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Goofball Island throws us for a curveball of a recurring dream âœï¸ðŸ¤ª

After making us wait a week longer than promised, this Thursday Poptropica finally unveiled the next winner of the Design Your Dream Island Contest: Goofball Island by Thirsty Flame!

Here’s the description from the Creators’ Blog announcement:

The plot: In a colorful and bizarre-looking town populated by joke-loving and silly citizens, the evil scientist, Dr. Blandston, has invented a device to take away the town’s color and goofiness. It’s up to you to defeat Dr. Blandston and destroy his machine before he can turn the entire island into a dull, gray, land.

It’s an interesting idea for sure — but one that has, in a similar form, appeared in the Poptropica universe. Though color snatching hasn’t been a theme of any island in the game before, Poptropica did release a book back in 2012 with a similar premise, complete with evil villain.

Pencil Warrior was a 16-page activity book where a mad scientist named Arthur Eraser tries to steal all of Poptropica with his Super Eraser, and use the stolen materials to build his own island, Evil Eraser Island. In the blank spaces of the partially erased scenes in the book, you can draw things to return Poptropica to normalcy, reversing the “colorless chaos.”

Still, the book is perhaps obscure enough that Goofball Island will feel fresh for most players. Plus, having another delusional doctor in the game checks out, considering the crazes for Drs. Hare and Beev. And “Doctors” is also this month’s theme for Community Creations, so get coloring before an unstable desperado wipes things out!

Unlike with the announcement of Fairy Tale Island, which is slated for 2021, there’s no mention of when Goofball Island will be released. Presumably it’s going to be a while, what with the Creators’ current priorities on converting old islands to the new Haxe build that Poptropica runs on. The Creators also mention that they’ll be announcing more winners, though no timeline this time — it could be another week or more again for all we know. Stay tuned!

Congrats, Thirsty Flame, for dreaming up this future Poptropica island! What are your thoughts on Goofball Island? Intriguing, or just too goofy for its own good? 🤪 Share with us in the comments!



8 thoughts on “Goofball Island throws us for a curveball of a recurring dream âœï¸ðŸ¤ª”

  1. Dr. Blandston sounds a lot like Karl Notune from Symphony Island (runner-up from previous dream island contest). But then again, they both resemble Director D.This is just my opinion.

    1. FableVision is mentioned in the PHB post I linked to about Pencil Warrior and part of its plot is quoted in this post. 🙂 For those following along, FableVision is a company that had planned, as early as 2007, to partner with Poptropica in creating an island with a plot similar to what became the Pencil Warrior book.

  2. Cant wait to g̶o̶o̶g̶l̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶w̶a̶l̶k̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ figure it out on my own and have fun 🙃

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