Spy Island

Spy Island is coming soon!

There will be a new island coming soon – Spy Island! Here is the description from Poptropica:

A new sinister menace has been discovered by Poptropica’s three top spies, but now the spies have vanished! You will need the skills of a cunning spy to rescue them and discover all the clues. Get ready for gadgets, sneaky moves, and hair raising adventures!

If you’d like to see the description and a few images of the upcoming island, click here.

Also, an image of Spy Island with the words “Coming Soon” on it can be seen next to all the other islands on the map that shows up by going to the blimp on Poptropica.

54 thoughts on “Spy Island is coming soon!”

  1. This looks like a really interesting island.

    Some speculation would be to say that maybe there is a disguise store. You can see it on the right. I can’t see what the name is, though.

    Also, the middle building appears to be the headquarters for the agents because it says HQ.

    I have absolutely nothing to say about the meatball. o_o I have no idea what spaghetti and meatballs have anything to do with agents.

    1. Wow. I just realized that this was my first comment on the PHB! =D We have sure come a long way. o_o

  2. Spy Island is about missing agent! i do not know what a meat ball does with agents? but it is rumerd to come ot augest 1 or 4. and if it does come out till then, we will see what a meat ball does with agents.

  3. Well, it’s August 2nd now. So, I dunno. That would be cool if it came out on the 4th, though. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Thanks for commenting guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

    But I’ve had to delete comments saying what the date was and shouldn’t Spy Island be here yet. Please don’t make comments like these. Remember, I haven’t promised anything about when Spy Island is coming out. All we know is that it’s “coming soon”.

    For people who are giving exact dates for Spy Island’s release, you shouldn’t use them as a resource. More than likely they are just spreading a rumor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I luv poptropica and hopes that the new is coming soon. Can someone tell me what month its coming out? august is almost over and it still never came out yet. And which month is choose your own adventure island coming out? anyways, poptropica is great and fun. GO POPTROPICA ๐Ÿ˜€

    Scary Tomato: No one knows when Spy Island’s coming out, though there are plenty of rumors (most guaranteed to be false). Nobody knows when Choose Your Own Adventure Island is coming either. We do know they will definitely be coming to Poptropica sometime soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. what are the faces for beside the coments?

    Scary Tomato: Those are you avatars. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone’s is different.

  7. Scarry tomato, poptropica is so fun, and I can’t wait till spy island comes out. I hope it is realy, realy, realy soon![pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease]

  8. Ha Ha Ha a meat ball, you should add a person who is hunry on spy island and you get him to eat the meat ball. or get tons of cats to eat it, idk, lol, Ha!

  9. i just cant wait any longer scary tamato do you have any idea when spy island will be coming out by the way ive been waiting since july and still no spy island by the way is there any more sneek peeks all the ones that weve already seen are so booring!

  10. Can you people be a little patient? o_o Geez.

    Nobody except the Poptropica team knows when Spy Island is released. Scary Tomato is just a normal Poptropican. He doesn’t work for Poptropica.


    Scary Tomato can’t help that the sneak peeks are “boring”. If you are only looking at this blog for the sneak peeks, then you are REALLY messed up in the head. Have you ever heard of the official Poptropica blog? That’s where the sneak peeks come from. Scary Tomato simply posts them here so we can comment on them. If you really want to stay up-to-date, bookmark/favorite Scary Tomato’s blog AND the official blog.

    You people drive me insane. -.-“

  11. I decided to copy a part of the blog to here so here it is. SPY ISLAND UPDATE:
    We know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the release of Spy Island, and so are we! We are adding some cool and exciting features that we think you will really enjoy.

  12. Hi guys! luv poptropica. How do you get that golden cup? I think its like one of the prize things like the sunglasses and the wierd face disguise thing with the nose and the glasses. Is it? GO POPTROPICA! I keep on checking everyday if the new islands out yet. Im like, so exited! I wish there was a new island coming out every week or every day instead of every few months. HURRY UP POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!! soon is not enough ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. Coolbeuty – Yes, the golden cup was one of the bonus items. It is not available anymore, though. However, you can read about it here: https://poptropica.wordpress.com/nims-island-and-trophy-bonus.

    Also, make sure you search the blog before asking a question. There is a search bar on the left side of the homepage of this blog. All you had to do was search the words “golden cup”, and you would’ve found the article I just posted above.

    Again, please remember that the golden cup/trophy is no longer available. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I think if it takes this long for spy island to come out then i bet this gonna be one sweet island!!

    hey scary tomato, how excited are you about spy island coming out if you ask me im pumped, if i see the sign”now online SPY ISLAND” im gonna be sooo happy.=)

    Scary Tomato: I’m excited, too! I can’t wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. hey guys i just wante to leave a message. i love this site its very informative, but i have to say u guys r disesd. do u even know how long it takes just to create a scene form an island let alone he whole thing. i wouldnt want to be a creator from poptropica and then find all these maean coments complaining that spy island isnt out yet. they work really hard so chill out its gonna be here when its gonna be here so just w8 ok.

    p.s scary tomato look out for me on poptropica silly chiken

  16. Sportschik – No, they’re not diseased, they’re just excited. I understand that their excitement may seem a little out of control sometimes, so you’re right, they could be more patient. But they aren’t “diseased”.

  17. true lol i wasjust saying that the creators work really hard to make an island and they probably dont want to see people complaining im just as excited as they r but i dont complain. i bet its going to be a really fun island.

    Scary Tomato: Well, yeah, that’s true – but I don’t think the actual Poptropica Creators visit this blog (and they probably don’t even know if it exists), but if they do visit as secret guests that would be cool. I don’t like seeing people complain either, and I don’t complain as well, but that doesn’t mean they’re diseased. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think, if Poptropica spends so much time preparing the island, they’re putting a lot of work into it, it’ll be really fun, and everyone should be grateful.

  18. hi scary tomato I can’t wait till spy island comes out i am really looking forward to it i just love this game super power island was cool but spy island is going to be way better what do u think? and what is your favouirite island at the mommet I like super power island

  19. umm hi tomato i heard a new island is coming out spy island can you tell me anyting about it i can’t wait but I want to see another treasure hunt cause there fun I found both of them when is there another one coming out is spy island cool?

  20. i hope that it comes out soon cause poptropica isnt fun that much anymore i say stop complaining its mean to complain they work very hard to make islands so stop complainin
    p.s. look for me on poptropica!

  21. Silvercrush – I think both Super Power and Spy Island are/will be awesome. At the moment, my favorite island is Shark Tooth Island, because I like the scenery (except the Temple!)

    Smellysocks – Yep, Spy Island is coming online to Poptropica really soon. You can search the words “Spy Island” on the homepage of this blog for some really cool sneak peeks! Also, I’m not sure when the next treasure hunt is coming, but I’m sure it will be fun!

    Short Icicle – Well, if you say that people should not complain (which I totally agree with), why are you saying Poptropica isn’t really fun anymore? Spy Island will be coming next week, which is very soon! And you can always find something to do on Poptropica – maybe play some games in multiplayer rooms? I’ll look for you on Poptropica!

  22. well if ur like me and youve completed all the missions it gets sorta boring just playing games and not doing any missions isnt very fun to me

    Scary Tomato: Spy Island is coming next week, can you wait that long? Soon you’ll be having fun on Spy Island! In the meantime, if you’re that bored and there’s nothing to do on Poptropica, you might as well come to this blog or do something else, like watch videos on Youtube or playing with your friends whatever games you like to play.

  23. Scary Tomato is it really coming next week? If it can you tell me what day is it? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!

    Scary Tomato: Yes, according to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, Spy Island will be online next week. No specific day was announced, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. can u guys just be a little patient??
    i mean like guys like me and scary tomato,
    we can think of tons of things to do while we’re watin for spy island and still im still actally havin fun watin for it!!

  25. Howdy people, out there, let me give you a small tip, of spy island, go to spyglass,and go inside, and ask:I would like an eye exam.And when he points to a symbol do the oppiset of the symbol, and I think you can handle the rest.Hope the information helped!ITS AUSOME!

  26. Oh man it is really nice to see what it was like in the old days of the Poptropica Help Blog.Huh this is the first blog post to go viral on comments then died out in 2009 then 7 years later someone comes and comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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