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I say we go somewhere even funnier: Poptropica Original.

Hey Poptropicans! What do you tell a sick person on Poptropica?

“The doctor is Hare!”

Ha, ha…. aaand we’re just getting started. With a new video, Dave is about to fill you in on some more of “The Funniest Jokes in Poptropica Worlds”:

And the “funniest jokes” in Poptropica Worlds are…

  1. Scuttlebutt’s sick burn: calling you a “crusty bilge waffle”
  2. Beatrice’s ruthless dig on Hazel’s digs, when she says “I say we go somewhere even more depressing: your house.” (And it looks like Dave is referring to Beatrice with the conventional pronunciation now.)
  3. When Dr. Winslow tells you you’ll be safe underground: “It hasn’t exploded in, what, two weeks?”
  4. When King Mondo gets real with you: “Where else am I going to go?”
  5. When the gas station attendant tells you he doesn’t even have any gas.
  6. When you turn on the faucet to find Mr. Whiskers.
  7. The fact that anyone would order “carrot ice cream.”

Did any of these lines get you dying of laughter like Daveโ€”or at least crack a smile?

Despite the humor, it seems not every Poptropican is amused enough by Poptropica’s latest videos. A commenter on the above video, SuperTalkCam (also known as TallMeloniscool), wrote this as part of a longer comment: “You did not list the funniest jokes, you listed all of the jokes.”

tm comment

The comment raises some fair points: the Poptropica Creators have been heavily promoting Poptropica Worlds since its release in May, yet there is much more content on Poptropica Original that isn’t getting the same love from the Creators in their YouTube content. The Creators have only been making these list videos recently, and so far, all the attention has gone to Pop Worlds.

Although we all want to see Worlds succeed, many of us are also longtime fans of the original game, and even those of us who are newer players can see that there is more to appreciate on Poptropica Original. Wouldn’t it be great to hear about our old favorites in Dave’s video lists? Wouldn’t it be a lot more exciting to see more than two islands being featured in all these new videos? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Also on YouTube, Stephanie has returned with another livestream! In this week’s episode (#10), she mentions that last week’s votes were miscounted, so she’ll actually be playing Dr. Hare’s Revenge in this video. (It’sย more of a mini-game, though she refers to it as an island.) Catch the archived video below:

After spinning the daily wheel and changing up her outfit a bit, Stephanie heads over to Dr. Hare’s Revenge, where she speaks Carotenoid’s lines in a high-pitched voice, and then she’s off to nab some carrots! She plays through Zone 1, makes it through about half of Zone 2, and eats oatmeal cookies.

Have you played through all 40 levels of Dr. Hare’s Revenge yet? You’ll get a cool prize at the end! Be sure to check out our handy PHB guideย for some tips.

Stay tuned for more Poptropica Worlds livestreams, which air on Poptropica’s YouTube every Friday afternoon (Eastern time).

Last but not least, we hope you had a great Thanksgivingโ€”or if you don’t celebrate, then at least a decent Thursday night dinner. The 3 new food followersโ€”Cran Barry, Punkie Pie, and Sweet Tatoโ€”are still waiting to be found on Poptropica Original, and according to the Creators, they’ll be gone by Mondayโ€”just like Thanksgiving leftovers.


Captain Crawfish even put out a post stuffed with sentiment to thank Poptropica players, both longtime fans and new ones. Poptropica Creators, we’re ever grateful for you too!

Speaking of giving thanks, THANK YOU to all of you loyal PHB readers! Thanks to all of you, especially those of you who come here often, we’ve reached 30 million hits here on the Poptropica Help Blog! That’s a pretty huge milestone, and you helped us get there.

We’re grateful that we get to reach such a wide audience of Poptropica fans, and we hope to keep at it for more days to come. Thanks for being part of our communityโ€”for checking back on our site to see what’s new, sharing your thoughts in the comments to encourage change in the game, creating amazing artwork to express what makes this game great, and so much more. Stay awesome, Poptropicans. โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•


14 thoughts on “I say we go somewhere even funnier: Poptropica Original.”

  1. I’m thankful for this community so many times over. You guys are honestly the best things that’s ever happened to me and I love all of you.

    Also I’m cheesed that creators are stealing my video cred. Rude. (XP)

  2. YEs!!!!!! Thank you for showing my comment in your blog post. Another thing I want to say is that if the Poptropica Creators do not start doing some original Poptropica top 5s then I have a feeling that the Poptropica Creators really want to try and forget about the original Poptropica.

    1. Thanks for writing! I don’t think it’s that they’re trying to forget Poptropica Original, considering they have it featured on the main page of Poptropica.com, but I would agree that they are losing some focus of the original game by putting most of their attention and promotion into Worlds.

  3. Aw you guys <3333 I really couldn't forget you D: You really have helped me get used to the the Internet when I posted here exactly 5 years ago (wow!). For that, just saying thanks isn't enough. I really do love all of you. ๐Ÿ˜˜

    On a slightly less sentimental note, what is up with these new videos? Can't wait to see Top 10 Islands on Poptropica Worlds. They'll have a lot of fun with that, I'm sure. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Aww, right back at you! Thanks for being one of our longest-time fans. ๐Ÿ˜˜

      Ah, yes. Keep your eyes peeled for Dave’s next vid, Top Photo-Op (or screenshot-op?) Spots Around Poptropica Worlds. First landmark: the “Rot Land” sign on 24 Carrot’s Main Street. (Just kidding… maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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