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Poptropica Portfolio: Kyle Miller

Hey Poptropicans!

We’ve found another Poptropica Portfolio—this one belongs to Kyle Miller, who has worked as a senior designer for Poptropica.

The work below is taken from his site, Gamecreature. If you click on each display on his site, you can view images in full size and read a little bit about what each project is about and how Kyle contributed to them.

Poptropica Avatars by Kyle Miller

In addition to that cool collage of Poptropica avatars that were designed for ads in the game, Kyle’s portfolio also features Poptropica ad areas he has worked on.

You can find even more examples over on his portfolio website.

Finally, there’s a video at the end of his portfolio that demonstrates a sample of his work in developing and designing with Flash for Poptropica. Many of the animations are from ad games, though there are also some Store items in the mix. Check it out:

Kyle Miller currently works as a designer, artist, and developer of games with his own company, Gamecreature.

If you liked Kyle’s portfolio, be sure to also check out other Poptropica artists we’ve featured: Geoff HassingNate GreenwallChris GoodwinAbraham Evensen TenaJordan LearyLance FryNasan Hardcastle, and Ashley Lange.

Speaking of artwork, be sure to join in on the PHB’s Community Creations this month! You’ve got until the end of this week to enter for November’s theme: “heartwarming.”

Hope you enjoyed this portfolio! Stay awesome, Poptropicans.


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