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Poptropica Portfolio: Geoff Hassing

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, featuring another Poptropica Portfolio! The artist in the spotlight this time around is Geoff Hassing. You can find a sample of his artwork for Poptropica and more on his portfolio site here.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the previous portfolios we’ve showcased, featuring Poptropica artists Nate Greenwall, Chris GoodwinAbraham Evensen Tena, Jordan Leary, Lance Fry, Nasan Hardcastle, and Ashley Lange.

As stated on his LinkedIn page, Hassing no longer works for Poptropica, and though his time with them was short-lived, he still left us with some amazing background scenes and in-game assets from some of the newer islands, including Monkey Wrench and Escape From Pelican Rock. There are also a couple of Poptropica-like scenes here that were made for practice and not for anything in-game. Check them out:

Pretty cool stuff, Geoff!

These days, Hassing illustrates children’s books for GrapeCity, a corporation that provides learning materials, tools, and methods for kids learning English through their oral language acquisition and critical listening program. We really like his Poptropica work, and we wish him the best in everything does going forward.

Speaking of art pieces, be sure to join in on the PHB’s Community Creations this month! September ends soon, so you’ve got until the end of this week to enter. The theme for this month is “school.”

I hope you found this popping portfolio enjoyable! We’ll talk soon…

Lucky Joker sign off

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