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Blue Tooth speaker pairs with Coolmath

Hey everyone, Sporty Boa here POPping in the drop some pretty cool news! Letโ€™s hop right into it, shall we?

Blue Tooth has entered the chat!

Today, the Poptropica Creators Blog pleasantly surprised us with an introduction to a new blogger, Blue Tooth! (Check out the post right here!)

Blue Tooth with pet bunny, Dorf!

Within the introductory post, Blue Tooth mentions how the Creators have been actively working hard on new updates arriving in 2019. Considering all the exciting big moves and updates that have already arrived, I’m quite interested in what lies ahead for Poptropica.

Anyway, Blue Tooth also mentions interests in skateboarding, gaming (I see that Nintendo Switch!), and chilling on Mythology Island.

Blue Tooth’s role (which sounds quite like that of Skinny Moon, Poptropica’s previous social media manager who left in mid-2017) will include locating players’ crazy cool clubhouses and costumes to showcase on the blog. (I’ve gotta step my game up if I want to be featured!)

Overall, I like this speakerโ€”and this development really (finally!) shows the Creators are making an effort to connect with us and the community. Plus, just look at Blue Tooth’s fluffy bunny, Dorf! So adorable! (Having my own pet rabbit IRL, I can relate to Dorf’s lack of enthusiasm with being held, lol)

Speaking of pets, the Creators’ Blog (probably Blue Tooth specifically) published another blog post reminding us that National Puppy Day is on the way! So if you have a doggo and you haven’t already done so, treat your pup some neat stuff at the clubhouse shop! ๐Ÿถ

Happy National Puppy Day!

Based on the pics on these recent official posts, it looks like a new illustrator has joined the Poptropica team as well! (Or perhaps Blue Tooth herself did the drawings? Either way, pretty cute!)

Anywho, that’s not all regarding the latest news…

Poptropica is on!!!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s true! Poptropica announced the promo on social media, and I’m beyond hyped. Having grown up playing Poptropica and Coolmath games all the time with my bro, it’s a match made in Mount Olympus if you ask me!

That’s all for now. Let us know in the comments what you think about the addition of Blue Tooth and the Coolmathgames feature.

Until next time, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

26 thoughts on “Blue Tooth speaker pairs with Coolmath”

  1. Is banned in some schools? Cuz why go to Coolmath Games when you can go to the offical website itself.

    Btw, Blue Tooth’s bunny is definitly not feeling it.

  2. YES we finally have another social media person of Poptropica. I really hope that this Blue Tooth guy comes to the PHC just like skinny moon did. I have a ton of questions regrading Poptropica

    1. Same, I would really like to see an interview or something done with BT. There are a lot of holes that need filling…

    1. Now that you mentioned it, only 6 out of the 25 costumes currently in the store are for everybody… Yikes

      1. I’m not much in interest anyway. They’re just casual outfits, though, why the heck would casual outfits be for members?

      2. I asked myself the same question when I first saw the updated store. Of all the outfits I don’t think ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘ก many of them should’ve been made for members only. Another ‘ooof’ for the Poptropica creators:

  3. speaking of non-members, the glitch to get into your closet from the old friends page is GONE!!! we non-members are doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. not so fast…
    there is a way to get into the old friends page!

    step one: go to a non-sui island
    step two: press you items
    step three: press which island items you want.
    step four: then press the “closet” button.
    step five: enjoy!!!

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