a creator. But we’re not sure. Even if it isn’t a creator, it’s still an awesome discovery!

    Hijuyo: “Undefined Undefined” is a name glitch. It occurs to people who aren’t necessarily Poptropica Creators.

  17. Lewis says:

    Omg!!! I went on Jordan Leary’s blog and I’m positive that I found 3 more creators. They are Nate Tufts(his blog says he works on Poptropica, there are two vector tests that look like they for Poptropica(i love the first one), and a post about something he wanted for Mythology Island but it did not go in.), Nasan Hardcastle(says he’s currently working on Poptropica and there’s a post with guns that look like there from Wild West and from the costumes in the store),and Tyson Burnham(he’s a designer+animator+artist from Utah and there is a drawing titled Mount Olympus that could have been an early idea for Mythology Island).

    • Hijuyo says:

      We’ve seen Tyson’s name around before, but as he never actually stated anywhere that he worked for Poptropica, we can’t confirm that he’s a Creator though there are many signs (as you mentioned) that suggest the possibility. The other two are legit and I’ve added them to the database. Thanks for contributing, Lewis. 🙂

  18. moochawesomeness says:

    If you type in any variation on moo on the poptropica avatar studio (more o’s), every single poptropican will have blue electrify power! Also, we found two other undefined undefined characters. Even though they are not creators, it’s still a great name!

    • Spotted Wolf says:

      Thanks. That’s my name. Wish it was still Spotted Wolf / Red Lizard.

      But these Undefined characters now have the name “Red Lizard”, “Poptropican”, or “Poptropican Lizard”. I don’t know why it changed.

  19. moochawesomeness says:

    Never mind, something is wrong there. Every poptropican has blue electrify power! I looked up my username and I have it on, even though I never bought it!

  20. Mstorm/Mbones/Madrigal says:

    My favorite author.
    Rick Riordian.
    He is a Poptropica creator.
    How do I know this?
    He has two posts in the creator clips.
    Wikipedia [although not the most reliable source, i shall admit] also noted he was.
    My guess? His alias is Triton, since Triton his Poseidon’s godly son, and as we all know, Rick wrote the Percy jackson series about the demigod son of Poseidon, Percy.
    So, it does kinda make sense.

    • Hijuyo says:

      There does seem to be reason to believe that, as you mentioned, but some of the people featured in the ‘Creator Clips’ might just be people who have had an influence on the game, without actually having a job there. Of course, we can’t know for sure until there is solid evidence. Your reasoning is quite thought out though. 🙂

      • CoolBeastly Guy says:


      • Slanted Fish says:

        I don’t know how accurate that is, seeing as it’s based only on your word for it, but I’ve updated the “Aliases” section on the database to include a mention of you and Rick Riordan. On the web, however, it currently doesn’t mention anywhere about Rick working for Poptropica. But who knows. 😛

  21. Adriana Arhiana Dubb says:

    i think that we should have an alice in wonderland themed island… i know, it sounds little kiddish but i think an alice in wonderland island would be really fun and interesting if you think about it… well thats just a suggestion.

    • Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

      They could do like, close to the Tim Burton version. That would be pretty fun. Especially when you help Alice with the battle with the Jabberwokke or however you spell that thing’s name.

  22. kitty says:

    I heard a rumour that the reason that Thirsty Whale never posted on the poptropica blog for years is because they fired him.. because HE was the one who deleted monster carnival (it was a island.. but 4 days later before they created it, it was mysteriously off the map and replaced with 24 carrot.)

  23. three273 says:

    Cool :). The only Poptropica Creator I knew who they they were was Tracey West. It says it right there in the Guide Book. I thought Hades was Rick Riordan. Wrong :(. In the Poptropica Guide Book it says Shark Boy and Dr. Hare is the same creator. Please stop confusing me. (Kidding ;).)

  24. Invisible Bee says:

    In the guidebook it says that the creators read popular poptropica blogs to see how people liked the new islands. I wonder if they’ve read this blog…or this page…or even this comment….
    But if one of them is reading this comment, they should know that there’s a glitch in ghost story island.

  25. Zoe says:

    ahhhhhhh can you please tell me how to do wimpy kid island????
    because of youtube when ur trying to beat twistard wizard it says use in youtube but mine says examine and then I have to try and enable cheats and the person on youtube just gets greg to do it AHHHH please help

  26. Incredible Bubbles says:

    Dummy1036 is a boy poptropican, I seached Jess’s username in the Avatar Studio, Fact Monster wasn’t a real account, and when I did dummy1036, it was a boy!
    And Jess probably isn’t a boy!

  27. crazyguy says:

    jeff kinney’s user is comickidcreator1

    Hijuyo: It’s not, because the name does not say “Comic Kid.”

  28. clean bee says:

    Jordan Leary’s Interests are- stories, animation, illustration, flash development, generative art, reading, ultimate frisbee, history, guitar, piano, running, roller skating, adventure games.

    Jordan Leary’s Favorite Movies are- Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone, The Incredibles, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Curse of the Ware Rabbit, and Hayao Makenzie’s films.

    Jordan Leary’s Favorite Books are – The Little Prince, and, A Short Story of Nearly Everything.

  29. clean bee says:

    At this link-http://jordanleary.blogspot.com/2006_09_01_archive.html
    Jordan Leary’s two year old (His kid was two in sep. 2006) drew a very nice picture. His kid should be 8 now!!!!! (underline 8!!!!!)

    • CoolBeastly Guy says:

      No offense man but you kind of obssessed with Jordan Leary. If you have pictures of his kid and know how old he is your a creeper……

  30. clean flipper says:

    MASTER MIME IS… MASTERMIMECREATOR3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hijuyo: No, it’s not, because the name is “Gentle Kid.”

  31. Serious Shadow says:

    I think fact monster’s account name id factmonstercreator1. It has the mouth,wings,and tail. Is fact monster a creator of poptropica?

    Hijuyo: This isn’t the one. The name of the creator would have been Fact Monster.

  32. Dangerous Cactus says:

    I actually typed in MonsterCarnival2012 in the Poptropica Friends Profile and I saw a character named Monster Carnival, must be a Name Hack…

  33. Dangerous Cactus says:

    They should add another feature to Poptropica Friends where you could instantly teleport to a friend in a Common Room,also they could show a friend’s Multiverse Room Code!!!
    Isn’t that a good idea,please reply!!!

  34. dangerous lobster says:

    i love poptropica so much and i beat every island and i never got posted on poptropica app so i friended every body i wish they could friend me

  35. frida says:

    Hey creators, i just wanted to say your ideas are amazing..how do you come up with this stuff? Well I’ve noticed on some of the stuff you base your islands on, like history,mythology,books, and some original stuff as well!
    maybe you can base one on a movie or (a movie based on a book) like harry potter :D, my name is frida by the way i have brown wavy hair…ANYWAYS, maybe u can do something like that-a LOT of my classmates love harry potter and had considered a BOOK island, like you click a story and theres a world and quest for each one, you know? wow this was longer than i thought, PLEASE consider this!

  36. frida says:

    My friends LOVE reading and so do I, and we thought maybe there could be a fairy tale island. Like it could start off with ur character in their grandmas house, getting a bedtime story. then they fall asleep and the island could be their DREAM. they could help out in fairy tales like snow white, cinderella, little red riding hood..and that kinda stuff. their dream lands could be amazing..and at some point they could get a nightmare!!! i told this to my family and friends and they all told me they would definitely play it if it were an island. PLEASE consider this!
    -sincerely frida the awesome

    • Slippery Dolphin says:

      Sorry, but they can’t do that, at least not a Harry Potter island, because of the copyrights and stuff. They would have to make their own idea of an island that has not already been created by a book or by a movie, at least they need to get permission from the people who first created it. They like to create their own versions of stuff, and I seriously doubt they would want to do something like that, not to mention they would have to do something for both girls AND boys, and that really wouldn’t fit the boys.

  37. Slippery Dolphin says:

    There can`t really be a Harry Potter island because they already did Ghost Story island, I guess maybe they could though. Actually, I like your idea of that island, but instead of it turning into a nightmare, maybe a villan will enter the fantasy, although I`m not too sure because they already did Twisted Thicket. BTW Hijuyo, how did you get that unicorn horn in your hair? If it`s a glitch PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you tell me how to do it? Also, have you noticed that when you do the Avatar Studio some poptropicans have names (as we have already mentioned before) like Grim Reaper or Jesus Christ but when you add them to your friends list they just say poptropican? Or maybe that`s just on my computer. Anyways, if anyone wants to add me my username is Beautiful1794. TTYL and Poptropica rules!!!! LUV YA! Bye!

  38. Invisible Octopus says:

    Yo, Creators! Could you consider a food island? Like, that’d be epic! You could a giant beanstalk, some corn, a whole lotta Fritos, anyway, my username is iopiopiopiop8! BYE!

  39. Cuddly Bear says:

    I think Director. D got fired cause hes had no updates nuthin but theres proof he is director d cause it says his name but no nuthin oh and staff have a look at this comment and PLZZ reply because i have no idea just suggestion but then again he posts on the blog? hard!

  40. Cuddly Bear says:

    Listen to me Type IN fmonster and it comes up with fact monster as name with all of the fact monster items i think hijuyo do it in friends and youll find out TRUST ME! try IT!

  41. Coolguy says:

    i found gods account THEJESUS1. want to know how i know
    ? well he has a jesus costume (which has never been released) and it says he lives in israel IRAEL!!!

  42. paul says:

    My mom won’t let me friend someone.

    Slanted Fish: Adding friends on Poptropica is completely safe and gives away no personal information, only info answered in the quizzes.

  43. Brave Star says:

    It’s actually Dummy1063.

    Slanted Fish: However, the username with the word “dummy” implies that it may just be someone who was able to perform a hack and create a Fact Monster lookalike.

  44. Coolguy says:

    Excusme but i friended Vlad the viking but it says his name is yellow cheetah.Is that really him or a fake?

    Slanted Fish: Obviously fake – “Yellow Cheetah” is a regular Poptropican name, not customized like the Creators’.

  45. Jefferson668 says:

    Hi i love poptropica! But when ever i log in my accout and then go to the Diary of a wimpy kid ad, I can’t go in. I have waited for an hour and it didn’t even work. Please help me. Is this a bug?

  46. planetpanda10 says:

    THese are some user names I know for creators,
    Captain Crawfish: captaincrawfishcreator
    Shark Boy: sharkboycreator
    Triton: tritoncreator
    Black Widow: blackwidowcreator
    Hades: hadescreator1
    Director D: directordcreator1
    These are all the ones I know! My user name is green_gem if anyone knows dr.hare’s user plz tell!!!!

  47. Tough Typhoon a.k.a the bomb a.k.a. Darkstar885 a.k.a jack12860 says:

    U guys r awesome can u get anything on poptropica cuse u guys are the creators am I right and whhhhhy did u guys take the mordreds metal face disease off of poptropica email me please if I can help with a island like willywonka and the chocolate factory island many people like this idea on YouTube and I like it if not I will find you guys and blow bat bubbles at u jk from Carlos aka darkstar aka tough typhoon aka the bomb bye poptropican creators ….email me if u guys read this

  48. unknown says:

    I have proof that fact monsters name is dummy1063.If you type that username in avatar studio the name says fact monster.Plus it doesnt have to say fact monster because if fact monster wants his username dummy he can have his username dummy.It really doesnt matter.So now lets just say its dummy1063.

  49. Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA Spiderman #1 Fan AKA James Kiro says:

    Copy and past this into avatar studio for A PERSON CALLED RED DRAGON? user: mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro AKA Spiderman's #1 Fan says:

    @Slanted Fish Check out this old post in Poptropicas Archives Of Posts (as I call it) link: http://blog.poptropica.com/2008/11/cyborg-jester-no-joke.html

    If you look at the cyborg eye it shows it is light green that must be what they planned ALSO IF some1 has already said this I DID NOT TRY TO PISS THEM OFF Because I was just looking around and found it also can you check out this post! Link: http://blog.poptropica.com/2009/04/rest-in-peace-help-blog.html . Is this YOUR BLOG there talking about? Reply please!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Back when the Creators’ Blog first posted sneak peeks of Astro-Knights Island, Binary Bard had a green mechanical eye. Perhaps they were planning to make him one of the good guys before they changed it red and made him evil. (Before & After – 5 months later)

      The “Rest in Peace – Help Blog” post appears to be referring to the PHB. We had an April Fool’s joke in 2009 where the Poptropica Help Blog became the Club Penguin Help Blog, and the Creators came out with a post that day about the trick (hence “changed formats”). It was fun. 😛

  51. Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro AKA Spiderman's #1 Fan says:

    I think THE FACT MONSTER pick is wrong its a pic of diamond caves THAT IS A MULTIVERSE ROOM only creators would be in there BECAUSE IT MIGHT be the sources account WICH I BELIEVE IS dummy1036 so I WOULD DELETE it if I was an owner of this blog! PLZ read it Slanted and DELETE the pic!

    If you need proof he would need to know a code!

    and its listed there FOR FERTHER MORE I present ITS A FAKE edition of spotting Fmonster LOL LOL LOL! PLEASE DELETE UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXCUSESlanted Fish! 🙂

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Yes, the picture was taken in a Multiverse room. That could mean a Creator visited because he would know of an open code at the time, so it might be the real Fact Monster. We do not know if dummy1063 is in fact the real FM’s username, since the username itself seems to suggest it is a clone.

      • Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro AKA Spiderman's #1 Fan says:

        dude( or dudett if your a girl) IT NOT LIKE HE GOT AN EMAIL OF THE CODE its not like the creators look at EVERY CODE and seriously I think its the dummy of the guy who took picture because it would be easy and well I JUST DON’T buy it. If it was the real deal it would mean A: he is a creator (which includes dummy as real thing) B:They somehow get everycode sent to them and send a ALERT to a creator’s choice to show up C: He edited the photo


        But still to think they would look at your room codes thats wrong! and If they do then I don’t have a point but IF THEY DON’T I can prove because if see some posts they did they showed some sort of party in common rooms and well they are like right next to eachother so I believe its fake because I didn’t see any NORMAL poptropican enter!

        If you still don’t believe me… YOU


        WEIRD and so are the other not noticing no offense! look you carn’t talk me out! just get another photo (or no photo) the only way you can get a real photo is of dummy1036 in friends list because atleast people will believe it because you won’t include the username!

        PHEWbiggest post EVER!

      • Slanted Fish says:

        I didn’t say he got an email of the code. I’m not sure I understand you entirely, so please, calm down.

        I took the picture myself three years ago, and the person next to Fact Monster is me (a “normal Poptropican), so no, it isn’t faked. The Multiverse was a mini-party we were having on the PHB chatroom (the PHC), so anyone there could know the code, and I’d written this PHB post about the possibility of someone there being FM. However, we don’t know for sure. This was long before the days of “Poptropica friends,” and besides, you can’t find out someone’s username by just adding them in a multiplayer room.

        Also, the Creators have been known to visit open Multiverse rooms (for example, Dr Hare), so it is possible that they are able to access the codes, even if we don’t know for sure. Note that the username is dummy1063, not 36. I did include this username on the page but have mentioned that due to the nature of the username itself, it sounds like someone’s clone account since the other Creators have usernames that actually relate to them (eg. Hazmat Hermit’s is justinlacy because his real name is Justin Lacy, and Shark Boy’s is sharkboycreator).

  52. Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro AKA Spiderman's #1 Fan says:

    edit:-MULTIVERSE- rooms and well they are like right next to eachother so I believe its fake because I didn’t see any NORMAL poptropican enter!

    Oh and guys if you want some cool costumes I’m a member add me I’m JamesKiro I am usually on everyday but ever since I completed every iland I’m less active! I don’t go into common rooms because people flock me with chats battles and MY LEAST FAVOURITE friend EUGH!

    • starz1076 says:

      how do you get the fact monster costume, the fire knight, the ice knight, bianary bard, hades beard, robot , dr hare, and captian crawfish?

  53. Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro AKA Spiderman's #1 Fan says:

    I know this is unrelated but in nabooti island after finishing it if you jump to where the nabooti totem is you will be on it but you dont see it when its (spoiler)

    in space!

  54. Cuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro AKA Spiderman's #1 Fan says:

    ALSO what IF THERE was no such thing as fact monster as a creator! because he never posted he may of worked but it may just be a rumor turned reality through hacking?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Fact Monster doesn’t post on the Creators’ Blog, but the website Fact Monster is developed by the same person who helped develop Poptropica – Jess M. Brallier. Fact Monster (the website) is also a sponsor of Poptropica.

  55. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    I still don’t get it. WHY would there be fact monster in the first place.. I KNOW he helped create Time Twisted and Time Tangled but still he has really weird costumes and stuff RELATED to nothing poptropica sent out… HES like I don’t know but still fact monster may be just a hacked account because he seems suspicious to me! MAYBE fm user really is dummy1063 because your aloud to have user you want HE doens’t really work for pop anywayz he just supports and advertises for eg mine is JamesKiro pretty crazy so whats the difference justinlacy chose it because he wanted to otherwise its all dr.Harecreator1 anywayz I know the difference CCF only has CCFC as his username he doesn’t have any1 as his alias yet thats why its CaptainCFC
    ok so I have a point!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Time Twisted was Time Tangled’s name before the island was released. They’re the same thing.

      FactMonster.com is an educational website developed by Jess M. Brallier, who also had a part in Funbrain and Poptropica. Fact Monster’s appearance is based on the mascot for the Fact Monster website, which you can search up if you need proof. Jess Brallier’s name appears in some press articles about Poptropica as a representative, so it’s safe to say that he does work at Poptropica.

      Dr. Hare’s username is jordanleary, after Jordan Leary, a Poptropica Creator. As for some of the more recent discoveries, such as Captain Crawfish’s, we don’t have any information on his real name/identity and he chose not to identify it with his username, which is just captaincrawfishcreator. Just because the username goes with the alias doesn’t mean they’re not a Creator, for example directordcreator1 (Director D) is James Lema, as written on the database above.

      • Fearless Heart says:

        It’s so strange that ON PENCIL WARRIOR it has the Time Twisted medallion! And that, my friends, is why I call Time Tangled Time Twisted. Oh, and before they called it Time Twisted or Time Tangled, It was called Time Lapse.

      • Slanted Fish says:

        It was released as Time Tangled, but while it was in production, it was known as Time Twisted, and before that – Time Lapse (according to my research). A search of “Poptropica Time Lapse Island” can show some evidence of this, such as on this blog post by a long-time Poptropica player called Legoless.

  56. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    I don’t care plz it may be real or fake but MY BIG QUESTION is is it the real fmonster it may of been a person who knew about it but still I guess he could of checked the blog! Btw I know tt and timetangled is the same!Still there kinda like stalkers watching us! LOL! I get you know it was 10 oclock when I posted some of my arguments so I must of been asleep! When is your next anniversary of PHB going to be because I wanna join in if you wanna know my name its Cuddly Bear >:O 😦 :O I forgot to change it because I thought my guy looked good but he had BAD NAME! I want NAME HACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe you now Slanted Fish thankyou!

  57. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    Thankyou so much slanted fish I understand now, I also knew time tangled and time twisted is the same!

  58. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    @Samwow5 I’ll go onto creators blog and check Thnx…

    Btw not to prove you wrong or anytihng I’m only doing it to see if your telling the truth and to see what he said! Thnx again!:)
    here is the link I thought I should put it in this same post: http://blog.poptropica.com/2012/07/creators-favorite-islands-director-ds.html

    btw it was 3 m ago and I’m sure its not him because he never posted for ages or maybe he was to busy but still managing digital design still would still kinda have spots to do some posting!

  59. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    Guys my poptropican is awesome friend me his username is JamesKiro

  60. Spiderman's #1 Fan AKACuddly Bear AKA Director Bear AKA Super Bear AKA James Kiro says:

    I’ll friend you if you give me username aswell

  61. jameskiro says:

    How do you like my new Picture LOL! I did it yesterday I think it is NEAT! I hope you enjoy being a friend of a luxurius person JK JK LOL LOOOL! @slanted Fish What is your user I would like to friend you?! I hear you have helped Fuzzy-B’s blog in the past from some bad people who threatened and sweared in his blog! Your AWESOME! I just hope EVERY1 has a spoooooky Halloween and hope you all ejoy my costumes on the post from Slanted Fish!

  62. Najha Smith says:

    hello to all the poptropica creators. i would just like to say that all of you changed my life. i say cause i was around 12-13 yrs old (maybeyounger) when i started playing then i stopped and started up again when i was 16 cause i forgot how much fun it was. i am going off to college soon and cause of you i am going to major in graphic and design, i would love to create a game that is as remotly great as yours… everyone who created poptropica is and will always be my insperation …THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR IMPACT….p.s. look out for some of my game designs

  63. Silver Octopus says:

    Somehow, I don’t believe you’re sixteen. First, the lack of punctuation. Second, I believe that you are maybe 13, to 14. I’m only 10, so I can’t really relate. But, I know for sure I’m majoring in Creative Writing. Cheers, you sound like a nice guy.

  64. poptropicasuperfan114144141 says:

    I typed Jeff Kinney but it did not come

    Slanted Fish: Jeff Kinney is not the username; it’s an actual person’s name.

  65. Magic Onion says:

    For Mr. Riordan saying that he works on Poptropica, he could be lying. However, I must stress the word “could”.

    • Liam says:

      I contacted them saying that i would be a great creator! i hope they make me one. P.S. if they did i’d make Slanted fish a creator. OMG do you think that there’s some glitch to do that? That would be really awesome. i would use it all the time!

  66. Incredible Bubbles says:

    Guess what! Captain Crawfish is in Flying Squid! I guess that gets you excited, Slanted Fish, doesn’t it? I believe you are in Flying Squid, correct? 😉

    Slanted Fish: Yup. 🙂

  67. WHAT says:

    you know what the creators should create actually?? a poptropica app for like ipods and iphones and stuff. like, i really wanna get the ds game poptropica adventures but it’s like thirty bucks. and an app would be so much easier to get, people won’t need to go to a store to buy it, they just use app store on their devices…(particularly apple cuz that’s what i use). and also there is a decreasing amount of people using nintendo and an increasing amount of people using ipods or phones or ipads or tablets or whatever. I WANNA TAKE POPTROPICA WITH ME EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Slanted Fish: Poptropica has guide apps for mobile devices, which is the closest thing for now.

    • Liam says:

      i have a tablet. it’s a Nabi 2 and i hate it. i’m actually glad that the charger broke. P.S. just in case you’re wondering, i’m using my mom’s computer right now.

  68. thirstycatfish says:

    how do you get poseidon’s moustache i have a friend who has it and i really want it or zeus’s lighning staff not the one in the store his master bolt the onre he holds or hades beard i have friends who each have these things pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. lilli says:

    can u make a poptropica island where someone steals you identity and ruins your reputation and u have to find them plzz and one that is multiplayer so u can play that particular one with a friend or something……. no pressure

  70. Joshua says:

    everyone if you want to add thinknoodles to your poptropica freind list click on plus type in user name thinknoodles like this hoy i typed and graser10 will be graser8 like that ok comment me agein if it worked

  71. flappybird says:

    you know what you should really do, when someone has completed a planet the world should colour on the map; so its clear which ones they have done. its logical…

  72. charmander923 says:

    My user is charmander923. I have a bunch of stuff from Binary Bard(face,eye,pants,suit), Captain crawfish(hat), and Dr.Hare(belt and tail).

  73. cartoonpenguin2013 says:

    Slanted fish, I think I found master mimes username mastermime17, the name is Undefined Undefined and he is in the master mime costume

    Slanted Fish: If his name isn’t “Master Mime”, it wouldn’t be him.

  74. Golden Star says:

    On Jennifer Woods Linkedin it says that the people part of poptropica are Jennifer Wood, Dan Franklin, Christopher Barney, Billy Belfield, Chris Messner, Jordan Leary, Ashley Lange, Karl DeBisschop, Mitch Krpata, & Lance Fry. Do you know who those people are Slanted Fish?

    Slanted Fish: Yes, some of these people are listed here as Creators.

  75. poptropicalover says:

    I was thinking of doing a poptropica blog. Do you have to ask for permission from the creators? If so, who should I ask?

    Slanted Fish: No, you don’t have to seek permission to get started. 😉

  76. Ziomi says:

    I had just finished survival island episode 1 and it took me to the 2nd episode. I saw pages and tried to click them but nothing happened. Then I went farther and rocks started rolling at me, I went along with it for a while, but then decided I should check the walkthrough. I realized this wasn’t exactly normal for most players so I walked around the little bit of island I could actually walk on, and on the tree where you should of engraved your/ my name, read “Creator Steve was here”. What should I do?

    Slanted Fish: Sounds like a glitch – try logging out and then back in again, play on a different web browser, and/or change computers.


    If I have a question about what I find on the Creator’s Blog, is this the place to ask about it?

  78. idk says:

    There’s a developer missing from this list. His name is Gabriel Jensen, and his username used to be “pizmogames”.

    slantedfish: Thanks, he has been added. 😉

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