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Thinknoodles meets Poptropica publisher & behind-the-scenes!

Hey Poptropicans! Many of you in the Poptropica community have probably heard of Thinknoodles, a YouTuber known for (among other things) his Poptropica walkthrough videos. Well, here’s the kicker: he recently had the opportunity to meet up with Poptropica publisher Jess Brallier, and was able to share with us some of the things they discussed. And here’s a selfie to prove it.

thinknoodles and zeus

Okay, so neither of them are really cartoon characters. But they did meet up in a coffee shop in New York City after Think received a direct (private) message from @Poptropica on Twitter (run by Poptropica’s publisher, Jess Brallier) inviting him for a chat in NYC. Pretty cool! 😀

Prior to meeting up, Think also contacted us here at the PHB asking if there were any questions we had that he could try to work into the discussion. Although he couldn’t promise we’d get all the answers, and tells us he can’t share every detail, here’s what he is able to tell us:

  • After PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights wrap up, they will no longer be splitting islands into episodes. As previously mentioned, we’ll be having full islands after that!
  • He knows of the next few islands coming up, but isn’t able to divulge more – though he does confirm that Timmy Failure Island is one of them, as Poptropica tweeted earlier.
  • Regarding one of our suggestions for an island explaining Poptropica’s origins, he says “it’s something they have been working on addressing, and they’ve written a full back story detailing the legend of Poptropica, which we should start seeing in story/comic form soon!”
  • It looks like we also have some answers regarding the Poptropica cartoon/show we’ve been hearing about. Think says: “The history of Poptropica should start coming out in the next week or two and is based upon a screenplay that Jeff Kinney wrote around 2 years ago when they were considering an animated television series. I have a copy of it, and it’s really detailed: new characters with illustrations, backstory for each one, history of Poptropica and plot lines for 21 episodes of the series!” However, the screenplay remains confidential.

Wow – that last tidbit about the Poptropica origin story sounds like something to look forward to! 🙂 Thanks for letting us be part of the conversation in this way, Think, and noodle on!

Also, for those wondering about the ownership of Poptropica, they recently explained it with a couple of tweets: “Actually the owner is a company called Pearson. Jeff created Poptropica. He doesn’t own it. Jeff’s the creative genius behind Poptropica. President figures it out as a business, and stays out of Jeff’s way.” The Twitter appears to be run by the Poptropica president/publisher, Jess Brallier.

Speaking of the official Pop Twitter, a couple of new behind-the-scenes pics were recently tweeted! Here’s a not-yet-published comic strip in which Oliver and Jorge steal a witch’s broom:

comic broom

They also asked for some help in voting for which genie design to go for in Arabian Nights: Ep. 3, and responses have mostly been for either Mischief or Macho. Personally, I like Mischief. 😛

arab3 genie optionsYou can also see some sneak peeks (some of which were also tweeted earlier) for the final episode of Arabian Nights in the Daily Pop, which is starting to get back on track with their “daily” schedule!

For more, check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive, updated monthly. 😉

However, it looks like we won’t get to play Arab Ep. 3 until May at the earliest. Meanwhile, PoptropiCon Ep. 3 was recently postponed to March, plus there’ll be a surprise at the end of April, and, despite what Think revealed earlier, Poptropica is now claiming that Timmy Failure Island is “just a rumor”:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed all these behind-the-scenes glimpses at what Poptropica’s cooking up! Stay popping, and for all the Thinkers out there, noodle on! 😀


17 thoughts on “Thinknoodles meets Poptropica publisher & behind-the-scenes!”

  1. Holy cow, everything is all coming together now o.o I knew some details here and there, yet… HOLY COW….

    So I guess Jess Brailler isn’t Fact Monster anymore… I can’t believe… Holy cow…

  2. I’m too lazy to log into WordPress, but let me just say that this sort of numbed my mind. I live in NYC and I wish just by chance I could meet them. Heh, but New York City is huuuuuuuge! Guess Jess has moved from a monster to a god? Thanks for the information on the Animated Television series, I couldn’t find anything on it. Also, I’m glad Think is finally acknowledging the PHB! ❤

  3. Hiya slanted fish! I was just wondering that is there any other way of giving our poptropica realm creation except this twitter stuff and sharing at poptropica? Just asking!
    😎 😯

    1. The Poptropica Creators are probably able to see anyone’s Realms, since usually they’re the ones posting the ones that stand out to them (as opposed to players posting their own Realms, though that can happen too).

      If you’d like to share your Realms with others, you can take a screenshot (by pressing the “S” key) and sending the image file to people or uploading it to the web and sharing the link to the image for others to see. In the future, Poptropica may even enable collaboration for us to play around with each others’ creations.

      For more info, check out our Poptropica Realms Guide! 😀

  4. I missed you, full islands! Where have you been all my… 2 years!

    Btw ThinkNoodles meets Zeus?! Cool!

    p.s pie

  5. Well, this is interesting. Also, the Poptropica Creators are thinking, emphasize THINKING, about maybe making a Five Nights at Freddy’s Island.

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