Super Power Island Guide


A giant meteor has crashed into the virtual world’s prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the Island. Only a true superhero can stop them and save the day.

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Released: July 26, 2008
Common Room: The Daily Paper
Preceded by: 24 Carrot Island
Succeeded by: Spy Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, & Trusty Biker

Introduction: Comic Shop

First, go to Super Power Island (if you are not already on it). Go inside the Comic Shop, and walk to the right until you see a person dressed like a nerd. Talk to him, and when you ask him who he is, he will introduce himself as Ned Noodlehead.


Ask Ned if he has anything other than comic books. He will give you an item called The Superhero’s Handbook which you can read if you go to your inventory and click on “Examine”.


Moving along, exit the Comic Shop.

All You Need to be a Superhero

Next, go inside the Masks & Capes building. Talk to the man on the left to obtain a Super Hero ID, which identifies you as an official superhero.


On the right, there are several superhero costumes to choose from. Clicking on one of the dummies dressed in a superhero costume will show a Costumizer window where you can choose to wear some of the superhero clothes.


Leave the Masks & Capes building, and go to the left until you have passed through the water and see a big green meteor. Talk to the prison warden, and he will give you Super Villain Files (which can be Examined).


Walk left and talk to the lady officer, who will give you a pair of Anti-Power Handcuffs.


Now move all the way to the right until you see a sign which says “Down Town.” Click the sign (or near it), and do it again on the street you appear at, and you should arrive downtown.

You will see a bank. The police officers nearby tell you that one of the escaped prisoners, Copy Cat, is inside the bank.


They’re having trouble catching her – that’s when you step in!

How to catch Copy Cat

Go inside the bank. Run over to the left, and Copy Cat will make duplicates of herself. The copies of her will each rush to a spot somewhere in the bank, and the last (real) Copy Cat drops a smoke bomb. (Because of the smoke, you will have to be quick to catch all the copies of Copy Cat, or else your character will run out of fresh air.) All you have to do is run into every copy of Copy Cat.


Most of the copies should be easy to reach, but there are two copies standing on the lamps, and they are hard to reach. To reach one of them, you must jump onto the gray circle, then jump on the ledge next to it (to the left of it), then from the ledge, jump to the light. Then, go back down to catch the others.


To catch the other one, jump onto the brown box with a glass window (on the right side), then jump on the ledge next to it (to the right of it), then from the ledge, jump to the light. After that, go down to catch the other copies. Ride the elevator (located on the right) up (by pressing the up arrows) to the second floor to catch more copies. The last copy should be Copy Cat, and when you run into her, you will use your Anti-Power Handcuffs and capture her.

A copy of The Daily Paper should appear after you defeat her saying that Copy Cat has been defeated.


After you capture Copy Cat, you will be transported back to the County Prison, where Copy Cat has been recaptured.

How to catch Speeding Spike

Now, go back to the Down Town area. Move all the way to the right until you see a “Subway” sign. Near the sign should be some stairs going downward. Click on the steps to go down. You will appear at the Subway Station. The police officers will tell you that Speeding Spike is in the subway train when you talk to them. Go to the right where you will see a train. Go inside by clicking on it.


Move all the way to the right until you see Speeding Spike, who is on the last train carriage. To catch him, you must avoid bumping into him as much as you can to tire him out. Lure him to the area where you started by getting close to him, then not letting him catch you when he tries to.

Eventually, as you keep jumping over him to avoid getting whacked, you and Spike will move from train carriage to train carriage until you are back at the train carriage you started on.

Spike will slip on the puddle of water. Walk up to him to handcuff him.


Again, a copy of The Daily Paper will appear saying that Speeding Spike had been caught. Close it, and you will be brought back to the County Prison, where you will see that Spike is back in jail.

spike paper

Go back to the Down Town area. From there, you can choose to fight three more villains: Crusher, Ratman, or Sir Rebral. You cannot fight Betty Jetty yet, because she is the last one. Here’s how to defeat the remaining villains:

How to catch Sir Rebral

Go to the City Park, which is on the left side of Down Town. It will show you where Sir Rebral is. (Fun fact: Sir Rebral’s name is a play on the word cerebral, a scientific word relating to the brain. Sir Rebral has telekinesis, the ability to move things with the mind.)


Walk around the City Park and look for the movable rock. It is gray and round. As you move around the City Park you will notice that the ground will occasionally fly up and might hit you.

Move the rock so that it is in a place where the ground will fly up at. Try to get the rock to fly up so that it hits Sir Rebral. If it doesn’t hit him, keep trying until it does. When he levitates rocks at you, you have to move behind him so that they hit him, and then, he raises the ground when it hits him so you move the rock under him and stand next to it so it hits him.


This may be a little tricky for some. You may need to get the swirling rocks around Sir Rebral to hit him, so that he’ll “get mad”, and THEN use the movable rock to hit him. When Sir Rebral is hit, walk over to him to handcuff him.


Again, a copy of The Daily Paper will appear saying that Sir Rebral has been caught.

rebral paper

Close it, and you will be brought back to the County Prison, where Rebral is back behind bars.

How to catch Ratman

Go to the City Park, and run left until you see a public restroom. Enter it, and go down the hole inside.


You will be brought to the sewer entrance. Move to the left until you see a red wheel. Turn it to start moving downwards. When the water stops, move to the right until you see some bricks.

Hop on them to find another red wheel. Click on it to turn it, and the water will go up again, but not completely to the top. Swim left and you should find a door you can enter through- enter it. You should now be in the Sewer Room. Try to avoid all the rats, as they will knock you over if you bump into them.

Jump up to the top right corner of the Sewer Room, where you should see a red wheel. Click on it to turn it, and it will sprinkle water over the Ratman and his flies. Ratman’s flies will leave him, but unfortunately, they will start following you!


Move quickly to avoid getting stung by the flies, because getting stung will knock you over, slowing you down. Quickly make your way to Ratman to handcuff him.


Once again, a copy of The Daily Paper will appear saying that the Ratman has been caught.

ratman caged

Close it, and you will be brought back to the County Prison, where Ratman is now caged.

How to catch Crusher

Go to the City Park, and move all the way to the left, where you will see a sign that says “Junkyard.” Click on the sign to go to the Junkyard. If you talk to the police officers at the Junkyard, they will tell you that they are having trouble catching the Crusher.

Jump onto the fence, then onto a few boxes and stuff above the fence, until you get to Crusher’s platform.


Try your best to avoid getting whacked, because if you do you will need to jump through everything all over again. From Crusher’s platform, jump onto some nearby red cans on the right side.

You will see a wooden tower-like thing above you. Jump as high as you can to the it, and keep jumping until you reach the top, where you will see a crane. Enter it, and you will be shown a Magnet Control panel. Drag the control’s lever to the other side, and you will see a can above Crusher drop on him.

magnet control

Then, just as you think you’ve beaten him, Crusher comes alive again, and this time, he’s throwing cans at you! Avoid getting hit by the cans as they will knock you over, slowing you down.

crusher can

Climb back up to the Magnet Control again, and drag the lever back to the other side. When you do, Crusher will be defeated. Walk over to him to handcuff him.


Again, a copy of The Daily Paper will appear, this time saying that the Crusher has been caught.


Close it, and you will be brought back to the County Prison, where Crusher is back behind bars.

I Believe I Can Fly

Now that you have defeated 5 villains, go talk to the retired superhero on top of The Daily Paper building on Main Street. He’ll tell you you’re ready for one more thing – which you’ll find in the phone booth.


Go back down and answer the ringing telephone by clicking on the phone booth. When you answer the phone, you will be granted the ability to fly!


This power lasts as long as you want, but it is only available on Super Power Island. To de-activate it, just click on the new “Flying” icon that appears at the bottom left corner of the gamescreen, and click it again to activate it again. When you feel you’re ready, follow the instructions below to defeat your last opponent, Betty Jetty!

How to catch Betty Jetty

Go up to the very top of the Skyscraper, which is in Down Town. She will fly away, and you must chase her. Make sure your flying power is activated!


Then, go and chase her through the skies! She will start throwing green energy orbs at you. There are basically three types of attacks, but it’s difficult to have a solid strategy for them. Just try your best to avoid them. If you’re hit 5 times, you have to start chasing her again.


These are the moves she pulls and the strategies for getting past each one:

  1. Singular orb attack: This is when she only throws one of the green balls. Generally, if you don’t move, the ball will just fly around wildly and eventually disappear. However, you’ll need to move if it gets too close at the beginning, or it’ll whack you.
  2. Line split: This is when there are about four orbs and they part to give an opening. You can try to fly through the opening or stick to the sides away from the rest of the orbs.
  3. One at a time tracers: This is when there are about four orbs, but they come at you one at a time. They will try to follow your movements and fly where you fly, so be careful! Try flying in an S shape to elude the attack, but don’t get hit.

When you are close enough to her, bump into Betty Jetty to capture her! When she is captured, Ned Noodlehead (the Comic Shop owner) will appear, and knock Betty over.


Again, walk over to the villain to apprehend her. A copy of The Daily Paper will appear saying that Betty Jetty had been caught. (Except this time, Ned Noodlehead gets all the glory! Injustice, I tell you!)


Close it, and you will be brought back to the County Prison, where you will see that she is safely back into her jail cell.

Claiming the reward

For all that hard work, you’ll want a reward, right? To claim it, go to the City Park, where you will see a hot dog stand. Talk to the hot dog seller, and then jump onto the hot dog cart to get a Hot Dog.

Go back to the Comic Shop, and talk to Ned Noodlehead. He will offer to trade his medallion (which was awarded to him because he’d knocked over Betty Jetty) for a hot dog. Accept the offer, and the hot dog will be given to him, and you will receive the Super Power Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. Congratulations!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Super Power Island is Poptropica’s 5th island. It was released on July 26, 2008 – the same day as the founding day of this Poptropica fansite you’re on, the Poptropica Help Blog!
  • Sir Rebral’s name is a play on the word cerebral, a scientific word relating to the brain. Sir Rebral has telekinesis, the ability to move things with his mind.
  • The word copycat refers to imitation, and Copy Cat is the name of one of the villains in this island.
  • Ned Noodlehead’s alter ego is Super Hot Dog Boy, as shown in the official Super Power comic. He is also seen posting on the Creators’ Blog as Comic Kid.
  • According to the Poptropica Adventures Nintendo DS game, Ned Noodlehead and Betty Jetty are siblings.
  • The island description, as well as some dialogue within the quest, refer to the object that collided into the prison as a “meteor.” This is technically inaccurate, as meteors are shooting stars. The correct term is meteorite.
  • Hazmat Hermit, the guy beside the County Prison meteorite, is also a Poptropica Creator alias.
  • The old superhero on top of The Daily Paper says, “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility,” after you’ve received the flying power. This is a reference to the famous line in Spider-Man.
  • Common room: The Daily Paper
  • Super Power Island is featured in Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS, along with Astro-Knights and Mythology.
  • The goofy glasses from Spy Island were a bonus item available for a limited time (around August 2008) in the sewers of Super Power Island.

with great power comes great responsibility


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      • cool fox says:

        betty jetty will be the last one captured because u have to be able to fly to capture her the phone will ring and you will get the power as long as you have at least the cape on and there will be a blue figure and the way you jump is the ay you fly just move your mouse up
        -cool fox says… LOL

  2. Scary Tomato says:

    Lil Bow Wow – Did you answer the telephone ring? If not, go back and read the steps above to find out how.

    If you did, look on the bottom left corner of the gamescreen. You should see a blue person in that corner. Click on it, and the blue person will have a yellow glow around it. When it has the glow, you can fly! 😀

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    Scary Tomato: I’m glad it was helpful. The reason I didn’t make a video was because there are already lots of them, especially on YouTube. However, there aren’t as many written guides, so I wrote them up for those who preferred to read rather than to watch. 😉

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      Betty Jetty is the hardest villain because you kind of have to develop your own strategy. The main way to beat her is to just keep trying, which is frustrating, I know, but just about anyone can do it if they try enough! Plus, think about how awesome it will be once you’ve beaten her and you get your medal and have beaten the island!

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        It easy. You have to stay on the side so you cant see your poptropican but avoid swirly plasma balls and the 4 that aim at you. I think Betty Jetty is one of the easiest and most fun villans you have to beat in some random way on super power island.

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      ratman is easy. jump on the first pipe you see that you can reach. then jump on the on that looks like a giant C. then jump on the closest upper left pipe and the upper middle pipe then turn the wheel then run to the left jump at the end of the pipe you are on the click on ratman. crusher: first talk to the 2 police. (if you want) then jump on the bunch of tires and avoid crushers jumps. climb the cranes steel bars and click on the lever. (dont worry! it wont start and spin round and round until you get sick and throw up. LOL)That will drop the refrigorator. Crusher will start throwing things. first he knocks you off the crane.(dont worry about this, either. your not going to land on a cloud or anything. but you wont bleed to death.LOL #2) then avoid the cans of oil he throughs. luckily, theres no bonfire that is going to start that you have to go all the way back to early poptropica for YOU to steal the water bucket to put it out. But use the crane the same way as the first time and pull it up.this will stun crusher and then you can handcuff him.
      ~~Muddy Penguin~~

  10. Scary Tomato says:

    Ben8088 – Read the instructions given in the guide, they should help. If it’s because Crusher always throws cans at you/shakes the place up, or because Ratman’s rats always knock you over, just keep trying. If you work hard enough, you can do it! 😀

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      This guide is fantastic! However, I feel like if you have any tips on the part when you have to leap from pipe to pipe, avoiding rats, please tell me because I am COMPLETELY stuck. If you honestly don’t know, thanks anyway. I have been trying to leap over the pipes with Ratman for about an hour and a half.

      Hijuyo: That part is covered in the guide, so you might want to re-read it. However, it might also help to have a visual guide, so you could try going onto YouTube and finding a video for it.

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    Snorkamaiden – Just try your best. If you work hard enough, you should be able to do it!

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    Sarah – I don’t know when the new islands will come, but they will come soon. Just be patient, these things take time to prepare! 😉

  17. Scary Tomato says:

    Busy Heart – If you can’t find one of the bonus items, the Poptropica Creators may have removed the bonus item. I mentioned on the blog that the sunglasses and trophy are now gone.

    If a bonus item is supposed to still be there, you’re probably in the wrong place. If you’re positive you’re in the right place, and you can’t find the item, then it has probably been removed.

    Also, please don’t type in all capital letters – it’s hard to read. And I’m not tricking anyone – even if the item is gone, I usually post a picture to indicate that it existed.

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    Smart Eye – Don’t worry, I’ll make a guide for Spy Island too. Remember it might take a while though, so don’t get too impatient! Also I understand that my battle ranking isn’t the best one, so I’m not too worried about it. I’ve never actually seen someone with all 5 stars filled in, though.

    Alyduchess – Thanks! If you’ve completed all the islands but you still want to play Poptropica, you can make new characters and have them do the island quests, or you can chat with and battle other players in multiplayer rooms! Or you can just hang out at your favorite place in Poptropica. There’s always something to do! 😀

    About your loading problem, sometimes Poptropica tends to take a long time to load something. If this happens, either your computer might have a problem (no offense meant), or maybe it’s Poptropica’s problem. If it’s taking too long, try closing Poptropica and then logging back in to try again. If you’re patient enough, you can wait for it to finish loading. (Hint: You can do other things while waiting.)

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    Scary Tomato: I suppose you can. If you do, make sure you give this blog the credit, and include the link ( to your document. Also, just curious, but why do you need to copy it if it’s right here? You don’t have to do any Internet searching because you’ve found the guide already.

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    Scary Tomato: Actually, that’s part of the process, not the first step. You do need to dodge the rocks, but he doesn’t “throw” them, he hypnotizes them (and the ground) to move. You use the moving ground and the movable rock to knock him.

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    Scary Tomato: You’re supposed to defeat all the criminals except Betty Jetty. Once you’ve done that, when you stand in front of the phone booth, you’ll see it ringing. Then you can answer the phone and be granted the power to fly.

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  34. Scary Tomato says:

    Bubbles – Move more to the right at the City Park. At some point, part of the ground will jump up.

    Also, you can only change your name by creating a new account. However, if you do that, it means starting all over again. If you really want to change your name very badly, then go for it! However, Young Hippo will stay as Young Hippo.

    • strange whale says:

      Also, for Bubbles, I had that same problem, that the ground wasn’t jumping. If the ground won’t jump, stand directly under Sir Rebrel, and jump straight up so you hit him. This will make him ‘mad’, and he’ll make the ground jump.

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    Scary Tomato: I don’t really think you beat it that many times, did you? 😉 I know you don’t have to get the superhero handbook, but it’s always better to have an extra item anyway. (You can read it…) And you don’t have to put quite so many exclamation marks… :mrgreen:

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    Scary Tomato: Sneaky Lion, I’m sorry, but this guide is as detailed as I can get. Read it again if you’re having trouble with the quest. If you still don’t understand, you can watch a video of it instead – there are plenty on YouTube. 😉

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    Dear scary tomato,

    Thats not what I meant, I was asking why
    my person cant change into the cat costume but my firt request didnt load completely, thats what I think happened. I read your guide and it was fasinating but I already beat the super power island before I read your guide. Can you please tell me in full detail why my peron cant have the cat costume , at least tell me what you know about the cat costume.

    Creepy Lion
    P.S. Please write back! You can also e-mail me at !

  38. green berry says:

    your guide is awesome!I used this one and the 23 carrot island one and i cound’nt have done it with out this guide! Thanks Scary Tomato!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Scary Tomato says:

    Creepy Lion/Sneaky Lion – Okay. The cat costume doesn’t come from Whiskers the cat. Unfortunately, nobody knows where it’s from. The only way to get it is through Costumizer in multiplayer rooms. Nobody knows where they were from originally. 😉

  40. Rachel says:

    hi st
    how are you
    when i captured betty jetty
    i went to ned noodlehead but he didnt have the medallion
    i tried going back to “the scene of the crime” but bothing helped
    what now

  41. Scary Tomato says:

    Sneaky Lion – You’re welcome! 😀

    Yellow Biker – I’m glad it helped, good luck with Betty Jetty! That part is a little tricky. 😛

    Rachel – Did you get a hot dog from the hot dog vendor at the City Park yet? 😉

  42. Bronze Comet says:

    OMG i can’t believe catching Jetty Betty should be so hard I took about 2x to do it again and again and….WHY DID NED NOODLEHED NEEDED TO BUMP HER??? I CAN BUMP HER MYSELF!

    Scary Tomato: Ned’s bumping Betty Jetty and being the hero is just part of the plot of the island’s story. It’s really nothing to fret about. 😛

  43. Rachel.S says:

    yes i did get the hotdog

    Scary Tomato: If you’re sure you have the hotdog (check your Inventory), go to Ned and ask him to trade his medallion for your hotdog. 😉

  44. Bony Dragon says:

    This is just an idea I had wih a friend, and I know that you’re not the creators of Poptropica so I’m just going to post it here and you can see if it would be a cool thing to happen in Poptropica. My idea is that once you catch a supervillain, you gain his/her powers. But you can only use one power at a time. For example, you can’t clone yourself like Copycat and then move stuff with your mind like Sir Rebral. And you can’t run super fast like Speeding Spike and shoot green balls and fly like Betty Jetty. But what you CAN do(I put the can in capitals because I couldn’t get them italic)is that when fighting Betty Jetty, you can use Crusher’s power and make Betty just fall right outta the sky. Sorry if this was the wrong website to put it on, and sorry for the long reply. P.S The guide was awesome!

    Codien: Thats a pretty cool idea. But we cant do anything about it.

  45. Jaime says:

    Um I kinda change my mind you know. For the Super Power Quest to catch Sir Rebral, you did not mention that you must try to make the controlled rocks hit Sir Rebral before you push the rock o the ground.

  46. Lakinzie says:

    Also, you forgot to mention about Sir Rebral is first you have to get close to him and make the rocks he’s making fly hit him so he gets mad. THEN you hit him with the big rock.

  47. kelsey says:

    thanks so much for this guide is helped me so much!!! but i am having so much hard time getting betty jetty its soo hard! i mean i dont think i can do it its to hard
    =[ but i know one of these days i will do it ur guide helped me sooo much thank u


    Scary Tomato: Thanks! I know you can do it – just keep working on it! Good luck! 🙂

  48. Sammi says:

    I can’t catch Speeding Spike! I can’t even get him to another train part before he knocks me over.
    How do I even get him to come after me? 😦

    Scary Tomato: To get him to come to you, you have to taunt him by running up to him. He will try to attack you, and then you must quickly dodge away. Slowly but surely, the taunting will start leading him to the train compartment you started on, he’ll slip on the puddle of water, and you’ll arrest him. 😛

  49. CoolNFunny says:

    I have a question.Where do we get the FLYING POWER?I don’t have it and i am not able to catch Betty Jetty.Please help me
    Help me find the Flying Power.where do i find it.plz tell ya

    Scary Tomato: Once you’ve defeated all the villains except Betty Jetty, click on the phone booth between the Masks & Capes building and Daily Paper building to get the flying power. For more information please read the guide. 🙂

  50. CoolNFunny says:

    i had the got the crow bar suddenly my internet connection got disconnect so when i went to poptropica when my internet started working i went to pop tropica i saw i dont have the crow bar in my items. plz help me

  51. Sleepy Cheetah says:

    This really helped me, I’ve gotten all but Betty Jetty done. She’s really a challenge! I found Speeding Spike to be the easiest, I started then five minutes later I was finished! Well, hope to see any of you around Poptropica someday! Just give me your names.

    (Mine is Sleepy Cheetah. I hang around that Soda Pop place in Early Poptropica a lot.)

  52. Scary Tomato says:

    CoolNFunny – Please don’t double post. Anyway, you’ll probably have to do that part again. Talk to Charlie to see where you’re at (if she gives you the crowbar, good; if she asks for her cat, go back to the carrot farm and chase the cat down but make sure you have the milk). 😉

    Sleepy Cheetah – Cool! I hope to see you someday in Poptropica. My name on Poptropica is Scary Tomato. 😀

  53. EmoBeanie says:

    Actually, I DID have to make Sir Rebral “mad” to get the ground to fly up. Thanks for all the great guides. They really help. =)

  54. david says:

    This help is awsome I’ve completed All the islands except Super power island.I’m on my second or third right about now.
    I’m on Betty Jetty right now (so is my little brother)She is really hard.
    ( jetty betty not my little bro)
    My poptropica name is Hungry Iscicle!!!
    I bon’t want to be a bother, so what else is there to do when your done with poptropica, i’m not done yet but seriously
    i’ll be bored with poptropica until the new islands come out.

    Scary Tomato: Cool, I hope to meet you in Poptropica someday – I’m Scary Tomato. If you’re looking for something to do after completing the islands, the mini games might be a good idea. 🙂

  55. Scary Tomato says:

    Dizzy Dragon – I don’t know if you HAVE to, but you can try doing all the steps except the dressing up. If the policeman at the Down Town sign won’t let you pass, then put on just one part of a superhero costume, like a cape. 😉

    Yes, you can call me S.T. 😛

  56. Fast Chicken says:

    Hi S.T! Catching the last prisoner is hard! I try and try but she keeps on hitting me with her green things! Do you have any advice?

    Scary Tomato: I know, it’s one of Super Power’s hardest parts. All you can do is fly away every time you see her shoot the green smoke. Sorry, I know it doesn’t help much, but good luck! 😉

  57. kiwininjababy says:

    Help! i can’t get past the guard on main street, and i have the superhero id and costume!

    Codien: Go left until you see some guards there. Talk to them first.

  58. CrazyBug24 says:

    OMG!! Thank u! (My brother had to help me w/ betty jetty). Great guide!!!
    Sammi– To catch speeding Spike is like jump rope. Taunt him (make sure you can jump/run)and flee; taunt him and flee, and so on.

  59. Dalton says:

    I cannot beat Jetty Betty! Every time I try, I lose! Any tips?

    Scary Tomato: The only way to defeat her is to avoid her green smoke and eventually catch up to her. I suggest watching closely, and as soon as you see some green coming out of Betty Jetty, fly to the opposite direction as fast as you can. 😉

  60. Sara says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for the guide, it is great! It is so good every once in a while to see a guide with NO spelling mistakes.
    I am still stuck on Betty Jetty, because I keep getting hit with her green stars. Any techniques that would allow me to avoid them! Thanks, Scary Tomato!

    Scary Tomato: Betty Jetty is hard, but you can do it – good luck! 😀

  61. RandomPerson says:

    Scary Tomato, I don’t like to correct you blog, but… I don’t think you should allow personal info. I heard abot a person who gave out personal info, got used to it, got invited to a movie by a COMPLETE stranger, and came back… no longer living. (The way she got back is to gory for younger readers)

    Scary Tomato: I understand your point, but it’s not really personal information to give out just your first name, age, and country, which I allow, since nobody can really track you down with just that information. I don’t allow giving out your full name, school, specific address and other detailed information though. It’s pretty safe here, don’t worry. 😉

  62. Lina says:

    You now whats funny? okay, the guy in the super power costume shop is a guy and his shirt is pink so i looked with a guy account and u cant get the shirt only with a girl! And (YUCK) the shirt comes with his chest hair! So if u are a girl and u customize him, you get the (EEWWW) chest hair!

  63. uknown says:

    do u hav to change ur suit i still want my suit!!!!!!!! plz answer thanks!

    Scary Tomato: Well, you can try and not change your costume… but if it doesn’t work, just wear a small part, like a cape. I don’t know if you really have to change your costume, though. 😉

  64. Becca says:

    I don’t understand!
    Every time i try to get Speedy Spike onto another train car, he just runs back to where he started. it’s soooo annoying!
    How do you get him to move down the train?

    Scary Tomato: You have to keep jumping around him to taunt him. It may be frustrating but it works out eventually. Try watching a YouTube video if you need a visual picture of it. 😉

  65. deznpj says:

    Hey Scary…
    Thanks for the awesome walktrhu…my kids were finally able to catch copycat because of your guide!! Once they caught her, they were on to Betty Jetty, as they had captured the other already!! Thanks again for the great write up!!
    -One Happy Papa

  66. Zany Storm says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough…I was annoyed with Ratman, but I really got frustrated with Betty Jetty. I’ll get her soon…I hope.

  67. super power says:

    commennt 61, IT IS fun to get extra items that you don;t need when your done with your island quest to get more items!!!

    Viking suit, Goggles, Printout, Blueprints, Coconut milk, shark fin, Code (If you already know it), Hot dog, Super hero handbook, Decoter kit, File “X” and 24 carrot password (Again, if you aldready know it!)

  68. Lucky Flipper says:

    U know how u said to get a hotdog from the cart at the park? r u talkin about the jumbo of hotdogs on the cart? And when i went to the comic store, Ned didnt have a medallion and he didnt seem to know that he knocked Betty Jetty! Is there some kind of glitch here or what?! 😦
    Sorry for the long question

    Scary Tomato: About the hotdog cart, yes it’s the one at City Park. Also, you need to complete the whole quest to earn your medallion. Follow the instructions above in order. 😉

  69. Lucky Flipper says:

    Scary Tomato, I beat the whole quest. I caught everybody, including Betty Jetty. As I said before, I got a hotdog from the cart. I talked to the hotdog guy again, but all he said was “Enjoy your hotdog”. Then I went to the scientists, but all that happen was me asking them about the villians. So I talked to Ned Noodlehead, but he didn’t have a medal and all the opitions didn’t have anything to do with trading. If you know what to do or just curious about what I’m talking about, then you can go on my account. Username: Jack11082
    Password: Jerkky

    Scary Tomato: I checked it out, and you’re right. I’m not sure what you can do, though. Maybe try clearing your cache (Q14 in the FAQ page)? 😉

    • strange whale says:

      You could also try going back up to the skyscraper. Maybe there was a glitch or something, and the game didn’t recognize that you beat Betty Jetty, so you may have to beat her again.
      Oh, and by the way, just because the guy gave you the hotdog, doesn’t mean you’ve actually beat Betty Jetty (again, like I said, the game might not realize you’ve beaten her). I got my hotdog before I beat any of the criminals.
      And (sorry this is so long, but I’ve got one more thing to say), are you sure you saved your game after you beat Betty Jetty? When I beat Crusher, I forgot to save and I just closed the window. I had to beat him again.

  70. Dawn says:

    I am on Ratman. So, I am ALMOST to the top (the last rat) & it doesn’t even TOUCH me & I fall!

    Scary Tomato: Be careful! It is a little tricky but you can do it. Good luck with the rest! 😉

  71. Lucky Flipper says:

    So I have to delete Tempory File and the cookies? Or is there something else? When I delete the Cookies and the Tempory File will I lose other stuff like items and medals from other islands? I hope that doesn’t happen, because I beat all the other Islands!! Can you expalin?

    Scary Tomato: It will not affect your Poptropica account, but it might make the game work better. No harm done. 😉

    • Josiah says:

      thats like the easiest part!!!make sure you go up the elevator all the way to the right and press only took my two tries

  72. NICE! says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa catching copy cat is hard

    Scary Tomato: Don’t worry, everyone can do it. Just keep trying and don’t give up! 😉

  73. Josiah says:

    what is the hot dog for?

    Scary Tomato: Please read the guide carefully. It’s for trading with Ned Noodlehead so that you can get the medallion and complete the quest. 😉

  74. Dotted Nose. says:

    I went into the subway to try and defete speeding spike, but he wasn’t there! please help me! :]

    Scary Tomato: Make sure you enter the subway train first, then run all the way to the right until you see Speeding Spike. 😉

  75. rinna. says:

    hey!i have a the maskes and capes shop,can you make the super hero outfits different,like,make them with different color?

    Scary Tomato: Unfortunately, no. The color they give on each costume are the only colors you can use. 😉

  76. juj25 says:

    this blog was great! i can’t beat betty jetty or jetty betty or whatever it is. everytime i get close i get hit with her green puffs. i defeated all the other villians with the help of this blog. thx!!

    Scary Tomato: Just try your best! 😉

  77. shanania says:

    i couldnt beat betty either! no matter how many times i try! i dodged her green things and i got really, really close to her, but i kept on falling down! otherwise this guide was great!

  78. Massive Dolphin says:

    I CANT defeat Crusher! He is hard! That is the last villian I have until I can be able to fly! Oh and why do you have to talk to the old superhero on the building once you have defeated 5 villains? Oh well!

    Scary Tomato: Please read the guide for info on defeating Crusher. Also, you have to talk to the old superhero to get the telephone to ring. Crusher may be challenging but it is not impossible! 😉

    • strange whale says:

      Actually, I didn’t have to talk to the retired superhero to get the telephone to ring. The telephone just rang after I defeated five criminals. But that might have been a glitch of something…

  79. Chocoholic says:

    Hi thanxx this site is awesome but defeating crusher is really hard but i love this site thanx soo much by the way how old are you??♥Im just kidding but seriously scary tomato r u old (as in over 20??)

    HI!!:P i keep commenting too much i just cant express hoe\w much i ADORE this site .I would not be able to do poptropica without it THANK YOU SCARY TOMATO YOU ROCK I ♥ YOU!!NOT …i barely know you(acctually i dont know u at all lol!!)

    Scary Tomato: Thanks, I’m glad this site is helpful too! As I’ve mentioned on the About page, I’m currently 12 years old. I wrote the guide when I was 11.

  80. Ginny says:

    heyy!!! Do you HAVE to wear the super-power clothes? I don’t usually, I love the clothes I’m wearing, so I dont EVER want to ruin it!

    Scary Tomato: I’m not sure, but try doing all the other steps and then going to Down Town and see if the policeman will let you pass. If not, go back and put on one of the heroic clothes. 😉

  81. Savannah says:

    Scary Tomatoe, when I go to super power island and go to the masks and capes shop and pick out a costume,the man just says:A SUPER HERO NEEDS A SUPER OUTFIT.THERE ARE PLENTY TO CHOOSE FROM even when I have one of the costumes on.What should I do?

    ST: He says that even if you’re wearing one of the costumes. You’re fine, don’t worry.

  82. Lucky Flipper says:

    Remember how i told u my username and passwrd so u culd help me of the super power island thingy? well now, lots of people go on my account and change my clothing! That really pisses me off, because some of the clothees took FOREVER to find and now somebody just goes on and changes my clothing! This happened over 30 times already! Would u please delete the comment i wrote that said my username and password? And for the people who think that they can do anything they want on my account, will u please, PLEASE, get off my account! And if u do go on, dont change my clothes! That really hurted me, because like i said, it took forever to get those clothes! So please get away and go on ur own account! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Yeah, that would hurt me if someone went on my own account, but you better watch out, because if too many people go on, you won’t be able to go on your account any more!

  83. C.J. says:

    i have just beat every island as of Sunday May 31 2009 these walkthroughs really helped i encourage everyone to use them 😀 (()):**

  84. little melon aka director melon aka shy crush says:

    The “Daily Paper” sign looks like a waffle, lol.
    Look closely.

  85. fierce rock says:

    you helped me so much i love poptropica i finished every island
    i cant wait till reality t.v. comes out on poptropica ITS NOT FAIR THAT NED NOODEL HEAD GETS THE METEL I DID ALL THE WORK 😦
    i hope there will be more islands coming out maybe they should be a island that you are under water and the mission is under water
    that will be fun
    anyway thank you for all your help

    sincerely a friend

    • strange whale says:

      An underwater island? That sounds really fun! Too bad you can’t send it to the Creators, since they haven’t released any contact info 😦
      Hey – what if the Creators had a contest for island ideas, and people could submit ideas, and then the Creators could narrow it down to the top three or something, and then Poptropica users could vote!

  86. Quick Star says:

    heyy thnx for ur help scary tomato! making this blog to help us poptropica players out was really nice and a very intelligent idea.=].

  87. C.J. says:

    hey everyone who needs 2 know if you have to change ur suit on super POWer YOU DON’T just continue the island after u get ur license 😀 and i have to say this i ❤ this game the rockstar outfit is awesome thanks for all your help scary tomato =) 🙂 u rock

  88. Spotted Sun says:

    Hi Scary Tomato,

    That was a great guide but i just cant get betty jetty! and shes driving me mad!!! I have finished everything except for this one! Its too hard, I give up, I surrender!!

    I hope your happy betty jetty…. 😡

    ST: Keep trying; you’ll eventually defeat her! Just avoid the green stuff she throws out. 😉

  89. Neat Dragon says:

    Yeah, kalli is probably right. I mean, personally, what did you expect? People to just go on your account and do nothing? It wasn’t such a good idea and ST didnt seem to answer to the comment…

  90. Speedy Tiger says:

    I had loads of trouble with Crusher. But here’s a tip, on the second round, jump up under him as he’s throwing a barrel and you’ll get on his platform and be able to reach the crane MUCH faster.;)

  91. Emma says:

    It’s so stupid how he want’s to trade it all away for a hot dog. but, sence we get the madalean, dosn’t matter. But that would of been a good one. My sister is a big fan of this website and ofcourse poptropica. 🙂

  92. hannahcat says:

    actually, to defeat Sir Rebral first, you know how he tries to hit you with that flying rock when you get there, you have to jump near him and make the flying rock hit him first. then the ground will start popping up…

  93. alexstarfirix says:

    Hello Scary Tomato or Hijuyo or whoever sees this first,
    I’ve had a lot of help completing Poptropica islands with this site, thanks for all the excellent work done.
    I’ve just one teeny problem: Betty Jetty. I flown after her for around half an hour now, and I keep on getting thrown back because of them little green fuzzy balls she throws. Does the arrangement have anyhting to do with the agility of the missile? I’ve noticed that when they’re in a horizontal line formation they tend to go pretty haphazardly and are very easy to dodge and when they’re in a 4×4 formation they’re somewhat agile (then you can fly in an S shape, as everybody who completed this island knows) but when just one is there it arcs around, follows you and almost always hits you. Any ways to dodge it?
    – Alex Starfirix
    also known as Blue Crush

    P.S. Hope you aren’t annoyed that I’ve been talking like an Air Force general in the last paragraph,I have the tendency to go off like that. I’m the class ‘stay-away-from-me-or-get-hurt’ so I guess it figures.
    P.P.S. I only hurt people on my blacklist; don’t worry. And people who help me very often aren’t necessarily blacklisted. And ‘hurting’ in this context is mostly verbal. No foul language, just hurtful comments. Sarcasm, snideness, that sort of stuff. And I do talk like this in real life

  94. nicekitty101 says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  95. Icy Turtle says:

    Hi Hijuyo. I’m actually proud because you help alot of kids and teenagers!
    I’m new to poptropica. I started 02\11\10.
    I am 8 years old.

    Your fan\friend,
    Icy Turtle

  96. Golden Shell says:

    At least Ned Noodlehead doesn’t claim ALL the glory……in a newspaper you see that he says that he couldn’t have done it without the help of another superhero, so he’s basically saying that you’re his faithful sidekick or something……but then WHY THE HECK did he say, when he knocks Betty Jetty over, “Your faithful sidekick has arrived!” Which means that HE’S your faithful sidekick……….this is soooo confusing…

  97. Golden Shell says:

    Oh, and on another note, Scary Tomato or Codien or whoever sees this first, how do you figure out how to beat an island? Do you just mess around on it until you solve it or something? Thanks.

    Hijuyo: In a way, yes. The rest of the Poptropica Help community is also great with providing news and tips for islands. 🙂

  98. wild sun says:

    See I thought that all of them were easy just because I read this, but Betty Jetty took me a while though but I wouldn’t finished without the guideAnd I have not even finished that island for 3 years!Love, Wild Sun

    • strange whale says:

      yes, it helped me a lot (especially with the tips on how to defeat the villains)!
      but i have some more tips on how to beat sir rebrel .

      When you go to the location he is in, it will show you him. Walk to the right (try to avoid the rocks he throws, it’s tough because they follow you but if they hit you it’s okay nothing bad happens) until you see a slightly larger rock (the rock is to your right of sir rebrel). Push the rock over so that you and the rock are directly beneath sir rebrel. Then, jump up so you hit sir rebrel. he will get mad, and the ground will start jumping up. That’s okay, it’s supposed to happen, it won’t hurt you. Just like sir rebrel’s rocks, the jumping ground follows you. Stay where you are, directly beneath sir rebrel, and when the ground jumps, the rock will go flying and hit sir rebrel. If it doesn’t, move the rock over a bit. Once sir rebrel is hit, walk over to him and click on him to arrest him. The newspaper will come up, and when you click ‘close’ to close the newspaper you will be transported to the jail and it will show you that sir rebrel is in jail.
      I hope these tips help you to beat the island!

      • strange whale says:

        here are more tips, for how to beat ratman .
        When you are in the room below the public toilets, the room with the two wheels, and you click the first wheel to make the water go down and then click another wheel to make the water go up a little, you have to press the second wheel twice.

  99. i rock and well....i dont says:

    This is the 2nd easiest island,and without the guide i’d never do it!Thanx so much Hijuyo!

  100. Smart Comet says:

    Thank You for the wonderful guide. A friend showed it to me a year ago and scince then ive beaten 7 islands in 1 week! I am not sure how i lived without this blog.
    Keep Blogging,
    Smart Comet

  101. DangerousDragon says:

    This island is cool and so easy! I like where you capture Copy Cat! It’s so easy capturing her. Thank you Hijuyo. I love your blog! You’re the best!

  102. Messy Bee says:

    Ned is so stupid. A solid-gold medallion for a hot dog? He really can’t be that stupid. I WANT TO HOLD A PRETZEL!!!!!!!!!!!! D:>

  103. Marielez says:

    Ratman,Crusher and Speeding Spike are too hard!Wonder if you would experience them and one day,you might capture them.Betty Jetty seems beautiful,but since she’s a criminal,BEWARE!

    • Prickly Dolphin says:

      Hey guys, I got 2 glitches for you. One use your Nabooti cell phone and dial 911 and you will get a police hat. Cool eh? The next glitch is to get the robbery bag but its a toy bag. Use your Nabooti cell phone again and dial 1225 and you will look like Santa. Tip: You can use the toy bag as a bank robbery bag full of money. Its like you are robbing the bank.

  104. butteryfly200 says:

    wow!!!! this really helped me alot!! thanks!! i hope u can post more up!!!! poptropica us hard!!!! thanks this info. helped me alot!!!! 🙂

  105. Alexis says:

    I am on Betty and she is sooo HARD i cant get her at all. why cant i just get her when she is close . they should have a helper that distractes her or something. 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  106. Icy Skull says:

    i think that this is the hardest island on poptropica!!!!! there are so many complicated things to do while other islands i have finished in about ten to twenty minutes like 24 carrot island

  107. FEARLESS OWL says:

    omg the early poptropica one is the easiest.but the boss levels here and on 24 carrot island are the easiest

  108. justadoo444 says:

    New TRON ad with Light Cycle & Light Disk games
    Found 1st on Super Power
    Rewards Renegade Outfit, Light Disk, & Light Cycle
    Light Disk Game: Simply hit your opponent with the Disk by clicking.
    Light Cycle: Click & Hold Mouse & Move it Left & Right to avoid Guards & Hurdles(You Can’t Jump!).

  109. perfecthamburger says:

    I really cant do Sir Rebrels Bit. Its so confusing, ive moved the rock but the little rock still comes up and hits me *not taking the movable rock with it*

  110. Smart Owl says:

    HELP!!! I finished every villain except for Betty Jetty. I get the flying ability, but when I tried to go down town to defeat her, the policeman said I couldn’t go through. He said the professor had something for me. I go back, but she says the same thing. I check my inventory to see if the handcuffs are still there, BUT THEY WEREN’T!!!! HELP!!!!

    • Fuzzy-B says:

      It could just be a minor glitch, just log out and wait a little while and log back in. If it is still not working after you log back in then you will probably have to restart the island.

    • Samwow5 says:

      Move the rock so that it is in a place where the ground will fly up at. Try to get the rock to fly up so that it hits Sir Rebral. If it doesn’t hit him, keep trying until it does. This may be a little tricky for some of you. Some say that you may need to get the swirling rocks around Sir Rebral to hit him, so that he’ll “get mad”, and THEN use the movable rock to hit him. When Sir Rebral is hit, walk over to him to handcuff him.

  111. cool bite(NET-GEAR ZERO) says:

    HEY, A GLITCH. I found a glitch.

    go in the water and use you fly power and fly straight with you feet of body in the water and when you hit main street go down you are on the road you can’t see your Poptropican cuz its in the road.

  112. Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer says:

    Did you know that there’s an old superhero on top of the Daily Paper Building? The policewoman on main street told me so! Before you can fly,you have to take a ride on the bench lift thingy. There are different things to talk at different times,which are: before starting the island,after getting the ID,just before getting your flying power (turns out he gave you it!),after you get the flying power,and after defeating Betty Jetty and finishing the island.

  113. donutcupcakes says:

    You guys arre wrong about speedy spike. You don’t tire him out, you lure him to the first car so that he can trip on the wet floor sign.

    Slanted Fish: You do have to avoid bumping into him, though.

  114. donutcupcakes says:

    Also, you’re wrong about Sir Rebral. First, when he levitates rocks at you, you have to move behind him so that they hit him, and then, he raises the ground when it hits him so you move the rock under him and stand next to it so it hits him.

    Slanted Fish: The guide wasn’t “wrong,” as it has helped many people, but I’ve added your tip in as well to improve it.

  115. junkfood87 says:

    I need help in mainstreet when you have 2 go to downtown the police keeps on stoping me even though I have my id

  116. anomyus says:

    so helpful…but i got confused when you said go to the junkyard go all the way left..its right..not to knight pick but thnks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much

  117. jenna says:

    great guide for a great island, but is there anyway to take off the clothes you have to wear for this?

    Slanted Fish: Click on the green shirt button at the top and pick any character, then click on your clothes you want to remove and click Accept.

  118. Thirsty Wolf says:

    Please help me! I can’t get through Ratman’s flies(bees?). I can pass the rats easily and jump on the pipes and stuff, I just can’t get through that wall of evil bugs!

    Slanted Fish: You’ll need to wait for the flies to go away from the area you want to move to before moving, but be quick about it. 🙂

    • bella says:

      if you go on youtube type in poptropica super power island walkthrough and one of the videos is by thinknoodles (i know it sounds funny but it really works) and the walkthrough really helped me and millions of other people 🙂

  119. face thin says:

    Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Spending some
    time and actual effort to generate a superb article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and don’t seem to get
    nearly anything done.

  120. Susan Peytonatorღ says:

    The man officer in front of the bank has a soft pretzel, and I’m just like “WHY DO YOU HAVE A PRETZEL, THIS IS NO TIME FOR EATING”

  121. Silver Bubbles says:

    This island was awesome! Flying is so fun, I kept doing it for like 10 minutes. Thanks Slanted Fish and the rest.

  122. Fierce Owl says:

    I think it saves time if you get the hot dog before battling Sir Rebral, because you’re there anyway and when it’s time for you to get the medallion you’ll already have it, not have to go back for it!

  123. bella says:

    i noticed that some people still can’t figure out how to complete the island and if you go on Youtube type in Poptropica super power island walkthrough and there will be a video with stars on the side of the title of the video and it is by thinknoodles and it has helped millions of people and i hope it helps the people that are still having trouble!

  124. red lizard/happy berry/moody tuna /brian/poptropica rules! says:

    lava boys, huh? in poptropi-con, it has lava twins. they look so much alike!

  125. AydenSchrader says:

    amazing finished in 30 minutes instead of 30 days lol thx for they dedication and detailed writing of these walkthroughs

  126. QStar272 aka Short Lobster says:

    i noticed that when i talked to the old superhero guy, he said the same thing as Spongebob said to Patrick in one of the episodes. 😀

  127. Prickly Catfish says:

    Tip: Don’t just keep following Betty Jetty, you eventually have to bump into her.
    Made the mistake of spending 10 minutes retrying expecting some cutscene to play before I tried bumping into her after several waves of those green bullet things.

    ‘Thanks to you, Sir Rebral is behind bars’
    ‘Thanks to you, Crusher is behind bars’
    ‘Thanks to you, Copy Cat is behind bars’
    ‘Thanks to you, Ratman is behind bars’
    ‘Thanks to you, Speeding spike is behind bars’

    Ned Noodlehead pushes Betty Jetty.
    “I gave the medalion to Ned Noodlehead”

    Honestly. They had a good joke potential, but horribly implemented. I mean how stupid…?
    It’d honestly be funny if they made it like, Ned went on several breaks, and happened to be like a bystander in each villain’s defeat (i.e. Ned eating pretzels with the cops whilst you defeat the villain, and he winds up in the shot somehow)
    All I got from that ending was “We are a city of jerks.”

    But… I got my medal now so time to leave that island in the dirt.

    • Super Club says:

      I understand completely! and felt the same way! But you can’t blame Ned for this… the newspaper reads, “Ned Noodlehead saves the day! ‘I couldn’t have done it without the help of another hero.’ Noodlehead says.” They can’t specify who because all Poptropicans have different names! Glad I read this, though; puts me a little more at ease! 😉 XD

  128. Farheen says:

    this is a good guide, but u could specify things a bit clearer. ignore people who say this is terrible, because it isnt!!! just because i didnt finish it doesnt mean i should give up!

  129. Super Club says:

    For those struggling with Betty Jetty: Stay on the side, hidden from view, for about eight shots. As soon as BJ’s orbs are about to leave the screen, fly out and hit her (I hid in the bottom left corner) to defeat her. Good luck and I hope this helps! I created a second account because I was about to finish all islands on my old one and came back to this island. I forgot how fun it was!
    To PHB editors/authors: You may want to add this into the guide as a tip! And I love this guide. I stopped using it a little while ago so I could accomplish islands on my own. I could only do so because PHB gave my a feel and rhythm to how islands work. Could I ever become an author or guest post on this? It’s my dream! Thanks guys, I love you!

    slantedfish: The thing is, her orbs can still sense where you are even if you’re off-screen, but that might still lessen your chances of being hit. Also, if you have any guest post ideas, feel free to contact us! 🙂

  130. Poptropican says:

    Hi! Um, Scary Tomato, sort of off topic… Well two things, first, some of these comments were commented before I was born and second, My avatar is messed up with closed eyes and I cant customize. Do you know how to fix? Thx, threemonkeys5

    Oh, wait none of the comments were before I was born

    slantedfish: Try Ctrl + Shift + R to randomize your character (note: this changes your entire appearance). Also, time still existed before you were born… 😛

  131. Marge says:

    I just started playing this game again, and I had no idea how to play this island and this really helped me!! Thanks!!

  132. Shiny Spinner says:

    Thanks for the Walkthrough. I can’t get past Sir Rebral though! It’s really tricky. But I finally figured it out. thanks!

  133. modicitus says:

    The island keeps glitching! for example no matter what i try, the game wont let me go down town. Also every time i try to where a mask, it just gives me weird hair, but my cloths usually stay the same. What’s wrong?

  134. Vanessa says:

    The police officer won’t let me pass to go and talk to the scientist and warden. he keeps saying the exact same thing when i want to go right. 😡

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