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A Whole New World: A Whole New Avatar

Hey everyone, Spotted Dragon here with overused puns as usual! Believe me, I know that Aladdin has been referenced way too much when we talk about Poptropica Worlds around here, but the title was just waiting to be used.

Anyway, the PHB isn’t the only thing around here with a new look! 😀

changing avatar

The Creators provided us with a new post earlier today explaining how our Poptropicans’ looks will be changing when Poptropica Worlds rolls around. While we already saw the avatar’s new look in the trailer, this post does explain it a bit more clearly.

new avatar look

See what I mean? We already knew that our characters would be earning themselves some hands and shoes, but it looks like their whole looks will be more defined.

Some key changes:

  • Growth spurts (taller avatars – the legs are more proportional)
  • Joints (including more realistic movement, presumably)
  • Feet (with shoes)
  • Hands (of course! and Oliver is wearing a wristwatch – suggesting more customization options in that area)

Since Unity and Spine will be used when making Poptropica Worlds, our Poptropicans will supposedly be much more customizable.

As seen in the image above, the 4-fingered hands will have 4 different positions, of which will change depending on the movement of your character. This will hopefully lead to nicer looking animation, like the running that’s shown.

Though there are some conflicting opinions on all this change, there is no denying that the announcement of hands has left everyone on YouTube excited in one way or another.

Poptropica Worlds has been controversial lately, but I have to say I am trying to stay optimistic. I like that the art style is still clearly “Poptropica” even though more detail has been added. I’m hoping this improvement in art reflects the other “improvements” and changes being made.

While this is it for now, the Creators have promised more sneak peeks into Poptropica Worlds in the next few weeks! Let’s hope the update comes out as scheduled this time, right? 😉



36 thoughts on “A Whole New World: A Whole New Avatar”

  1. I quite like the new avatar style, personally. The only thing I find a bit off about it are the eyes, which feel a bit intense – perhaps an option to change our eye color can soothe that sense.

    Some people in the PHC community have also commented on how they want to have more options for their characters’ body types (like chubbiness), which would also be pretty cool, although it’ll probably be more work to implement. But it is something Poptropica could consider for the future. 🙂

      1. The avatar definitely has eyelids! See Mya in the image. Oliver is just shown in that image with his eyes wide open. The eyelids are now curved and can have expressive emotional shapes. The eyelids have three eyelashes that are a dark brown (not black) and the eyelashes conform to the curved lid.

  2. Finally GOOD sneak peak on Poptropica worlds! The only thing i am really really wondering is how is the Poptropica glitching side going to do with Poptropica worlds? Really want to see if the master glitchers can come up with some good glitches in Unitly?

  3. AH,the design. It looks…interesting. Only problem is….well,the unnecessary complications. I’ve always admired the simplicity of the old character design,but I suppose this will do.

    I do wonder though. If you can play both old Pop and Worlds with the same character,how will World specific stuff like shoes and hands show up?

      1. Though will any changes you make to your avatar in worlds will do the same in the original Pop, even if the customization isn’t possible in the original (like different shoes)?

      1. The difference is rather subtle though,and it’s probably due to the different shading. Either way,just because two characters look ‘whiter’ doesn’t mean that the game is ‘whitewashinganything. And like I said,skin colour should still be customisable .

      1. I kinda like the design with a lack of necks since it’s grown on me over 8 years of playing the game, but I’d love to know the reasoning behind that design choice nonetheless xD .

  4. The new update is…alright,I suppose. I’m not too necessarily fond of the new design,but a change now and then is okay,I guess.

  5. I will admit this, I was the one who made that digits pun as MarioMarioBW in the first YouTube screenshot and I’m not ashamed xD. Let the puns flow through you 😛 . The way Oliver is posed next to Mya kinda reminds me of how Sonic the hedgehog posed way back when.

  6. I like the new avatars for Poptropica Worlds, but I also like the avatars that are being used now in Poptropica.

  7. Hmmm…I’m not that much of a fan, at least when I look at them I think ‘Poptropica!’ but meh, I like the old one more, and I’m happy they didn’t put noses on the poptropicans

  8. How do you change the look of your avatar in Poptropica Worlds? I can’t find where to change the skin & hair color. Can you import your old avatar once you’ve started playing Worlds?

    1. Before you enter the game map, you can edit your appearance by clicking the edit button in the last stage of creating your character. This includes some options for hair and skin tone. However, once you enter Worlds, there is currently no option to change your hair and skin color – hopefully they’ll add this in the future, though.

      No, you cannot import your old avatar, but another way to modify your appearance is through getting clothes from the Shop.

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