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Choose Your Own Adventure: Spooky Village

The fifth sneak peek for Choose Your Own Adventure Island, an island coming soon to Poptropica, has been released! Read about it here: or view the image here:

The title of the Poptropica Creators’ Blog post is “Spooky Village” and the name of the image is “village_elements”! From these titles, I guess that the sneak peek is part of a spooky village.

10 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure: Spooky Village”

  1. Looks cool. I think it’s just a decoration, though.

    Also, I wonder if they’re going to make the island just like the books… where there are multiple different endings and twists.

  2. OMG! There’s a new video on the Poptropica blog! Hopefully, we can expect more videos!

    Also, it’s on YouTube. Isn’t Poptropica designed for kids? I’m pretty sure you can’t sign up on YouTube if you’re under 13. 😛

  3. I post videos on Youtube and im only 10!
    There is no limit to how old you are to go on Yotube.

    By the way the Poptropica guy Vlad the Viking has only one video ob Youtube! I think we can expect more!

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