Spy Island

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A new sinister menace has been discovered by Poptropica’s three top spies, but now the spies have vanished! You will need the skills of a cunning spy to rescue them and discover all the clues of the online virtual world, Spy Island. Get ready for gadgets, sneaky moves, and hair-raising adventures!

Spy Island


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Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for Spy Island, click on the word Guide at the top of this page.

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94 thoughts on “Spy Island

  1. Slanted Fish says:

    A new sinister menace has been discovered by Poptropica’s three top spies, but now the spies have vanished! You will need the skills of a cunning spy to rescue them and discover all the clues. Get ready for gadgets, sneaky moves, and hair raising adventures!

    Discuss Spy Island here!

  2. Bronze Comet says:

    Ok i dont seem to get the 2nd spy!!! and i always climb up and up and up im near but i always fall is there a glitch to get there?????? I mean its so so HARD! and i followed the guide 🙂

    Scary Tomato: I don’t think there are any glitches there. If this guide doesn’t help, the best thing to do would be to watch a (YouTube) video to show you how to do the part you’re stuck on. Good luck! 😉

  3. Bronze Comet says:

    It stil didnt help! it was better if they allowed the super powers from Super Power to Spy Island then i could fly all the way up and not mess up.

    Scary Tomato: You mean the windows? I agree that part is a little difficult. The windows turn on this yellow light every few seconds, and if you are on the window when the light is on, you will be thrown off. So, for that part you do need to move quickly. Good luck! 😛

  4. Bronze Comet says:

    B-but it was and the part that i was close the top (attic) the lasers flashed and docked me over and i tried to jump high but flashed again!

    Scary Tomato: I know, it happened to me too. It’s very frustrating because it’s so easy to fall off. Just do your best and you’ll eventually make it. 😛

  5. Bronze Comet says:

    Thanks Scary Tomato! I got the second spy free…..So is the third one! Now all i got to do is STOP DIRECTOR D.! but i had enough adventure for today and my heart is pounding hard because while catching the 3rd one i was nervous but now im scared isn’t it a bit terrefiying fighting the D-director?? 😦

    Scary Tomato: Remember you can try as many times as you like to defeat him, so don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first time! I know you can do it, good luck! 😛

  6. Director Comet (Bronze Comet) says:

    The girl spy out side is still saying “Well done,but remember a spy’s work is never done” what does that mean Director D. will seek his revenge???

    Scary Tomato: I’m not sure what it means. 😐

  7. Director Comet (Bronze Comet) says:

    Gulp! This makes me really wanna cry 😥 But Director D. was nice too 😥 when i set the security system off he did help right? 😥 sniff!BUT HE WAS REAL BAD!!!Wah!! 😥 😥 (but when he has his toupee his kinda cute too 😆 ) but his still nice 😥 😥 😥

    Scary Tomato: Don’t worry – Director D. being the bad guy was just part of the story plot. 😉

  8. super thunder says:

    the first time i played spy island i had no idea how to get the ivisible suit. but then a friend told me when you do the eye chart you have to every thing back words.but it was easy geting up past the lamps. but the last spy was so hard i kept on messing up.but one day i got it.but the codes were even harder.it took me 10 days to see the codes.to see the codes put all the papers in a stack.the codes are laser hair and removoval.then director d gets in a battle with you.frst he sends flying robots at you.you need to get them on the yellow balls.then he shoots lasers at you. they make your hair go away.but it comes back.and then you need to go up to the ceiling.then he gives up.and thats how you win it.have fun playing it.

  9. ludovic says:

    what is the pass code for spy ilnd it is not lazer hair removal I need ur help please

    Scary Tomato: It’s laser hair removal, with an “s” in laser, not a “z”. 😉

  10. Director Comet (Bronze Comet) says:

    Grrr how i hate that File X it said on the 2nd stansa “The ageny’s director is reliable,honest,trustworthy & upstanding man,He alone can save Poptropica.Trust him with your life.” He alone eh? Well ill show Director D. that “I” was the one who saved the Poptropicans life! And he is not a trust worthy and honest man he even started all the sacrifices that i made just for the lives for Poptropicans!

  11. incredible panda says:

    when i went to spy island where the B.A.D. agent is, i was in my invisible suit.then i clicked at the agent. and then i saw a battle and a chat section. i can only chat to him but not when we play games. is this some kind of glitch or something? sorry if i’m off topic but i really want a answer.

    Scary Tomato: Yes, it’s a glitch… that’s only supposed to happen in multiplayer rooms. 😯

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Apparently, he lives by the ocean and the thing that scares him the most is being stuck in elementary school forever, and also he doesn’t think he is aloud to drive. I tried the glitch to! 😉

  12. little melon says:

    Bronze Comet,
    There used to be a flying cheat that made you fly. But then it got removed.
    Little melon aka Magical Hamburger aka Thirsty rider

  13. Fearless Paw says:

    Here are two possible glitches on Spy island:

    1. Put on your grappling bow tie and jump to the top of the Spy headquarters. Then jump on the telophone as high as possible and shoot the bow tie down. You should be able to walk in the street!
    Note: This is not currently possible as there is the Disney advertisement in the way. When there are not any advertisements, this is possible.

    2. When in the inside room of the Bad Control Center, there is actually a way to defeat the director more easily.

    When a minibot is released, open up your inventory, then close it. The minibot will be frozen in midair. Do it again to unfreeze it.

  14. Mad Leaf says:

    You don’t really spy on Spy Island, all you do is rescue three agents. Why don’t you spy?
    You know how there’s BAD guys and a BAD Bistro, why aren’t there GOOD guys and a GOOD Bistro?
    🙂 spyislandspyislandspyislandspyisland iluv spyisland
    spying rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Scary Tomato: I didn’t make the island, so I wouldn’t know. But those are good questions! 🙂

    • Hmmm says:

      There ARE good guys,including the 3 spies you have to rescue.They give you the itms needed to defeat Director D as well as clues to the password of the teleporter.

  15. trusty cloud says:

    Hello! this is my first time to this website(that means if any other name was written, that wasn’t me) this place rocks!

  16. Wire says:

    Hey! I found a cool glitch on Spy Island. You know the headquarters? Well, jump up to the top of that until you see a guy crouching down. There’s this high wire next to him. Before you go on it, put on the grapple bowtie. Jump onto the high wire, then aim the grappling hook straight down. It should bring you and the wire down. If you jump back up, you’ll get catapulted up. But if you walk to the right long enough, it should go back and you should be walking IN the street.

  17. Lola says:

    Spy Island was so fuh but way hard I got stuck at the end a lot. I found out that you get the mini bots to shock the yellow balls. Then get the bad guy to crash his ship trying to get you then you will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nervous Paw says:

    I hate trying to get past the agents, even in the suit! But Directer D. was all like “I’m gonna make people bald and ugly.” And everyone else was like “OH NO YOU AN’T!” haha. Thank you for the walkthroughs an’ stuff!

  19. spencerjamesd says:

    ha ha ha there is an awesome thing on spy. go to the place were the 2nd spy is. then when you on the bouncy ball put on you bow tie. shoot it down then the ball will explode!! if it doesn’t work keep on trying.

  20. poptropicakid#1 says:

    poptropica help blog i have some things to say your blog has helped so many people icluding me i know you havnt heard from me for me for a long time but im back……YOU BLOG ROCKS (aduiance claps)

  21. Portland says:

    Hello I am Portland. I really need help on Spy Island. I need to know if B.A.D. agents can zap your hair. I know stupid Director D. does, but do agents? I am scared! And Calm Spinner, I am with you, do not trust Director D. even though I haven’t started this island.

    ST: No, don’t worry, nobody in Poptropica can zap another player’s hair away. The zapped people you see on Spy Island are computer-generated people. 😉

  22. maddiemay9/7/97 says:

    im so adicted to poptropica! i feel that i could do a balkflip onto my roof! im on poptropica at all times!

  23. bonyraptor says:

    on my potropica, the chameleon suit dosent disappear, but the B.A.D. agents dont attack me. has this hapened to antone else?

  24. Shiny Star says:

    I love Spy island!
    I just figured out a glitch in spy!!!

    Go to the top of the HQ until you see a guy crouching down. Stand on top of a platform and click on him. You will start tapping on the platform. Now press the left button on your mouse. Don’t let it go until you see your character on the road instead of the sidewalk. I figured this out by myself. 🙂

  25. clubpenguin4607 says:

    How Spy Island was formed:

    Three spies detected things everywhere in Poptropica to make sure it was safe. Alot of poptropicans got creeped out so they asked them to make their own Poptropica. The spies were angry and meet Director D. Director D had an idea. “If I can make an isaldn appear I can get rid of theese spies” Directer D mumbled to himself. So he pressed a button and an island formed right underneath them! Director D quickly grabbed the three spies and hid them. When the poptropicans came to the island they figured there was a building on the island already! They built more while people has said they’re hair has mysterioulsy disappeared…

  26. coolperson694 says:

    i found a glitch with the wire above the hq. wear the bowtie and bounce on the wire and shoot the tie straight down and you’ll be walking below the street at the very bottom of the screen!

  27. Popular Cloud says:

    When the girl says “A spy’s work is never done,” I hope she means there will be a mini quest or something with Director D. 😀

  28. Orange coyote says:

    Yeah I tried all the other islands (I have only two more left to solve) and spy is my favorite. Omg guyys Shark tooth was so easy that I didn’t think it was fun at all. Thanks to all the people that made video walkthroughs, I was able to finish almost all the islands.

  29. Allison says:

    This is weird. I defeated the island, and i came back wearing the medallion. But director d was free, and peoples hair was still disappearing. so i did the last part of the island and got the credits and a second medallion. wow!

  30. Prickly Dolphin says:

    Sarbear, in case you haven’t notice, you are posting in the wrong section. Just telling ya! This is the Spy Island guide.

  31. Dr. Hare's Assitant says:

    What does Director D say at the end? I want to make a poptropica rage comic (^_^)

    Hijuyo: The last video of the Spy Island Guide playlist (click “Videos” above) should have the scene and quote. 🙂

  32. Yellow Comet says:

    The largest dog in the BAD hideout on the docks is called Fluffy; perhaps a reference to Harry Potter, where the large three-headed dog who hides in the castle is called Fluffy?

  33. mip says:

    COOL TRASH CAN HAT!!! On Spy Island, go to the docks. Go a little to the left and you’ll see a guy hiding behind some trashcans. Coustumize him and you can get his trash can hat! ENJOY!

  34. roxy7132280 says:

    OMG I LOVE Poptropica!!!!

    You know how on main street you can go on that website to
    get the Galactic Hot Dog stuff? I did, so I tried on that robot suit and
    I couldn’t take it off! I managed to when I got a ipad in the game,
    but half of the robot suit is on me! Someone help me, I don’t want to
    look like a robot on my 1st account!!! 😦

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