Super Power Island

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Island Extra: Super Hot Dog Boy Comic

A giant meteor has crashed into the virtual world’s prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the Island. Only a true superhero can stop them and save the day.

Super Power Island


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  • Super Power Island is Poptropica’s 5th island. It was released on July 26, 2008 – the same day as the founding day of this Poptropica fansite you’re on, the Poptropica Help Blog!
  • Sir Rebral’s name is a play on the word cerebral, a scientific word relating to the brain. Sir Rebral has telekinesis, the ability to move things with his mind.
  • The word copycat refers to imitation, and Copy Cat is the name of one of the villains in this island.
  • Ned Noodlehead’s alter ego is Super Hot Dog Boy, as shown in the official Super Power comic. He is also seen posting on the Creators’ Blog as Comic Kid.
  • According to the Poptropica Adventures Nintendo DS game, Ned Noodlehead and Betty Jetty are siblings.
  • The island description, as well as some dialogue within the quest, refer to the object that collided into the prison as a “meteor.” This is technically inaccurate, as meteors are shooting stars. The correct term is meteorite.
  • Hazmat Hermit, the guy beside the County Prison meteorite, is also a Poptropica Creator alias.
  • The old superhero on top of The Daily Paper says, “Remember, with great power comes great responsibility,” after you’ve received the flying power. This is a reference to the famous line in Spider-Man.
  • Common room: The Daily Paper
  • Super Power Island is featured in Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS, along with Astro-Knights and Mythology.
  • The goofy glasses from Spy Island were a bonus item available for a limited time (around August 2008) in the sewers of Super Power Island.

Video Guide

For our written walkthrough, click on the word Guide at the top of this page.

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85 thoughts on “Super Power Island

  1. Slanted Fish says:

    A giant meteor has crashed into the island’s prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the island. Only a true super hero can stop them and save the day.

    Discuss Super Power Island here!

  2. GothGirl1215 says:

    this island is not my favourite, but still puper-power awesome.
    from a scale to 1 to 10 ,( i being the lowest)
    i rate it a 7 and a half.
    whats your opinion?
    post please.

    Scary Tomato: I’d probably give it a 9/10. It was a pretty cool island. 😀

  3. Bronze Coyote says:

    I cant get Jetty Betty! She just keeps throwing stuff and i cant get close enough to touch her!

    Scary Tomato: It’s challenging – and also important to make sure you avoid the stuff she throws whenever you can. From my experience, the more you dodge, the closer you get to touching Betty Jetty. 😉

  4. serious spider says:

    There is a cheat and you can press ctrl-shift-f5 which makes you fly and complete the island easily and you don’t have to beat Jetty Betty last.

    • Serious Biker says:

      What do you mean press ctrl-shift-f5? I did that and it didn’t work. Does it work only on Super Power?

  5. Neat Whale says:

    hey guys! i have an idea. maybe if u use the flying super power and i mean preesing shift ctrl and f5, you can defet betty jetty first and have a diffrent super power!! 😀

    Scary Tomato: What do you mean by ‘have a different super power’? 😕

  6. Neat Whale says:

    i mean that, if you finish with a differant villan, then you will have a different power, you know, like, running fast, mind contoul, ect.

    Scary Tomato: Oh. Well, sadly the answer is no – there’s only the flying power. 😉

  7. Sean says:

    Why when I go to city park, the rock doesn’t fly up?

    Scary Tomato: The rock moves if you push it, but it doesn’t fly up. The ground will occasionally fly up, though. Check out our guide for more information! 😉

  8. Neat Whale says:

    well. Im bored so I made up another story! this one comes back every thursday. Enjoy!
    NOTE: this is actually not about Neat Whale. the girl is friendly lepord, aka Elisabeth, or 4 short, Lissy.
    part one: FINALLY!!! school is over which means less distractions when people need help.
    why, u ask?
    well that is because on super power island, there is a super hero. our newest one is Starrocket. And dont tell any1 this: I am Starrocket!! I have to protect the citizans here. and if the bell goes off…
    shoot. ****** “Oh, Great. Does it have to b You?” I said to the super villan in my path. “Yes?” choursed Copy Cat and her clones. “Ok. we can do this the easy way or the hard way…” I began to say, lifting 2 the air. “… and I think u want the hard way!!” “Got that right!!! Won’t catch me… i maen, US!!!!” copy cat yelled and she took off in all directions. I chased after all of them, knocking all but 1 2 the ground. “Give up?” copy cat asked. “No wa… WHAT THE?” i asked. POW! Copycat was knocked 2 the ground, and behind her was super hot dog boy. “Well, u looked like u were in a jam.” he told me. “Right…” i said as copy cat was brought back 2 prison. “listen, u know i cant do this all the time. I need 2 go get another tv…” super hot dog boy began “ANOTHER??” i asked. “Yeah. can u handle these evil people by yourself?” he asked. “Sure.” I said 2 him.
    silly ol’ Lissy. When will I learn?

  9. Neat Whale says:

    “Oh, yay-ay-ay.” I murmured as i caght sight of that rotten ol’ sir rebal. He sooo wasn’t expecting a bunch on rocks and paper flying on his face!!
    “GAH!!!” he yelled. his face got red and popped right off. Then, he saw me. The ground shook. I was expecting a big rock coming at me. but no. I fell right through the ground. ***** “Where am i?” I asked myself. “Ack!!! StarRocket!!!!!!” Came a voice. “Rat man!!” I mustered up some corage to go on.
    Rats!! Rats, rats, rats, and more rats. I screamed and took to the air. I flew over to him. “Give up?’ I asked. “Nope.” was all he said before water turned on over his head. I turned back to see who couldve helped me like this. but no one was there. I went over to that evil dude and took him back to his cozy jail cell.

  10. Smiley Face says:

    For Sir Rebral, jump up towards him and make his face turn red and pop off. When you get back to the ground, it starts popping up!! 🙂

  11. Poptropicalthunder says:

    Can someone pleeeeease do Spy, or Nabooti too? Thank you so much, the person who did betty Jetty for me!! Whoever it was, what do you need??????? I just really want the islands done. you can do anything to her except change her formats and buy stuff. Don’t channge her pleeeease! I will do anything if you do Spy or Nabooti please. You can do it if you finished all the islands and is bored.

  12. shaggy tornado says:

    I found a pretty cool glitch.(Only works with vilains on the top floor). turn on ur flying power and clik on any1 of the villains on the top floor. U’ll fly up there and rest on a ledge and u will keep falling and going back up. Its funny to watch! 😀

  13. Bronze Glove says:

    Haha, my Poptropican’s name is Bronze Glove. She wears a blue Pop Star outfit and has blue hair! LOL : D

  14. clubpenguin4607 says:

    How Super POWer island was formed:

    Alot of people enjoyed the first 4 islands. Alot of poptropicans teamed up to defeat the evil Dr. Hare and restore the future. Teamwork was the best thing poptropicans could think about. One day a big explosion happened. It blew huge amounts of steam at all 4 islands. When the steam faded a new island appeared! Some poptropicans stayed behind because they were tired. ALOT of them came to the new island and built even more. A subway, a prison, even a junkyard. They found 6 super bad guys and luckily arrested them. A few weeks later a surprising meteor came down and broke the prison! All of the prisoners broke out! They stunned the guards for a little while and escaped…

  15. Kendra says:

    I cant beat the supervillains except 4 copycat and speedy spike. its complicated but its 1 of my fav islands. thank u poptropica creators 4 creating such a fun website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. sapenpetronsky says:

    hey how do you use the anti powerd handcuffs?

    Slanted Fish: Click on a villain once you’ve defeated them (they’ll be sitting down) and your character will automatically handcuff them.

      • That Clean Shark Dude says:

        Then git gud

        Okay, so make sure you have the flying ability. Then, stay away from Betty when she throws the green energy orbs at you, and avoid them. Soon, you’ll manage to catch up to her and knock her down.

  17. jordanlumba says:

    The main point in Super Power Island is to catch all the villans. Now what you do is get the handcuffs from the jail over on the left in Main street and you can start the adventure! Now go to the place where you get super hero clothes and choose your clothes. Then go to the left of the shop and talk to the guy to get a Hero ID. So now your a super hero! So go to the right to start your first villain,Copycat. Now to defeat her go in the building and go close to her. She will multiply. So go to the right all the way. then you will see a elevator click the elvator button and it will come down. Then go in it and click the button again so it can go up. Now go all the way and you will see the desk. The Copycat in the desk is the real one. So go on her and she is defeated! Now the next villain you see is Betty Jetty. But you have to skip her because you have no powers and she can fly. So next is Sir Rebral. He can make gravity come to life! So first he will throw rocks at you. To do that you have to try to dodge them and go on him and the rocks will hit him. Now if you stand still the platform you are formly on will jump out and hurt you. So go next to the bathroom and you will see a rock. Put the rock where you are standing and where it might hit him hit him. Then when you finally hit him you can arrest him. Next is Ratman in the sewer. So first you go in the sewer which is in the boys bathroom. then you turn the water to the right level. Once you get inside you can now defeat him. So first youavoid the rats and ontop you will see a handle. So click the handle and then the rats are gone. But now there are fly. Now avoid the flys and try to get him as quick as possible before you get knocked down all they way!

  18. jordanlumba says:

    Part 2

    Now once you arrested Ratman you go out of the boys bathroom and go staright to the junkyard which is on the right. Now that is where Crusher comes in! He stomps you and knocks you down! Now to defeat Crusher you have totry not to get stomped off. Go all the way to the left and you will see a crane. Go up all they way up the crane until your at the top. then click inside the crane. Then you will see the lever. Pull it and he will go up. Now he will throw stuff. Now try to go up the crane again and do the exact same thing. Now finish him!

  19. apple0818 says:

    I’m not kidding when i say that I’ve probably tried Betty jetty at least a hundred times she is so hard for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ava says:

    I can not find this on the map. Am I just crazy?

    slantedfish: You’ll have to scroll all the way to one of the earliest pages to find this island.

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