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Fairytale Island: a fantasy no more! 🧚‍♀️

Once upon a time in December 2020, Fairytale Island was announced as the first winner of the Dream Island Contest. (Congratulations to Perfect Crab once again on their literal dream coming true!) 🧚‍♀️✨

After just four months of sneak peeks and waiting, the island is finally here for all players (not just members) and the tale is ready to be told!

If you’re eager to play and need help on the way, our Fairytale Island Guide will be updated very shortly, ready to assist you on your magical journey — so look out for that. UPDATE: The guide is complete!

So what do you think of this new release? Share your opinions in the comments, and look out for a review from the PHB too! Thanks for reading and we’ll meet again at the happily ever after.

– LJ 🍀

And now, we wait for Goofball Island

74 thoughts on “Fairytale Island: a fantasy no more! 🧚‍♀️”

    1. I know, kind of sad. I wanted a boss fight, but you got free credits for helping others get their happy ending. ( Spoilers ) If you go back to the palace after you finish, you can see the hunter with Cinderella. ( Looks like he got his happy ending, LOL )

      1. If you have, then you’ll have to use to use the Avatar Studio Gift to be able to go back on. If you haven’t you’ll have to either wait a day or contact the Poptropica Help Support.

      1. MAP ( Short for Modify a Poptropican ) is a feature you can you to change parts of your costume or anything you want by putting a code or name.

  1. I was super psyched for this Island.But now I can’t deny that I did not like this Island. It was super short to be considered an Island.It felt more like a series of mini-quest. The pop creators should have taken more time creating this Island.

    1. Same!!!
      It’s like it was just made up of mini-quests, and all the people were just like how Amelia looks nowadays: Huge eyes, animated features, and when the crazy bearded dude grabbed the hot dogs, he was jumping around and it was like a flash. This is not Poptropican! No Poptropican should be able to do that!!!
      I gotta say I’m disappointed. We barely even get to interact with the villain! We learn about him, and we just fix up what he did wrong.
      I hope the other islands are better…

      1. I just hope that they don’t make the classic islands which takes at least half an hour to complete into this mess.I literally only took like 6 minutes to complete this. We didn’t get any boss battle either.I am trying to remain optimistic about poptropica’s present condition.I know poptropica is more than tutorial Island and mini quests.

      2. Yeah, you’re right, Epic. I guess I just really miss the way things used to be, and I hate how the creators are changing every single part of Poptropica.

      3. I honestly disagree with the Poptropican part. THE Poptropican creators shouldn’t have to limit themselves
        to basic expressions like that. I’d rather have more expressive Poptropicans if it meant loosing a bit of nostalgia.

      4. The word ‘mess’ came out due to heat of the moment.I apologize if I seemed rude and uncivil .I was just disappointed how island felt more like a quest.

      5. YESS INDEED!! That’s what is happening to me to btw I don’t really have the app I just play it online 🙂 So that’s probably why that’s happening to me to…….well we don’t know. Also we had to do quests but they were easy a other thing is that I COMPLETED THE WHOLE ISLAND but uh when I exited out of it the yellow thing didn’t reach the END!! What’s happening??? And second of all how are we supposed to defeat the “KING”?? That’s no way no one will solve that except the people who made the island…….

  2. Pro tip: When you’re looking for the cottage, use the Flower Planting Power. Plant flowers as you go along so you don’t get lost 🙂

    1. It’s the story of a brother and sister who go into the woods. They find a candy and a old lady ( Witch ) invites them inside. She ends up wanting to cook Hansel. Gretel saves the day by pushing the witch into the oven. Then Hansel and Gretel go home. ( Something like that )

  3. The visuals were nice, but I felt it was too easy and short. There was no challenge. I feel that the Big Bad Wolf should have attacked the player at least. And the Cinderella mountain part re-used visuals from Wild West Island, which is an okay Easter egg, but took away from the magical/mideval feel a bit. And Rumblestilskin should have gotten a boss fight, as well as a quiz to guess what his name is (similar to Aphrodite’s quiz on the Flash version of Mythology Island), as figuring out how to spell his name properly would have been a decebt challenge. As for Snow White, her character design reminds me of Shinobu from Demon Slayer (their butterfly hair clips are the same colors, their hair is the same color, and they are both types of doctors). Maybe one of the creators is a fan of Demon Slayer and was inspired by Shinobu’s character design?

  4. That was too easy. There should have been more of a challenge. I feel that there also should have been a boss fight with Rumblestilskin or a quiz where the player had to spell his name correctly. And Snow White reminded me so much of Shinobu from Demon Slayer because of her being a doctor (Snow is a Veternarian and Shinobu is a doctor that works with people, but they are technically both doctors), wearing purple, having black hair, and having a butterfly hairpiece in the SAME colors as Shinobu’s butterfly hair piece. Ever since I saw the concept art for her, I cannot get over how similar she is to Shinobu.

  5. Here is something you can add for the Red Riding Hood part
    When you reach the cabin, go inside and you will see a huntsman and a grandma. The huntsman will tell you that he wants the wolf, so he will you the food, and you will go outside. You will ask the wolf if he wants any of the food, and he will take the pizza. You will go inside the cabin again and the huntsman will take the pizza and put on the grandma. He only wanted the wolf, so it could eat the grandma. After all of that, the grandma said she would pay Red, but she didn’t buy the pizza. Red will give you the receipt, and you will look at the signature. You will only get Rumple. Hmm… Anyway, you will get another addition to the name!

  6. Does anyone know how to make poptropica work again?As soon as I log in the screen turns black and stays like that for hours.
    Please give info if you know anything.

  7. Found something for the trivia! ( I think ) One of the carriages says Pap. Referencing to Grapple Pap. Another carriage has the guy from home island, who stands by the arcade stand. His carriage design is also based off of the club house design as well.

  8. For me, I don’t care if the island was short, had no common room, or was boring, but one thing was that I at least had fun!

    1. That would make sense because the fairy godmother in the island looks exactly like the fairy godmother from Shrek 2.

  9. I honestly in a way hated it. IT WAS WAY TOO SHORT, no boss fight, and I was waiting for thins for months! it ends without the thing even really coming to a end. I mean Rumpelstiltskin just becomes a shadow monster and poofes away, so I really hope poptropica maces more parts. in all, I AM REALLY DISAPOINTED.

  10. Although I would have liked to fight the villain, this island was just so fun and delightful! Yes, it was a bit on the short side, but the animation and sound effects were just awesome! Beside the Shrek Fairy Godmother reference and the reference to that Broadway hit song “Say My Name” it felt like the Cinderella story line about her learning to be strong was similar to the movie “Happily N’ever After” (which was made by someone who worked on Shrek 2). Come to think of it, the prince in this island looked similar to the prince in “Happily N’ever After”. Not to mention the story line of a fairy tale villain ruining characters’ happily ever afters was practically the same except in the movie they defeated the villain once and for all.

    Either way loved this island and hope to battle Rumple eventually. Super Villain Island 2 anybody?

    P.S. I dressed my Poptropican in a punk princess outfit in honor of Cinderella (or Cinder I guess is what she prefers to be called now).

  11. I was really disappointed! Islands used to be about exploring a whole world and finding items needed to interact with other elements to solve puzzles and finding clues and were much longer than this. Here, the sidequests were super short and simple with not much exploring and no items to use later and nothing to figure out really. Snow white was done in about 3 clicks, cinderella was just guiding your character through a pretty simple path and I do admit I got lost in the red riding hood going in circles and getting. No real challenge, no finding an item that you realize is needed for that other part you were stuck on, no defeating the villain and you don’t even really get to explore the world because you’re just teleported from one scene to the other as soon as you finish the quest. I’m honestly not impressed for the first island to come out in forever and compared to what they did in Arabian nights island, the winner of the last dream island contest, I’m very underwhelmed but I kind of expected it after the more recent quests we’ve been having (grapple pap, intro quest…)

    P.S. To anyone having trouble loading the site, when I logged in the site wouldn’t ever load but it did load if I created a new character. So if you just wanna play the island and don’t really care about getting the credits on your account, it’s an option!

  12. In death-metal-star-Cinder’s song, it’s called “Whatever-Stilts-man”
    So, that pretty much just adds up Rumple, Stilts, and Skin, so now you know his name!

  13. The guy gets more powerful, yet you still win the medallion! How do you end an island like that?! Now he’s more dangerous, but nobody cares on the island! We don’t get a battle or anything!

  14. I like this island, I feel like some people are worrying to much about the ending. It sets up an interesting sequel, and we could possible hope for Fairytale Island 2: Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin or something lol.

    1. That would be awesome! And what if the winners of the fan art challenge favorite fairy tales (at least the ones that have not been done yet) get featured in the sequel!

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