Snagglemast Island Guide


Collect gold coins while learning basic game mechanics. Recommended for first-time players.

For a walkthrough on Snagglemast Island, scroll down.

Released: June 13, 2019
Preceded by: Monkey Wrench Island
Succeeded by: Reality TV Wild Safari Island

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Island Extra: PHB Island Review

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Gentle Dolphin

Welcome to Snagglemast Island, also known as Tutorial Island on the Poptropica map. This island introduces players to basic game mechanics while immersed in a simple adventure of collecting gold coins. Any player can enjoy what this island has to offer.

To get to Snagglemast Island, either fly to the island labeled “Tutorial” on the map or talk to Amelia Earhart on Home Island. If you decide to talk to Amelia, ask her what else you can do in Poptropica. She will mention a few things and then ask you if you are ready to start your first adventure. Say “let’s go!”

When you arrive on Snagglemast Island, talk to Amelia. She will tell you that there are eight “mega coins” scattered across the island and encourage you to find them all. Speaking of which, the first coin is right behind her, so walk past her and collect it.

Walk across the bridge, and you’ll notice a sign teaching you how to jump (shouldn’t this have been placed before the bridge?). Jump up to the floating platform with the hamster to collect the second coin.

Walk to the right and you’ll be faced with a large tree; underneath it, you’ll find a purple-haired girl staring at a fox. Seems strange, but focus on your goal and collect the third coin.

Continue right and you will come across a body of water. Swim in the water and bounce on the diving board to collect the fourth coin.

Mega Coin in Snagglemast Island

Get back on dry land and walk to a girl wearing a tiger helmet and a vicious-looking dog (don’t worry, he likes small hugs). Jump to the top of the tree, grab the fifth coin, then proceed to the next scene.

In the next scene, you will meet a vampire and an armadillo. Hop onto the barrel to reach the sixth coin in the tree.

Continue right and collect the seventh coin, which is sitting on top of the barrel next to the crocodile.

Keep going right until you come across a propeller-powered platform. Hop on and press the button to fly up, which will allow you to grab the eighth and final coin on another floating platform.

After collecting all eight coins, Amelia will appear next to you on her own propeller-powered platform. She will congratulate you and let you know that you can earn more credits for each island you complete. The two of you then teleport back to Home Island.

Congratulations! You have completed Snagglemast Island! Unlike the other islands, there is no medallion for completing this island.

Be sure to explore the rest of Home Island while you’re here. You can change your look at the “New You” shop, adopt pets at the pet barn, decorate your clubhouse, interact with other players at the Blast-Off Arcade, and more!

If this is your first time on Poptropica, we hope this quick tutorial was helpful in getting you acquainted. Here on the Poptropica Help Blog, we have tons more Poptropica resources for you, from island walkthroughs to the latest news and everything in between.

Welcome to Poptropica!
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11 thoughts on “Snagglemast Island Guide”

  1. Not saying it’s wrong to have this guide, but I just find it ironic that there’s a guide to a tutorial.

    1. This island used to be in both Flash and Haxe, but is no longer available. It disappeared quietly in 2021 without any explanation. One theory may be that the new Home Island quest (released in 2021) is considered its replacement as a tutorial for new players.

  2. This island is older than you think i like how they brought this island back for awhile it was apart of my starter years of poptropica, when i started playing poptropica in 2015 i would always play what is now called “Snagglemast” island, back then there wasn’t no “tutorial coins” or anyone except for a pilot who wasn’t Ameila earhart and also it wasn’t called “snagglemast” it was apart of home island and instead of getting tutorial coins you would get a madallion instead, there would be pieces of this madallion all over and when you founded all the piece’s you had to talk to the pilot guy, you get the madallion afterwards the madallion had a blue ribbon similar to poptropoils’s madallion it had a “P” on standing for Poptropica with the same font as the “P” on the Poptropica logo, a update later they introduced us to ameila earhart, but she was just a minor character at the time, you would help her find her “lucky wench” it be up in the tree next to her, she was located at the windmill, then in 2016 they replaced OGSMI (Original Snagglemast Island) with monkey wench and the pilot guy was replaced by Ameila earhart.

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