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We were in a Multiverse with a Creator!

Hi Gs,

At 5pm EST today, the official Poptropica Twitter randomly tweeted a Multiverse code (BJS54), inviting all Poptropicans to join. PHB author Brave Tomato saw this almost instantly and joined the room, finding only one other Poptropican inside – a girl named Skinny Moon, most likely the Poptropica Creator who started the impromptu party.

impromptu multiverse

Using the previously discovered method of finding a Poptropican’s username (see this PHB post), we found that this anonymous Creator’s username was PopGirlJess (and Poptropican name “Skinny Moon”). However, Poptropica confirmed on Twitter that this Jess was not Poptropica’s CEO, Jess Brailler. (Perhaps the person running Poptropica’s social media is a lady named Jess?)

Others who later joined the Multiverse included yours truly (HP) along with PHB authors UiPE and Slanted Fish, as well as Poptropica community members Master Pinpey, Red Lizard, and Friendly Rock. Some of the PHB authors battled with the Creator, who let us win easily – which was sort of odd. About half an hour later, “Skinny Moon” left the room and tweeted that they were leaving to have fajitas for dinner. But don’t worry, they say there’s more to come!

Anyway, keep a look out on the official Poptropica Twitter (and the PHB’s Twitter @Poptropica_Help) to be in the know of events such as this! Even if you’re not on Twitter, we have a Twitter timeline you can keep track of on the sidebar of this blog.



29 thoughts on “We were in a Multiverse with a Creator!”

  1. I apologize for not being there – my internet would not work.

    That’s right; UiPE’s internet worked just fine, but my internet didn’t freaking work. I have no idea why.

  2. Woah,cool,guys!

    And her costume actually looks pretty new,which makes me think that she could be a new creator,which would explain why she lost at those minigames-she wasn’t that experienced with them!

    1. Last month, we posted about how someone else took over CEO Jess Brallier on Twitter, and now manages all of Poptropica’s social media. Looks like that would be Skinny Moon.

  3. Darn. Wish I actually was there, but I was in a wiki chat waiting for an admin announcement. I didn’t have a computer, either.

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