Dr. Hare’s Revenge Guide (Worlds)


In Dr. Hare’s Revenge, you’ll explore a series of diabolical mazes full of twists, turns, and traps. Collect all of the carrots before time runs out, and advance to the next maze. Fail, and…

Dr. Hare’s Revenge has dozens of devious levels. Complete them all to earn coins. Re-try levels at any time to set new high scores, and see where you rank on the leaderboards. Who’s the fastest carrot collector you know?

Released (members only beta): October 4, 2017
Released (open beta for all): October 20, 2017
Preceded by: 24 Carrot Island
Succeeded by: Greek Sea Odyssey Island

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough on Dr. Hare’s Revenge, scroll down.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough and pictures by Lucky Joker & Slanted Fish

Dr. Hare is back with another devious scheme to take over Poptropica Worlds — but not if you can help it! (If you’ve never met the beloved bunny-man, you may want to play 24 Carrot Island first for some context.)

To get started, visit the little island on the travel map on Poptropica Worlds marked “Dr. Hare’s Revenge.” You can also find the game by clicking on the billboard on Home Island. Remember that this is on Poptropica Worlds, not Poptropica Original.


You’ll find yourself on a small island with scenery similar to that of 24 Carrot. Head right, and you’ll find a tent with a huge golden carrot waiting to be pulled up. Pull the golden carrot from the ground, as the sign says, and allow the carrot rocket ship to take you away. (Not to worry — everything will be fine… maybe.)

You will arrive at the Harvester and Resource Extractor (H.A.R.E) Space Station where a rabbot, called Carotenoid, will approach you. The conversation will go on and he’ll start you off on your journey by giving you your task:

If you could gather the carrots from the facility before he (Dr. Hare) can process them, then it is possible for his plans to be thwarted.

Here are the instructions pictured below (click to view the images in full size):

Now continue to the right and enter Zone 1 to begin playing.

Zone 1: Baby Carrot Steps

As with all the zones, you’ll be faced with a series of doors, which you can only unlock one after the other as you defeat each round. So let’s start with Zone 1, Level 1.

The game starts out pretty straightforward: you just run and collect the carrots. Once you get them all, the door to the next level will unlock. As long as you make it through that door before time runs out, you’re good to go. If you’re running low on time, the timer (at the top) will turn red and start making low beeping sounds. Here’s a labeled screenshot to show where things are:


Notice the green platforms too: you can go through them when you’re jumping up, but once you’re standing on them, you can’t go down through them.

At Zone 1, Level 6, you’ll be introduced to the Carrot-pult: a big pink bouncy blob that will bounce you up, allowing you to reach up higher to grab more carrots.


Zone 1, Level 7 is where you’ll start to encounter moving platforms. These can take you across from one point to another, and they keep moving back and forth. Sometimes it’s a good idea to wait for a platform so you can use it to take you somewhere.


Once you jump and bounce your way through the 10 levels of Zone 1, you’ll be ready to take on Zone 2!

Zone 2: Recipe for Disaster

Moving zones brings about a change in scenery: now we’re in a kitchen area, the place where Dr. Hare must have been cooking up all his carrots and evil schemes!

So far, the door has tended to be on the bottom-right corner, but starting now you’ll find it occasionally in the top-right. Starting in Zone 2, Level 5, you’ll also encounter a new platform: a Carrot-pult, moving platform hybrid!

zone 2-8

As you go through each level, make sure to keep an eye out on the mini-map to know where all the carrots are so you can plan your jumps in the right directions. On Level 7 especially, towards the end, make sure you jump to the edge of the right side to get those last carrots.

Once you’ve nabbed all the carrots in here, it’s time to move onto Zone 3.

Zone 3: Good Night, Dr. Hare

New zone, new scenery: now we’re in what appears to be a solarium with a night view full of stars. Carotenoid will pop up with a warning: rabbot guards are all over the place, and touching them is bad news! Don’t worry, though: if you do touch them, you’ll just be knocked back, but you can pick yourself up and keep going.

rabbot guards

As you’ve been doing, keep making your way through each level by grabbing carrots and opening each exit door. Watch the rabbot guards to see where they move, so you’ll know when it’s safe to make a jump in an area they’re guarding. Sometimes, they’ll go extra-fast in one direction, and you’ll want to wait until they move in the opposite direction before getting on the same platform.

zone 3-4

Even if you run out of time, keep trying! You can try as many times as you like until you beat each level. Soon enough, you’ll finish this zone and move onto the next…

Zone 4: We’ll Rock this Plan to Sleep

We’re now at the final zone, and it won’t be long before Dr. Hare’s plans are rocked to sleep. You’ll find yourself at a rock laboratory, kind of like the one in Lunar Colony Island. But don’t worry about rocks; let’s knock these carrot stalks out!

zone 4-1

Zone 4, Level 6 holds the least amount of carrots in one level — a mere 5 — but Level 7 holds the most: a whopping 236 carrots! Just goes to show how, despite some similarities, no two levels are the same.

The grand finale in Zone 4, Level 10 is a sight to behold: 233 carrots forming a rabbit face (take a look at the mini-map)! Still, if you were able to grab all of those carrots back in Level 7, this shouldn’t be too much to handle.

zone 4-10

When you’ve got all those carrots, head over to the exit and you’ll beat the game! But even though you’ve beat the game, remember that you can always return to any level in any zone at any time to re-play them and try to set new high scores.

high score


For finishing the game for the first time, an impressed Carotenoid will—um, well…

Foiled again by Dr. Hare! Well, that’s okay. You get a reward of 500 coins, along with a Dr. Hare trophy for your house, so all is well. Great job!

Dr. Hare's Revenge Reward.png

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Dr. Hare’s Revenge Guide (Worlds)”

  1. Kinda sucked that Carotenoid bit the dust.

    Thoug strangely, when you come back to the island afterwards, his remians are gone…

  2. I was so bored, I did this. I wish they would add a new island. I finished all three and this mini-island all today within an hour. *sigh* I really wish they had a new island already

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