Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide

*Not to be confused with the original Reality TV Island.


Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, nowโ€™s your chance! Go on an adventure with your fellow contestants pitting your skills against each other to win the showโ€™s grand prize and become a hero to your hometown.

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Released: July 22, 2019 (on
Common Room: Base Camp
Preceded by: Snagglemast Island

Succeeded by: Mythology Island (Haxe)

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Island Extra: PHB Island Review

Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Slanted Fish
Special thanks to: Gentle Dolphin, Lucky Joker, & Osmium

Welcome to Reality TV: Wild Safari Island! Reality TV first aired on Poptropica in 2010, and now it’s back for a spinoff series in a wild safari. Get ready to throw spears, dive with jellyfish, and run from cheetahs!

When you first land from your fancy helicopter (no blimps here!), you’ll meet the show host, Jim Probably, who’s got a snake squeezing his torso. Anyway, tell him you’re ready to meet the challengers to begin.

You’ll get to pick three opponents from a selection of interesting candidates, from classic Poptropica villains to characters parodying various celebs.

Some of the challengers you can pick from are: Amara Enorme, Aphrodite, Baby Googoo, Blinked, Bob Floss, Bopbop, Brindi Bundee, Deli, Dr. Hare, Grim Reaper, Hades, Jack Neuron, Jay Isaacs, Kicker Halfpipe, Kitten Whispers, Mandy Screams, Omegon, Ringmaster Raven, Scherazade, Shendiva, Shett, Tesla Topsy, Torta Piccola, Won’t Jones, Zack Styles, and Zeus.

Once you’ve made your three selections, it’s time to begin! You can select the level of difficulty for your challenges based on the answer you give about your readyness:

  • “I’m a beginner” is easy mode.
  • “Ready to rock and roll” is medium mode.
  • “Watch me dominate” is hard mode.

You’ll be given three challenges in a random order. We recommend practicing before going to begin a challenge. Here’s how you can perform your best in each mini-game:

Spear Throw

Time your throw with the wind and hit the target! Tip: Aim and watch the gauges to get bullseyes.

Watch the wind using the gauge in the upper left corner and click to throw when the moving bar is at the middle of the blue bar to the right. You’ll get five throws in each round, and there are three rounds total.

Deep Dive

Dive as deep as you can by grabbing air bubbles and dodging jellyfish. Tip: Click fast and low to swim down quickly.

Click in the direction you want to go. The deeper you can go, the more points you will get! When you run out of air, the challenge ends.

Cheetah Run

Jump over animals and obstacles. Run fast like the cheetah! Tip: Keep clicking to jump further.

The meter at the top shows you your distance to the finish line. Jump only when you see an obstacle coming up in your path, not all the time, so that you still have some jump left in you when you actually need it.

At the end of each challenge, scores will be shown and you can win some credits for getting first, second, or third place.

After the third and final challenge, the show host, Jim Probably, will bring out the monkeys to celebrate as he announces the final rankings.

Whether or not you really came out on top during the challenges, you’ll still end up winning first place, the Island Medallion, and an amount of credits (between 5โ€“60) depending on the difficulty level you chose in the beginning and how well you did in the games. Congratulations!

(Tip: If you ever want to play the challenges again, just talk to Jim Probably.)

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! โญ๏ธ


  • Reality TV: Wild Safari is Poptropica’s 51st island. It was released on July 22, 2019 on
  • Reality TV: Wild Safari was re-released for Steam on May 25, 2022.
  • Reality TV Island is based on the reality game show Survivor.
  • This island is a sequel to the original Reality TV Island, released in 2010.
  • In the base camp common room, you’ll find a board game named “Popmanji” buried among the dirt. That’s a reference to Jumanji, a movie series about players getting trapped in a game world.
  • Various Adinkra symbols from West Africa adorn the large tree on the first scene of the island. These include the adinkrahene, “chief of the Adinkra symbols,” and the dwennimmen, “ram’s horns.”
  • On the very right edge of the first scene, if you click on the zebra, he’ll run away and come back.
  • You can also shock the camera-woman next to the base camp by clicking on her. Unlike the zebra, she doesn’t return.
  • Some of the characters are parodies of famous people in real life. Examples include Shett and Blinked, based on YouTube comedians Rhett & Link; Torta Piccola, based on YouTube baker Rosanna Pansino; Bob Floss, based on painter Bob Ross; Baby Googoo, based on singer Lady Gaga; Shendiva, based on actress Zendaya; Bopbop, based on dancer Jojo Siwa; Amara Enorme, based on singer Ariana Grande; Brindi Bundee, based on animal conservationist Bindi Irwin; Kitten Whispers, based on cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy; Mandy Screams, based on YouTube personality Miranda Sings; Tesla Topsy, based on actress Tessa Thompson; and Kicker Halfpipe, based on snowboarder Chloe Kim.
  • Other opponents you may meet are characters from other islands. Examples include Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot; Omegon from PoptropiCon; Ringmaster Raven from Monster Carnival; Zeus, Hades, and Aphrodite from Mythology, and Scherazade from Arabian Nights.
  • Go down to the beach in the first scene and you’ll find a newspaper page in the sand with the headline “Washed Up” and a picture of Bucky Lucas, who won the Reality TV Island show many years before you came on the scene in the original Reality TV Island. Also, the newspaper is The Daily Paper, which is run from a headquarters on Super Power Island.
  • If you go to the top right branch of the tree and use silly strings while running off it, youโ€™ll get to see a monkey holding up a can of beans, parodying the iconic Simba-lifting scene from The Lion King.
  • In the bottom right corner of the common room, an angry Gollum-like character will appear and disappear.
  • The bottom left of the common room houses a woolly mammoth (an extinct animal) cased in ice.

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20 thoughts on “Reality TV: Wild Safari Island Guide”

  1. I found a nice easter egg: in the common room, on the second last floor you’ll find a board game called popmanji (from the film jumanji, where a board game traps players in it). Popmanji would make a pretty sweet island.

  2. I just wanna say that I played the island and had an opponent named Jack Styles. Would that be the same as Jack Neuron?

  3. Nice walkthrough! (Even though it’s not all that necessary considering how easy it is.)
    There are some easter eggs you might’ve missed, so here they are: : If you go to the top right branch of the tree and use silly strings while running off it, you’ll get to see a Lion King reference! : Go to the beach, and you can find a very small Bucky Lucas cameo! (Which is probably the only connection this island has to the first RTV, besides the name.) : Hop all the way to the bottom corner right corner of the common room. Wait for a second, and angry Gollum-like character will momentarily appear.

    1. Also, the amount of credits you receive in the end depends on the difficulty you chose, (“I’m a beginner” being easy, and “Watch me dominate!” being hard,) and your overall performance in the challenges.

  4. What the heck is happening?

    First, I have to be a subscriber to Cool Math Games in order to play (that’s a first for me).

    And WHERE DID ALL THE OTHER ISLANDS GO?!?!? Every island that isn’t an SUI is gone from the map.

    1. That didnโ€™t happen with me? I used chrome if that helps..

      Ya, the map thing happened to me as well, it also happens if you create a new account. But if I log onto poptropica on the actual website with my original account, the non-sui islands are still there (fortunately)

      There was also this weird thing with ads that happened with me. For some reason my ads never updated, and stayed on this galactic hot-dogs book thing . Until a few weeks ago when it finally changed for the first time in 2 years to the lion king.

      1. Well, I’ve been using this account for like 11 years (holey heck, that makes me feel old) and I’ve been using the offical website so I dunno. Hopefully it’s only temporary.

        Running around on SUIs just doesn’t feel as fluid and nice as the non SUIs. Heck I even made some tech moves in those (action options that require an input or two to perform).

  5. In the beginning of the game when the snake guy (or Jim Probably) asks you if you’re ready to play, you can either say:
    — “I’m a beginner” which is easy mode. All the characters get points lower than yours or a little bit more. Pretty much guaranteed that you going to win, but still try. Don’t play badly :/
    — “I’m ready to rock and roll” which is medium. All the characters play better. They give you a chance. But if you really try, you can win!
    — “Watch me dominate” is hard/challenging mode. This one really gives you a run for your money. You really, really have to play good to win. The characters are VERY difficult to beat, but you can do it!

    Also, I’d like to add that if you don’t win the show, they still give you a medallion. It’s a Poptropica thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I really wish they released it even though I’m not a member… and I don’t want to get a “free trial” cause of all that payment stuff… but it seems like all the islands are getting easier and easier… could it be from everybody leaving?

    1. I dunno about that, cause the fan base is still pretty strong, and Poptropica is still (somewhat) popular. It might be because Poptropica’s current dev team isn’t as big as it use to be. I mean, back then, there would be blog posts almost every weekday and a new island EVERY month, and mind you that the content they brought was pretty good and fun.

  7. The “Cheeta Run” is so dumb! The opponents get to jump magically ahead while you jump over the obstacles by several “feet” and still get to hit the dumb animal. Is this just me?

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