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Noa more Boa.

Hi guys,

As the title probably gave away, this is my resignation post from the PHB. I’ve had an awesome time posting for you guys, but all good things must come to an end.

Nomming, poetry, tricks, poetry, Party With Hobos and casual blogging awesomeness has to eventually make way for transitions between schools, work (yes, I got a job!) and focusing on my future. I have to thank you all for supporting me, seriously, you’ve laughed at my jokes, congratulated me and made me feel so welcome. And goodbye to you all, commenters and authors, especially Slanted Fish, RD, Shaggy Tornado and MT.

It’s been a pleasure updating your computer screens, I hope I can keep in touch via comments every once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Green Boa

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Somebody PLEASE say Mystery Train!

Eh? Eh? No? Drat. ๐Ÿ˜

As you can probably guess, this is a post about some more of the creators’ favourite island. And as you can tell I desperately wanted someone to say Mystery Train. It is WAY my favourite island. Alas, it has not happened.ย Let’s just show you.

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A look behind the scenes.

The creators have released a few pictures of the ‘behind the scenes’ work behind the release of Wimpy Boardwalk. Such as this one, where Jeff Kinney, Poptropica creator and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author, gives some advice to some of the Poptropica designers.

From this picture, we can tell two things. (Well, I can anyway. You may be able to find more.)

  1. It takes a LOT of designers to make a Wimpy Kid island.
  2. The designers are able to decorate their station with toys, posters, and other cool stuff!

So when you play a new island, just spare a thought for the people who have worked hard to make Poptropica the best it can be! ๐Ÿ˜€

There is probably a great deal of relief and satisfaction (and maybe a little partying) when a new island is released. Look at these lovely, big smiles!

Say cheese!


Members can play Wimpy Boardwalk now. On the 18th of July it will be released to non-members. Remember, if you get stuck, you can always refer to our Wimpy Boardwalk guide! (Credit going to Shaggy Tornado, Super Thunder, Clean Shark, MT, and Slanted Fish!)

Cya guys!

*steps into alternate demension*



*official-looking person lights fuse on abnormally huge firework*

Official looking person: Stand back everybody! This firework isn’t called ‘The KA-BOOM-BANG-BANG-BANG-POP-WHISTLE-FIZZ-WHOOP-RATATATAT-DONG-A-BONG-SHAKKA-LAKKA-WOOT for nothing! It says on the label, may through out strange projectiles and possibly tear apart the fabric of the universe.

(everybody stands well back)

(Firework eplodes, and GB is one of the ‘strange projectiles’ thrownย out.)

GB: Hi! New creators post! Looky!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sis boom bah!


Independence Day is next week, and you know what that means: fireworks! If you’re itching to get started on the skyrockets a little early, check out the Fireworks in the Poptropica Store. You can plant these festive rockets anywhere on Poptropica, and watch them explode across the sky!

avatar image

Fireworks are fun, and I hope everyone in america (not me) or anyone who celebrates Independance day/4th of July (still not me) has a great day. To everyone else, have a great Wednesday!!
Are you going to release the power of the fireworks this Wednesday? Or have you got another party item in mind?
ย Tell us in the comments!
Late edit! Well guys, I have a reason to use the fireworks! Guess what it is!!
IT’S MY 50th POST!!!
*Lights firework display to rival that of New Year’s Eve on Planet Pyrotechnics*
(And for those who don’t know, pyrotechnics is fancy for fireworks and gunpowder and explosions and stuff like that.)
GB grabs onto a firework, and flys into the air with it.
Cya! ๐Ÿ˜€
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Whose side are you on?

Hey peeps.

Now that Poptropolis games has come out you may notice something new on the friends profile pages.

Random person: *puts hand up*

GB: Yes?

Random Person: Non-members with the Poptropolis medallion!

GB: *imitates buzzer* EEEEH! Wrong!

Other Random Person: Poptropolis island photos?

GB: *buzzer noise* EEEEH! Wrong again!

Another Random Person: Well what is it then?

GB: I’ll let Captain Crawfish’s Poptropica Friends profile show you.

The Flying Squid? I thought that he would fit into the Black Flags like a glove?
Yes, now everyone can see what tribe you’re on! Or which one you want to be on! I like Poptropolis games. In my opinion it’s the best one we’ve had since Mystery Train. Call me a harsh critic but Ghost Story, SOS, Vampire’s Curse and Twisted Thicket aren’t really very good islands. But I give Poptropolis games an 8/10 as an enjoyable and colourful island. Feel free to disagree with me, though. ๐Ÿ˜