Home Island, Snowpocalypse

The Snowpocalypse is upon us!

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish, live with the weather report. It looks like today’s forecast is a full-on snowpocalypse! Winter isn’t over just yet – over at Poptropica HQ in Boston, the temperature is around 0 Celsius (30s in Fahrenheit). Chilly!

UPDATE: There is now an igloo on Home Island for the Snowpocalypse game. Simply travel over to the right, past the photo booth, until you reach it!

snowpocalypse igloo

If you head on over to Home Island, where it’s still snowing, there’s an all-new game to play called Snowpocalypse! To find it, go left to where the billboard is, and click on the third dot to bring up the Snowpocalypse board, then click on it to bring up the game.


From there, click on the snowball to go through the instructions and start playing. The basic idea is to throw snowballs at the bad guys (who will pop up from the snow forts) by clicking on them, taking them down before they pelt you. If you’re hit 5 times, it’s game over! Your bucket has 3 snowballs in it at a time, so remember to reload (by clicking it).

And with that, let the games begin! You’ll encounter villains (and other not-so-villain characters, which you still want to aim at) like Binary Bard, Princess Elyana, Zeus, the Big Blue Zomberry, Captain Crawfish, and more. As your score gets higher, you may even see police officers patrolling the front of the battle lines. The flags in front of your fort indicate how many lives you have left.

The Poptropica Creators even put out a video guide for how to play Snowpocalypse, which you can check out here:

Pretty straightforward and fun! It’s cool (literally) to have a fun new feature on Poptropica as we wait for Worlds to debut this spring –  maybe this is a subtle reminder that it’s still winter, but we sure do have something to look forward to this spring!

This might be one of the last things added to the current Poptropica – they don’t call it an apocalypse for nothing, right? 😉 However, the Creators do also plan to add something in April for Wimpy Kid Month:

In any case, the Creators want to share pictures of your high scores on social media! To participate, just take a screenshot of your high score and share it on social media to Poptropica at their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to tag them, and they’ll share your pic!

Plus, let us know in the comments what your high score is and what you think of this apocalyptic new game!

❄️ Stay warm, and stay popping, Poptropicans! ❄️

21 thoughts on “The Snowpocalypse is upon us!”

  1. It’s nICE to see that the creators are still doing some extra stuff like this. We’ll never let it go (you know,from FROZEN) anyway. Thank goodness the creators haven’t taken a stoneCOLD attitude towards old PoptropICEa. That’d be neal NEGATIVE (degrees Celsius) of them. Anyway,I got a bag of CHILLY peppers near me and I don’t like them. Thankfully I’m a special SNOWFLAKE who doesn’t have to care. Hey,you know what my favourites Pop name is? COOL ICICLE! Hahahahaha!

    ….I don’t know what true love feels like.

      1. Smooth One,but we are just WARMING up! Like your face!

        Ooooh! That was a sick BURN


  2. It’s Autumn for me (though it’s still kind of hot XD). I’ll play this eventually… when I remember, that is.

    1. So did I! I could have gone a bit longer,but at first I wasn’t aware of the reload feature,which immediately made me lose two flags. Oh well,at least I managed to take down the blokes who threw the last snowballs at me as well

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