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Recap: PHC Open House Party ๐Ÿ‘‹โœจ

Howdy, Poptropicans! This weekend we held our Open House Party on the PHC. Despite some hiccups, we were still able to make the most of it with the great community members we have here with us, both old and new.

Even through all of the slow loading and disconnecting from the Poptropica common room server when switching tabs, we had a splendid time sharing art, showing off our fairytale fits (including Princess Beev), and playing โ€” in addition to the good ole common room games of course.

Here’s a look at the awesome art that was shared in all the fun as well as my costume that no one ever saw because I couldn’t login properly (click to enlarge the images!):

Thanks to all those who attended and here’s to the next party coming in June! ๐ŸŒˆ


18 thoughts on “Recap: PHC Open House Party ๐Ÿ‘‹โœจ”

  1. Great party! Your costume is stunning , too bad I couldn’t see it.I couldn’t log in through my account either.So I had to use another account.Anyway, I am the poptropican in the bottom most right.All the costumes were fabulous.

  2. I am happy everyone had fun in the party. Didnโ€™t know was included too with the party. Sadly I couldnโ€™t participate due to my computer being closed as well as that I couldnโ€™t see any messages in Discord. Anyway June sounds good for the next party.

  3. Have a party for New year, saint patrick`s day, easter, mothers day, father`s day, earth day, thanksgiving, christmas, and a birthday party for poptropica

  4. my opinion I don’t really like fairytale Island I thought it’s going to be like a storyline but there’s so much side quests

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