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Binary Bard is king! Er, jester.

Hello hello.

You know that competition that the creators held where we voted for our fav Poptropica villians? Well, it’s all over.

And WHO comes out on top?

Binary Bard!!!

And this is his thanks to us…

My fellow Poptropicans, recently you selected me as your favorite Poptropica villain. This is a great honor, and with it comes great responsibility. I shall not let you down. As your choice for the best Poptropica villain, I make these unbreakable, evil promises to you:
  • I shall require every Poptropican to set a picture of me as their desktop
  • I shall outlaw birthday parties, puppy dogs, and summer vacation
  • I shall replace your sugary sodas with unsweetened iced tea
  • I shall institute a mandatory 8 PM bedtime for all, even when American Idol is on
  • I shall enslave every citizen of every planet in the galaxy and crush them under my iron yoke
Bow! Bow before the Binary Bard, my subjects! Bwahahahaha!0100001101101111011101010110110001100100011011100010011101110100001000000110100001100001011101100110010100100000011001000110111101101110011001010010000001101001011101000010000001110111011010010111010001101000011011110111010101110100001000000111100101101111011101010010110000100000011011010110111101101101

avatar image

Now that’s gratitude! We vote binary bard as our favourite and he enforces new rules, all for the benifit of our health and well being. Except for crushing us under his iron yoke.
Wait, iron yoke?!
I mean, I’m sure it’s no yoke(joke) but a yoke? And it’s made of IRON?! Seriously, if you mean to intimidate us, use something more… intimidating. ๐Ÿ˜›
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?

Running errands for Zeus,
Battling Binary Bard over a princess,
Gotta make my mind up…
Which villain gets my vote?ย 

It’s the final showdown for the greatest Poptropica villain, and only two candidates remain.

Between Zeus, the king of all the Greek gods…

…orย Binary Bard, part jester and part machine…

Who are YOU voting for?

In other news, there’s an ad game for Lemonade Mouth of Disney Channel. Mr. Funnybones has kindly provided the following video tutorial for those who need it:

NPC Popularity Contests

Terminator Jesters, Fish Generals, Mythical Idols, and Beardly Burglars

?-I’ll make this quick. I got business to do.


?-You’re terminated, twinkie face. *smashes Binary Bard with car* Anyway.

Villain Showdown: The Semi-Finals!

Only four villains remain in the semi-final round of the Poptropica Villain showdown. Who will meet in the finals? Your vote will decide!

Zeus vs. Captain Crawfish

El Mustachio Grande vs. Binary Bard

Voting is now open in the sidebar. You have until Monday to cast your votes!

avatar image

?-Members may be interested to know that the first ten ninjas who have completed Red Dragon Island have been announced. Reminds me of my stealth. And power.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Red Dragon Island!

Several Poptropica Members have already become ninja masters and saved the day on the newest Poptropica Island, Red Dragon Island! These brave souls were even swifter and more ninja-y than the rest. Here are your first 10 players to finish Red Dragon Island.

1. Cool Monster
2. Jumpy Skull
3. Creepy Bubbles
4. Grey Icicle
5. Crazy Eagle
6. Busy Dragon
7. Clean Glove
8. Slippery Lizard
9. Dizzy Hippo
10. Curious Popper

Find out how to become a Member so you can play Red Dragon Island today!

Binary Bard for the worst villain


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Pies, Rants, and 2nd Rate

?-Hello, my friends. Unfortunally, EL7 was the last of the ELs and was eaten by a large group of sharks with black eyes and chicken pox. However, I can take over this post and many more to come.

Director D-WHHHHYYY!!!??

?-What is wrong, little one?

DD-I lost the elections! Even after my patriotic speech on how Medusa was 2nd worst!

Why you should vote for me, Director D.

Hello, Poptropicans. It has come to my attention that I am currently lagging in the polls behind Medusa.


Elections such as these are about issues, and no issue is more important than a candidate’s appearance. I ask you to consider my perfectly coiffed salt-and-pepper hair, and then look at the hideous mess of wriggling snakes that Medusa calls a hairdo. Or, rather, don’t look at it, because you will immediately turn to stone. That’s the kind of villain she is. I, on the other hand, only want what’s best for you: a sleek, aerodynamic cranial appearance.

I mean, honestly, Medusa? She’s not even the main villain on Mythology Island. Zeus is! Medusa is a miniboss at best. I don’t even think she’s qualified to participate in this election. Until we see her longform boss certificate, we should consider her an illegitimate candidate.

You have one day left to vote in this round. Vote Director D. for best Poptropica villain!

avatar image

?-Oh well, child. Perhaps the others will support you. But we’ve got to move on with life. The next four matchups are already being drawn.

Poptropica Villain Showdown: The next four matchups!

The first four matchups are over. Your updated bracket is above.

Now, it’s time to finish the first round. The matchups:

Vince vs. El Mustachio Grande

Black Widow vs. Speeding Spike

Gretchen Grimlock vs. Ratman

Copy Cat vs. Binary Bard

Polls are now open in the sidebar. Voting will remain open until Monday!

avatar image

Director D-I guess…sniff.
?-Would you like a candy?
DD-OK! NOMNOMNOMNOM…..nomnomnomnomnomnomnom…..nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooommmmmmmm…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
*later in an abandoned garage*
DD-Where am I?
?-Hello, Director Donaldious. I would like to play a game.
DD-What game do want to play?
DD-But I am in Poptropica.
?-Exactly. I can control you at any point. I know your password and username. I can put you in stainless steel straps. I can put you in lonely chambers. โ™ช I can show you the world! Shining, shimering, splended! โ™ช
P.S. There is also a new ad on main street. Survive the pies, or face falling text boxes. Bugs Bunny or Narrators. Live or Die. Make your choice.
To help you out, PHB reader Mr. Funnybonesย (Loud Shark) has a video tutorial for this Loony Tune:
NPC Popularity Contests

Vote for me…or suffer my impending DOOOM!

EL6-Hey, I thought elections were in November.

Captain Crawfish 30-Yeah, but-

EL6-Nevermind, lets move on.

CC30-Anyway, there’s a new competition poll on the PCB. Who is really the best villian in poptropica?

Villain Showdown: The First Round Begins!

The battle to crown Poptropica’s best villain has begun! Here are 4 of your first-round match-ups.

Dr. Hare vs. Crusher

Zeus vs. Betty Jetty

Sir Rebral vs. Captain Crawfish

Director D. vs Medusa

Vote now! The polls have been added to the sidebar to the right of this post.

We’ll open the remainder of first-round voting in a few days. This one will only be up for a limited time, so make sure to vote and have your voice heard!

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EL6-NOMMNOMNOMNOM…nomnomnom..nnnnnoooooommmmmmm….oh, I feel sick.

CC30-We creators are full of mercury. Fish contain large doses of it.

EL6-Den wut abbboooooutttt the Black wiDowssss……

CC30-They contain palytoxin, the forth most dangerous chemical in the world.

EL6-bleh *dies*

CC30-Vote for me!

~EL6 ~?