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Poptropica Portfolio: Nasan Hardcastle

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, featuring another Poptropica Portfolio! (We’ve already showcased the works of Abraham Tena, Chris Goodwin, Nate GreenwallJordan Leary and Lance Fry, so go and check those out if you haven’t already.) The featured artist this time around is former designer, illustrator, and animator for Poptropica, Nasan Hardcastle!

Nasan currently works as an illustrator for WildWorks, creating characters for Animal Jam (another popular virtual world). The work I’ll be highlighting here consists of his work for Poptropica, but you can view his non-Poptropica related artwork at his portfolio website (nasanhardcastle.com).

As stated on his LinkedIn page, Hardcastle spent almost 4 years with Poptropica (Oct 2010 – Jun 2014) creating numerous characters, creatures, and environments that we see in the game. He’s created a mixture of interior and exterior environments – quite remarkable! Check out a collection of them below:

These are some of his environmental pieces which include scenes from many islands (Twisted Thicket, Poptropolis Games, Miniquest: Blimp Adventure, Wild West, Red Dragon, Mission AtlantisCharlie and the Chocolate Factory and even the Wildfire tribe common room). Lots of detail and time goes into these pieces, I’m sure. Of course, if you want to see more illustrations like these, head on over to the archive page of his portfolio website.

In addition to his amazing environmental work, Hardcastle has created and designed many well-known and beloved characters. Here we see characters from the islands Wild West, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Game Show, Ghost Story and Monster Carnival – that’s a lot of characters!

So you see, Nasan’s done quite a lot in the duration of nearly 4 years with Poptropica, and has definitely left us with many breathtaking scenes to admire and characters to enjoy. Kudos to Hardcastle for all of his accomplishments and I hope he succeeds in all of his future endeavors.

Hope you enjoyed this look into another poptastic portfolio. I’ll talk to you soon, pop on!

– Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

17 thoughts on “Poptropica Portfolio: Nasan Hardcastle”

    1. “FYI: the theme on the PHB was changed due to a formatting issue that came up & couldn’t be fixed on the previous. Thanks for sticking w/ us!”

      Self explanatory,though I wonder what the issue was in question.

  1. Neat! I remember this guy leaking out Virus Hunter character shots. I remember being hyped for the island…it didn’t disappoint. I quite liked it,really. They even referenced him in the island,as ‘Softfort’ or something in the apartments. I even left a comment on his blog years ago. It was the Charlie Brown one,I believe.

    1. Yup, we found his site with the name “Virus Hunter Island” included in one of the pictures before it had been officially announced. Fun times. 😛

      I wish they had done more with the body exploration part of Virus Hunter, so we could learn more about the human body besides traveling around some ambiguous mushy parts, but the premise was interesting.

  2. Hey, nice new format! Kinda took me by surprise XD Anyway, these are really cool. Poptropica sure knows their art.

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