Bonus Items

Goofy glasses bonus!

Edit: The goofy glasses are gone from Super Power now, but you can still get them from Spy Island’s glasses shop.

New bonus item! This time it’s a pair of goofy glasses. Here’s how to get them:

  1. Go to Super Power Island.
  2. On Super Power Island, go to the City Park, move all the way to the right and enter the bathroom. In the bathroom, enter the Sewer Room by clicking on the manhole.
  3. At the Sewer Room, move to the left side until you see a red wheel. Click on it, and the water level will go lower.
  4. Now move all the way to the left again. You should see a pair of goofy glasses floating in front of the wall. Reach for it, or click on it, to get it! The word “BONUS” will appear for a second in gold letters. You will now be wearing the goofy glasses!
  5. If you can fly, activate your flying power. All you have to do is fly to the north-east direction until you can’t move anymore. Just click to go up and you will be brought back to the bathroom. Click on the door to go back to the City Park.

Otherwise, to exit, look for a red wheel and turn it. (The red wheel should be on the very right side. Go to the right side, and jump on the 3 brick walls there to make your way to the red wheel.) The water level will rise.

Now go to the left, until you see another red wheel. Turn it, and the water level will rise again. Now you have to move to the left again, until you see another red wheel. Turn it and the water level should start rising again. Next, move all the way to the right, jump onto the brick wall at the top, and press to “Go up”. Enjoy your goofy glasses!

11 thoughts on “Goofy glasses bonus!”

  1. Amanda – you must be in the wrong place. I just checked again (September 2, 2008) and they’re still there. Read the instructions again, and then follow them carefully. 🙂

  2. I am soooooooo sad!!!!Scary Tomato said they had a trophy in Booga Bay.Scary Tomato,you make me sad,ya never answer ma.;(

    Scary Tomato: Bonus items don’t stay forever. The trophy was removed a long time ago…

  3. Umm…they’re gone right? But you can still find ’em at Spy Island too 😀

    Scary Tomato: As it says on the very top of this post, they’re gone (from Super Power Island). You can find them in Spy Island’s glasses shop. 😉

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