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Poptropica Portfolio: Tyson Burnham

Hey Poptropicans!

Another Poptropica Portfolio has been uncovered—this time we’re featuring the work of Tyson Burnham, lead animator and motion designer for StoryArc Media (which includes Poptropica). He’s the guy behind many of the island trailers and more.

The work below is taken from his portfolio website. Over in the section labeled “Game Environment Vector Illustration,” you can find these sweeping scenes from Poptropica (as well as some designs for what became the Mech on Steamworks Island):

In addition to illustrating, Tyson also created many of Poptropica’s animated trailer videos, such as the ones for Arabian Nights and Virus Hunter, among others. You can find a bunch of his animated work compiled together in this demo reel that includes work from Poptropica as well as other projects:

Tyson Burnham still works at StoryArc Media, and also enjoys taking on freelance projects, as seen in the video above.

If you liked Tyson’s portfolio, be sure to also check out other Poptropica artists we’ve featured: Kyle MillerGeoff HassingNate GreenwallChris GoodwinAbraham Evensen TenaJordan LearyLance FryNasan Hardcastle, and Ashley Lange.

Speaking of artwork, be sure to join in on the PHB’s Community Creations this month! December has only just begun, but it’s never too early to start brainstorming.

Hope you enjoyed this portfolio! Stay awesome, Poptropicans.


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