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Hey, guys, poptropicans, fans, gamers, or however you’d like to call yourself. It’s EP posting, and thanks to anyone that supported me in my last post detailing my current condition and status. Well, I’m feeling much better, and am glad to be back and to say that I can indeed continuing posting for the PHB. Though I will be posting a bit less often due to complications, I will try to at least post once in some time or be active on thephc.

The PCB announced a new book being released just recently. Remember that Choose Your Own Adventure Store on Nabooti Island? It’s a place where they advertise new books and such just like the Magic Treehouse Store on Red Dragon Island. Well, a new book has come out, and it’s been added to the store.

The book is titled The Trail of Lost Time. They say there are many other new books added as well into the selection. To check them out, visit the store.

Well, looks like Captain Crawfish sure enjoys these new books.

Also, according to PCB, the Choose Your Own Adventure series is giving out 50,000 new books to people who really need it out there. You can help to donate by clicking here http://www.cyoa.com/blogs/give-a-child-adventure/4436512-give-a-child-adventure-our-giant-books-giveaway and to learn more.

Finally, the creators gave us a neat shiny poster advertising Legendary Swords Island, released on 11/11/11

Actually, it’s available in 3 now! Epic bannder/poster, huh?

A quick note: 11/11/11 is also Veterans Day. Please be sure to remember soldiers who died and who are still living that fought in past wars. In Europe they actually call it Armistice Day, and at 11/11 on 11:00 there the Big Ben actually rings 11 times to remember the day. 11/11 is actually the day they had a cease fire during World War 1 ending the wars. Just a quick reminder/history lesson.

EP out.

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Criminal in the Final?

Ladies and jellybeans,
Tables and chairs.
Cross-eyed mosquitoes
And bald-headed bears!

I welcome thy Poptropicans to take a quick vote for…

Popularity Contest #6: The Final Round!

Before we get to that, let’s take a look at #5’s contestants: Poptropica’s criminals!

D, otherwise known as Vince Graves of Giza 1, Nabooti Island, received 63% of the votes and was declared the winner. Now we see that he has moved onto the finals, along with all the others that were voted for…

I guess it doesn’t pay to lead a life of crime, Vince, because C, a handsome agent at Spy Island’s Headquarters is winning by far, claiming 57% of all votes! Wow! It also proves how popular Nabooti Island is – 2 of its characters are in the Finals! This poll isn’t over yet, though: there’s still a chance for the others to win!

To make things better, the winner of the Finals gets a T-shirt design made of them, the Poptropica Creators say. They will probably be sold on Poptropica’s online Zazzle.com store, “T-shirts & More”!

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Nabooti Island Guide Online and Phone Problems

Nabooti Guide
After many longs hours we have finally made the Nabooti Guide.
And may i say it is a pretty long guide.

It can be viewed here:

Phone Problems
Poptropica seems to have canceled the codes to be able to get items. I’m guessing they are just fixing it, but we don’t know for sure.
So most of the item codes (e.g. 102, 103) don’t work right now. We will tell you when they do.


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Nabooti Cameras, Wal-Mart Ads, and Release Dates Galore!

Lots of news today to inform you all on! First of all, another sneak peek of Nabooti Island has surfaced on the Creators’ Blog. It seems that we need to take pictures of animals as part of our adventure on Nabooti Island. Maybe, when we start Nabooti Island, they give us a camera of sorts to take pictures of different things? Nevertheless, it’s very interesting. 😀 Blog picture directly below these words:


Blog Post Title: Get your camera ready!
Description: N/A
Image URL: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_AkTCxo8C1Ys/STRSawcTggI/AAAAAAAAADg/1E6EfxlOuQQ/s1600-h/safari.jpg
Image Name: safari.jpg

UPDATE: I was partly right! Well, kind of. =P Anyways, with the release of Nabooti Island, we now know that you receive the camera by buying it from a guy on Nabooti Island. Also, you do have to use the camera to complete Nabooti Island, but you can’t use the camera anywhere else. I think.

Speaking of Nabooti Island, they have changed the Nabooti Island sign-thingy (on the Poptropica website) to say “COMING VERY SOON”. Hopefully it might be released this or next week. 😉 They have also changed the Big Nate Island sign to say “COMING EARLY 2009”. At least now we are given more specific release dates! Sign-thingies below:



The final piece of news is that on different islands you can find next to any Main Street a Wal-Mart wishlist making thing. It redirects you to another site when you click. See it below:


Also, we have gotten a new winter-themed header! Pretty spiffy! Thanks Codien! 😀

Sorry for this uber long post, but just one more thing: we reached 140,000 hits and we’re nearing 150,000 hits! Yay! *obligatory handing out of delicious cookies initiate* We appreciate every one of you! Thanks so much guys and gals! Smockers signing out!

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Hello everyone! It seems that the Poptropica Creators’ Blog has released another sneak peek of Nabooti Island! This time it’s of a new game! For some of you who might play Club Penguin, you’ll recognize this game: Mancala! However, the Creators’ Blog doesn’t clearly define whether or not:

1. If it’s only playable on Nabooti Island

2. If it’s multiplayer

Also, for some reason, people on YouTube are posting comments about how Poptropica “stole” this from Club Penguin. o_o Just a reminder to all: Mancala was not created by Club Penguin. Just wanted to clear that up. =) Anyways, video below:

To finish up, thanks everybody for visting our blog! We reached 130,000 hits! Yay! Party! Free cookies to all! Also, we never announced the milestone of 120k hits! So you get double the cookies! Yay! Thank you guys so much!