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A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold!

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Released: April 15, 2008
SUI re-release: December 10, 2013
Common Room: Party Time Tower
Preceded by: Shark Tooth Island
Succeeded by: 24 Carrot Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Slanted Fish
Special thanks to Fierce Moon, Spotted Dragon, & Legoless for pictures

First, go to Time Tangled Island (if you are not already on it). Walk to the right, and you will see a woman in front of the lab. Now, go inside Pendelum’s Lab. Once inside, go all the way down the ramps and then go all the way to the left and push the big plug together. This will activate the Future Machine. Next, jump onto the plug, and then up again to where you see a blue light.

Talk to the woman you met outside the lab, and she will give you a Mission Printout. After you receive the printout, you may read it by going to your inventory. Now, enter the blue light. You will appear in a dystopian world of either orange-brown or murky green color, with factory smoke and insects polluting the space.

Go all the way to the left, where you will see an old man/woman (depending on whether your character is a boy or girl) that looks like your character. Talk to him/her, and he/she will introduce him/herself as you, but 50 years older.

Ask if he/she can help you repair the past, ad he/she will give you an item which helps you travel though time – the Time Device. The time device is in your inventory now, but it can also be used by clicking on the time device icon now located at the bottom left corner of the game screen for easier access. Click on it use the time device.

In order to save the future, you must travel to the different time periods of the past, find the missing artifact of another time period, and then return it to the original time period. You can do this in any order. Here’s a quick look and what you need to give and get from each time period, but note that these are not the only items you’ll need to find:

  1. Mt. Everest (1953): get Statuette of Liberty / give Goggles
  2. Statue of Liberty (1882): get Notebook / give Statuette of Liberty
  3. The Graff House (1776): get Salt Rocks / give Declaration of Independence
  4. Mali Empire (1387): get Declaration of Independence / give Salt Rocks
  5. Edison’s Workshop (1877): get Piece of Stone / give Phonograph
  6. Aztec Empire (1519): get Goggles / give Piece of Stone
  7. Leonardo da Vinci (1516): get Peace Medal / give Notebook
  8. Lewis & Clark Expedition (1805): get Stone Bowl / give Peace Medal
  9. Great Wall of China (1593): get Amulet / give Stone Bowl
  10. Vikings (831): get Golden Vase / give Amulet
  11. Ancient Greece (328 BC): get Phonograph / give Golden Vase

Let’s start by clicking on the icon of a man in a blue hood with black goggles. You can check which time in the past it is by looking in the middle of the time device. In this case, it is 1953 AD. The knob on the left will turn green. Press the knob to travel through the selected time! (Note: All the areas are in A.D. time, except Ancient Greece, which is in B.C.)

Mount Everest, 1953

You will arrive in an icy area. Welcome to Mount Everest. Where you arrived, you should see that there is a place to walk on the right side. Keep following the “path” (you should easily be able to see which way you should go). After some jumping and climbing around, you should reach a dead end with a rope above you. Go up the rope.

Now, you should have arrived on another icy platform. Move to the left, where you will see a man in a blue coat. Ask him why he’s stopped there, and he will tell you he lost his climbing goggles. Move to his left and you will see some small icy platforms hanging above you. Keep jumping higher until you get to the last icy platform. You should see a rope hanging above you. Go up on it.

Now you are on another icy platform. Move to the left, where you will see some small icy platforms hanging above you. Again, keep jumping higher until you get to the last icy platform. Beware of the falling icicles! Bumping into one will knock you over, which will slow you down.

After a bit of jumping, you should arrive at another platform, covered in snow. Move to the right, and take the brown Statuette of Liberty.

Now, click on the time travel device. Choose the icon with a man with brown hair and a moustache (1882 AD), and press the knob!

Statue of Liberty, 1882

You should have arrived in a place with a lot of wood. This is the workplace where the Statue of Liberty was built. Go to the left, and enter the house marked “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie.” Go to the right and talk to the man there.

Choose the third chat option to give the man the Statuette of Liberty you got in Mount Everest. (To do this, tell him, “I found your study model!”) When you give it to him, the time period (for 1882) will be repaired! Now exit the house.

Go to the very left, where you will see a man next to a box and a barrel. Jump onto the box, then to the roof of the “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie” house. Move along the roof, and jump onto the chimney. Now jump onto the brown statue on the right. Then jump up to the wooden ledge above, then another ledge. Then jump to the left with all your might!

When you’ve landed, you should have acquired a Notebook. If not, just try again until you do!

The Graff House, 1776

Click on the time device again. This time, choose the icon of a man with a brown pigtail in his hair and is wearing a black hat (1776 AD). Move to the right, and try to avoid the hedgehogs as they will knock you over if bumped into. Soon you should arrive in front of the Graff House, a very huge red house. Jump up to the rooftop of the house (by using the window ledges).

On the roof, look for the chimney with a bag of white rocks. Jump to it, and grab the Salt Rocks! Now use your Time Device and click on the woman with a white turban on her head. Press the knob and you should be in the Mali Empire, 1387!

Mali Empire (Timbuktu), 1387

You should be in some very brown surroundings. Move to the right until you pass by your second green bush. Above it thee should be a little ledge. Jump on it, then jump again onto the building on the left. There should be some green leaves platform above you, jump on that.

Then jump to the building on the right, then to the building above the one you were just standing on. You should see a person with a white turban and blue robe there. Talk to the person and say, “I found your salt rocks!” The bag of salt rocks will be removed to your inventory (and given to that person you were talking to), and the Mali Empire’s time period will be repaired.

Now, jump back down to the building just below the Poptropican who you’d given the salt rocks to. There will be a snake there. Move all the way to the right, avoiding that snake (if you hit the snake, it will knock you over!). On the right you will see a small ledge above you made of little circles. Jump to that ledge, and you should see another ledge just like the one you are standing on. Jump to that one, too, and move to the right as much as possible without falling off.

You should see a brown stump to your right. Jump to it, and hopefully you will land on the other side. If you don’t, then try again. If you do, continue on with the next set of directions. Make sure you are at the very bottom. If you aren’t, just jump down. You should see a buildng called “Timbuktu Inn” with a big door with round metals on it. Go inside the door. Once inside the inn, move to the right until you see a small silver ledge. Jump on it to jump to the big brown ledge at the top.

Move around until you see a man wearing white. Talk to him, and you will be staring at a bunch of papers. The man will be talking to you on the bottom left corner. Click on him to move the dialogue along until he’s done talking.

Now a jigsaw puzzle will appear in front of you. Piece the puzzle together (It’s not hard, and it only has 18 pieces!). The picture, when completed, should look like a king.

When you’re done, just click anywhere on the screen. He’ll give you the Declaration of Independence!

Now go back to the Graff House, 1776. Once there, move to the right, avoid the hedgehogs, and you should soon be in front of the Graff House, a big red house. Go inside. Once inside, move all the way to the right (until you can’t go any further!), and jump onto the platform above you.

There you should see a man with a black hat. He is Thomas Jefferson. Tell him, “I have the declaration!” The “Declaration of Independence” will be removed from your inventory, and will be given to Jefferson. The time period of 1776 will be repaired!

Edison’s Workshop, 1877

Now click on the time device again. Select the icon with a man with brown hair (1877 AD). Press the knob. You should have arrived in Edison’s Workshop (check your map if you’re not sure where you are!). Go to the far left side where you sould see a vehicle which sort of looks like a bicycle. Hop onto the vehicle.

Click on the circle on top of the bigger wheel, and the vehicle will move! When it’s stopped, make sure you are still on the vehicle; if not, jump on! Jump onto the branch above the vehicle, then jump to the branch above the branch you are already on. From there, hop onto the gray roof of Edison’s workshop. Run along the roof until you see a colorful piece of stone on a chimney.

Jump to it, and grab it! When you’ve landed, you should have acquired a Piece of Stone. If not, just try again until you do!

Aztec Empire, 1519 AD

Open up your time device again, and choose the icon of a person wearing a leaf hat. Press the knob. You should now be in the Aztec Empire. Move to the right until you see a long set of steps. Climb all the way up until you see 2 Aztec people.

Talk to the one wearing a leaf hat like the one on the Aztecs’ icon on the time device. Tell him you have the sun stone piece, and you will give him the “Piece of Stone” you found at Edison’s workshop. The Aztec time period should be repaired.

Now jump off the building with the long set of stairs and move to the right again. Stop when you have passed by a statue. Jump up to the top of the building next to the statue (not the one you jumped off of a while ago) until you see an old lady. Talk to her, and she will give you an Aztec Warrior Headdress. Put it on, then jump off the building.

Now move to the left, and talk to the guard near the long set of steps. He will give you Goggles. (Make sure you have the Warrior Headdress on.)

Open up your time device again, and go back to Mount Everest, 1953. Go back to Edmund, the man in the blue coat you met on Mount Everest.

If you don’t know the way, reread the instructions in the section above labeled “Mount Everest, 1953”. Talk to Edmund and say to him, “I found your goggles!” The item “Goggles” will be transferred from your inventory to Edmund’s eyes. The time period will be repaired.

Leonardo da Vinci, 1516

Go to your time device, and select the icon of a man with a brown hat and gray beard. Press the knob, and you will be brought to 1516, Leonardo da Vinci’s place! Once you get there, move all the way to the left until you see a sign that says “Leo’s Workshop.”

Jump onto the sign, and then jump onto the big rock in front of it. From there, jump up the 3 stone ledges. On the third stone ledge, you will see some grass. Jump to the grass on the right, and keep moving right until you see another “Leo’s Workshop” sign. Above it is a rocky thing, jump on it, then move to the right where you should be walking on a wooden platform. Stop when you see a gap. Then jump to the other side of the wooden platform. You should see a man there.

Above the man is a small wooden platform, jump on that, then jump on the one above it. There should be a small swing-ish ride thing near the platform. Jump onto it, and you will ride halfway down the rope. When you stop moving, jump as far as you can to the top left corner, and you should land on another wooden platform, keep moving to the left to find a stone house. Enter through the door. Once inside, move to the left and jump on the platform there. From there, move to the left again until you see a rope. Climb up the rope, and jump down to land on the machine thing.

Then hop on to the platform on the right, and keep moving right until you see a man wearing brown. He is Leonardo da Vinci (Leo). Talk to him, and tell him, “I found your notebook!” The notebook you found in 1882 (Statue of Liberty) will be given to him, and will disappear from your inventory. The time period will be repaired!

But as a reward, Leo will give you a Glider! You can wear this and it will help you sort of float in the air. Put on the glider, and now leave Leo’s workshop. Go back to where you found that man on one of the wooden ledges, and below him should be a silver medal, with a white glow around it to make it easier to find.

Glide over to the silver medal, and if you were successful, you should have gained a Peace Medal. If you were’t successful, keep trying until you get it!

Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1805

Now go back to your Time Device. Select the icon of a man wearing a brown hat and brown hair with a pigtail in it. You should now be in 1805. Move all the way to the right until you see a tree.

Jump up the first tree arm, then the second, and keep going until you reach the top of the tree. On the top, a beaver will pop up his head every few seconds with a stone bowl on his head. Reach up there and grab the Stone Bowl.

Go back down to the ground, and move all the way to the right until you see Captain Meriwether Lewis, the person whose face was the icon of the 1805 time period on the time device. Talk to him, and tell him, “I found the peace medal!” The time period will be repaired.

Great Wall of China, 1593

Open up your time device again, and choose the icon of a person wearing a gray helmet and black moustache. Press the knob. You should now be in the Great Wall of China. Move as much as you can to the right. Pick up the barrel you see there to take the Gunpowder.

Now move to the left until you see the first wooden building structure you passed by a while ago. Jump up on the first ledge, and then the second one (with a Chinese person on it). Watch out for falling bricks, because they will knock you over if you crash into them! Now jump to the other side (right side). Above you should be another wooden platform (with 2 gray bricks), jump on that.

Hop on to the wide gray ledge above, and go right until you see a Chinese man wearing fine red robes. Talk to him to play a memory game.

To play, just look at the tile at the top. Then below it are 8 other tiles. Look for a tile among the 8 that is identical to the one on top. Then the man will shuffle the tiles. Keep track of where the identical tile is! When he’s done shuffling, select the card out of the 8 that you think is the tile identical to the one on top.

If you get it right, he will give you an Amulet. If you were wrong, you can keep trying as many times as you like to get the amulet. Also, if you’ve already gotten the amulet, you can still play the game (by talking to him again).

Now move to the left, until you see another wooden structure on your left, above you. Jump to it, and move a bit more. You should see a rope. Grab hold of the rope, and then let go facing the left so that you are now standing on another wooden platform. Now move to the left, and jump off the platform (structure). Make sure you jump left. You should land on a gray wall.

Move around the gray wall a bit until you see a man. Talk to him and tell him, “I have the stone bowl!” The item “Stone Bowl” will be transferred from your inventory to the Chinese man’s possesion. The time period will be repaired.

Vikings, 831

Use the time device again, and this time select the icon of the Viking (man with brown double pigtailed hair, wearing silver helmet). You should be on a Viking ship. Move all the way to the right until you enter land. Talk to the first Viking (yellow shirt, silver helmet, gray hair), and tell him, “I have your amulet!” The item “Amulet” will now be owned by the Viking, and it will be removed from your inventory.Time period repaired!

Now move to the right and jump onto the long stone platform with some green on it. From there, jump onto the next one, then the last long stone platform. You shoud be in front of a cave with the entrance blocked by a bunch of rocks. Click on the rocks to use your “Gunpowder” on them. The entrance will be cleared, and you will lose your gunpowder. Now, enter the cave. You’ll have about 30 seconds inside the cave to find the golden vase inside.

Here’s a map of the cave and the route you should take (S for Start; F for Finish). Thanks Fierce Moon!

Viking cave

After 30 seconds, the torch will burn out and you will have to try again if you want to get the vase. You can try as many times as you like, so don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time!

(Hint: The golden vase is at the bottom of the cave. Avoid the water at the bottom. Don’t take your time because if you don’t move quickly, the torch will burn out, but don’t be too quick because you don’t want to make mistakes and go to the wrong parts of the cave!) Once you see the vase, go over to it to collect the Golden Vase.

Ancient Greece (Delphi), 328 B.C.

Now open up your time device, and choose the image of a soldier wearing a brown full helmet with red feathers on the top. Press the knob and you will be tranported to Ancient Greece, 328 B.C. Once there, move to the right and talk to the second soldier. Tell him, “I have the golden vase!” The item “Golden Vase” will be removed from your inventory, and it will be placed outside of the Treasury in Ancient Greece.

The Treasury is the building the two soldier guards are standing in front of. The time period will be repaired. Now move to the right until you see another man. Near him should be a vase; jump on it. From there, jump onto the white statue next to the vase you are standing on. Then jump on top of the statue, and then jump to the top left corner. You should land on the roof of the Treasury. Move around the roof, and you should see Edison’s Phonograph. Move to it to take it.

From your inventory, you can click on the arrow sign on the phonograph item card to listen to Edison’s actual voice singing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Now go back to Edison’s Workshop, 1877.  Once there, move along to the left, until you reach the entrance door to Edison’s workshop. Enter it. Once inside Edison’s workshop, move all the way to the left until you can’t go any further. From there, hop on to a nearby table, and then jump onto the lightbulb line on top.

Next, jump up to get to the long platform above. Move around until you see a man wearing a red vest. He is Thomas Edison. Talk to him and say, “I have your phonograph!” The item “Phonograph” will be transferred from your inventory to Edison’s possesion. The time period will be repaired.

Back to the Future

Now that all the time periods have been repaired, go back to the present by opening your Time Device and choosing the word “LAB.” Enter Pendelum’s Lab, and enter the future again. (If you’ve forgotten how to get to the Future, read the sentences at the very top of this page.)

You will now be in The Future! It’s a really cool place here. Have some fun exploring it! When you’re ready, follow the next set of instructions to learn how to claim your reward.

Claiming the Reward

Once you’re in The Future, move all the way to the right. From there, fly up to the Monorail Stop by using the blue tube that will shoot you up there. Wait for the Monorail to arrive, and then get inside.

Climb up the top of the Monorail when you reach the end, and it will shoot you up to a place near where the Hovering Platform is located. If you were landed on a blue building’s platform, move to the left to find the Hovering Platform.

If you were landed in a green grassy place, the Hovering Platform should be right next to you. The Hovering Platform is gray colored, and small. Hop onto it to go up. When it stops, that’s where you get off. Jump onto the grass platform on your left, move left, and enter the blue tube there. You will now be in your Sky Home!

At your Sky Home, move to the right until you come to a gap. Jump over the gap, and you should be on a similar platform to the one you were standing on, except that it was on the other side. Keep moving all the way to the right, and you should see someone there – it’s you, only 50 years in the future!

He/She will give you the quest reward, the Time Tangled Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. Congratulations, you’ve saved the ages!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Time Tangled Island is Poptropica’s 3rd island, released on April 15, 2008.
  • Before Time Tangled was released, it was referred to as Time Lapse Island, then later as Time Twisted Island.
  • In April 2008, there was a Roman soldier on top of a building on Shark Tooth Island who said, “How did I get here? I should be on Time Twisted Island!” He reappeared in the same spot years later in February 2014.
  • Common room: Party Time Tower
  • Time Tangled is the first island to feature sound, which you can hear when you play Edison’s phonograph.
  • Every year, the “Lab” setting of the time device is updated to reflect the present year.
  • The Possible Future (dystopian future) is sometimes green, and other times it’s brownish-orange.
  • Many of the locations will have Fact Monster bubbles, which you can click to learn historically accurate information or other educational facts about the subject. Fact Monster is a Poptropica sponsor and has been spotted in Poptropica.
  • In the island, you will encounter historical figures such as Lewis and ClarkThomas Edison,Leonardo da Vinci, etc.
  • Aristotle the Greek philosopher can be found in Ancient Greece (328 BC), and when you talk to him, he says, “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.”
  • Leo’s workshop contains a work-in-progress of the painting Mona Lisa (by Leonardo da Vinci) with a Poptropican head.
  • Professor Pendulum, the guy who created the malfunctioning time machine, can be seen vacationing in Shark Tooth Island‘s Tourist Center.
  • The two men you encounter hiking up Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, are the first confirmed climbers to have reached the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Poptropica Creators: Thirsty Whale, who has not posted on the PCB in years, from Mount Everest, and Vlad the Viking, the name of the Creators’ old YouTube channel.
  • For a brief time in August 2008, there were sunglasses available on top of Professor Pendulum’s lab. You can now get these glasses from customizing the secretary in the Spy Island headquarters.

Quick Guide

Note: For a more in-depth walkthrough, see our guide above on this page.

  1. Talk to the lady in front of Pendelum’s Lab, then go into the lab and talk to her again to get theMission Printout. Activate the time machine with the plug at the bottom and step into the bad future. Get the Time Device from your future self.
  2. Go to Mount Everest, 1953 and collect the Statuette of Liberty. Return it at Statue of Liberty, 1882. While you’re there, grab the Notebook on the ledge.
  3. Go to the Graff House, 1776 and grab the bag of Salt Rocks on the chimney. Go to the Mali Empire, 1387 and give the guy in the white turban and blue robes the Salt Rocks. Go inside the building and put together a puzzle to be awarded the Declaration of Independence. Return this back at the Graff House, 1776.
  4. Go to Edison’s Workshop, 1877 and take the Piece of Stone from the chimney. Go to the Aztec Empire, 1519 and return the Piece of Stone. Talk to the old lady carrying a mask and she’ll give you an Aztec Warrior Headdress. Put it on and talk to the guard wearing Edmund Hillary’s Goggles to get them. Go back to Mount Everest, 1953 and return the Goggles to Edmund, who’s wearing a blue coat.
  5. Go to Leonardo da Vinci, 1516 and return the Notebook to Leo. Put on the Glider he gives you and use that to help you reach the hanging Peace Medal.
  6. Go to the Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1805 and grab the Stone Bowl from the beaver’s head when he pops out. Go back down and talk to Captain Meriwether Lewis to return the Peace Medal.
  7. Go to the Great Wall of China, 1593 and grab the Gunpowder barrel. While you’re there, play a memory game with a Chinese guy and when you win, he’ll give you an Amulet. Also, return the Stone Bowl to one of the other guys on the wall.
  8. Go to the Vikings, 831 and return the Amulet to the first Viking. Blow up the blocked cave entrance with the Gunpowder and enter. You’ll have about 30 seconds to grab the Golden Vase at the bottom of the cave. (You can also use the Glider from Leo to reach a bonus Viking Suit in the Vikings time period.)
  9. Go to Ancient Greece, 328 BC and give the vase to the second soldier. Still in Greece, take Edison’s Phonograph from the roof of the Treasury building. Go back to Edison’s Workshop, 1877 and enter the workshop building to return the Phonograph to Edison.
  10. Once all time periods have been repaired, go back to the Lab, then enter the future again. Collect the island medallion from your future self, now happily living in a Sky Home! Congratulations!

yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery
today is a gift – that’s why they call it the present.


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    I hope they work for you – if not, I’m very sorry but you may need to start another account to finish the quest…

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    Scary Tomato: You can do it! 😀

    • Scary catfish says:

      Spy island is long and hard if you don’t use this awesome guide. But thats why Scary tomatoe made this!!!

    • harrypotterfan4ever says:

      i love poptropica and i only need to complete 1 more island and its poptroplis games, when will it come up! please help!

      Slanted Fish: We don’t know when it will rise again, but the Creators have hinted that it’s coming back. 😛

  10. :} PoppyT.{: says:

    thanks scary tomato! i really cant get the mount everest part. i think its a glitch but i cant see a rope at what seems to be like the dead end. thank you anyways:]

    Scary Tomato: Try watching a video for that part about the Mount Everest trail. It might get a little tricky if you’re lost and a video will show it better at that part. There are plenty on YouTube. 😉

  11. Scary Tomato says:

    Keelin – You mean the Super Power quest guide, is it out yet? Sure it is. To read it, just go to the top of the page, click “Island Quests”, and from there scroll down and click on the link that follows the Super Power quest section. 😉

    Fast Singer – There’s no Roman suit, did you mean the Viking suit? If that’s the case, please read Q&A #6. 😛

  12. Rachel says:

    Hi this is a very good website but…..
    when i bombed up the cave and got the vase the internet closed down and now i do not have the
    vase or gun power what should i Do??

  13. Scary Tomato says:

    Young Tornado and Silly Ring – Thanks! :mrgreen:

    Rachel – I think you’ll have to do that part again, because your Internet closing down caused Poptropica to not save the game. Just try again… 😉

    • RGGE3 says:

      But Scary Tomato I don’t think that’s true, my mom accidentally closed the internet but when I opened my account again 47 seconds later It was saved!

      Hijuyo: Poptropica autosaves the game every once in a while; so yours probably saved recently enough for no progress to have been lost.

    • KrazyKitten20 says:

      Hi scary tomato, when it says green mine came up orange and also how do you purchase your awesome poptropica outfit?

      KrazyKitten2o (Call me Kitten)

      • Slanted Fish says:

        Hi Kitten – The dystopian future appears in either orange or green. You can find out how to get my costume on the PHB’s Costumes page (look for “The Slanted Fish”) or add me (username: hi.Juyo or slantedfish) and customize from me. I don’t go by Scary Tomato anymore, although that’s me.

  14. Massive Lion says:

    In the cave for the viking part of this island, I counted how long the torch lasts and its about 50-55 seconds. So we actually have more time than it seems.. 🙂

  15. Rachel says:

    hi ST
    is it all right if i call you that?

    anyway i tried again but it didn’t work.
    the gun power isn’t in the china thing and the cave isn’t open
    what should i do now?

    faithfully by


    your biggest fan (i think)

  16. pinkapple says:

    Rachel, the gunpowder is until to the end of the wall. u nid to run and but be careful, the bricks will crash on u! u also can ask the person at Greece(the person near the Appolo staue) ask her

  17. Scary Tomato says:

    Rachel – Yeah, ST is fine. 😛

    Are you sure you can’t find the gunpowder? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place, I don’t know. Watch a YouTube video and check to make sure you’re where you need to be to collect the gunpowder to open up the cave. 😉

    Pinkapple – Yes, that’s right: thanks for helping! 😀

  18. Rachel says:

    i tried that
    and you tube doesnt help
    what now

    Scary Tomato: Are you sure you’re in the right place? Check your map to be sure.

  19. Applegirl says:

    Thanks but how do we get back home???

    Scary Tomato: Get back home? Do you mean how to go to your home in the future? If that’s what you meant, please read the second-to-last paragraph of this guide. If you meant how to get back to Main Street on Time Tangled Island, just use your time device and have it point to “LAB”. 😉 If neither of this was what you meant, write back and explain things more specifically. 😛

  20. Evan says:

    The cave part is hard. I don’t see a skulls and bones part. Please explain better.

    Scary Tomato: It’s hard to explain the cave part in words, so I don’t blame you that you can’t follow what the guide is trying to say. If you need help with it, try searching for some videos on YouTube relating to this subject. It should be able to show you visually which is better for this part. 😉

    • sweet candy says:

      thats part easy i just go left then left right left go down and you will see the vase and a light that gives you more time to get the vase and get out of there and now just take the way out the way you came in or you can wait for the fire to burn out one of them or better i say to wait for the fire to burn out and click on your furture thing and go to greece and return the vase and go talk to the women down in the cave with the staue of apllo and jump on a another stuue and there is something on the top of the buliding get it and go to where edison is and return it to him there thats most of the part i got thought

  21. Bony Dragon says:

    This is a super guide! I love Poptropica and I can’t wait until Nabooti and Big Nate are out! AHHHHH!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I NEED A TIME DEVICE TO GO FORWARD IN TIME!!!!! AHHH!!!! (Sorry about that ST, if I can call you that, if not… Well…).

    Scary Tomato: Calm down. 😆 Yep, you can call me ST if you want. 😛

  22. keelin says:

    ICANT WAIT FOR BIGNATE ISLAND!!!!!!what day is it coming out?plz tell me st PLZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!have you ever been on webkinz? your 1# fan
    P.S nates my bros nickname

    Scary Tomato: It will be out in early 2009 but we don’t have any exact dates, sorry. No, I don’t play Webkinz, and please stay on topic. Thanks! 🙂

  23. lilly says:

    the future person tells u to find the blimp and go to another island but i cant find the blimp im stuck

    Scary Tomato: Use your time device to go back to Main Street (labeled ‘LAB’ on your device). On Main Street, go to the left until you see a rope dangling overhead. Jump up there and you’ll reach the blimp! 😉

  24. keelin says:

    st in the chinese place i cant find any thing i went where u said in the blog but it still not there whats wrong?

    Scary Tomato: It should be there. Maybe you went to the wrong spot. Try watching a YouTube video to check that you’re at the right place. 😉

  25. Sunshine-Joy Niguas says:

    Thank’c 4 all the help but where do you go after you have finished time tangled on tropical island?

    Scary Tomato: Maybe hang out in multiplayer rooms or finish some more island quests. 😉

  26. Cooldood says:

    Thanks!heres how to pass Nabooti
    1. Enter Nabooti Ilsand
    2. Go into the Nabooti Isalnd Museum (the place is where you landed)
    3. go all the way down, check out the museum if you want
    4. Once you are down, go right and the computer shows you a statue
    5. Go to the girl standing to the left of the staute
    6. Remeber? CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! Talk to the girl and click the very bottom question, she wants you to recover the jewels
    7. No- She’ll say, Too Bad Yes- She’ll say, Great! Take this map
    8. Click yes (if no, you can’t really do anything
    9. Go out the museum
    10. Walk left, you can click to talk to people in the yard sale, but go left pass the fly by night place and see the man?
    11. He said hop into the plane, go in the plane next to him
    12. Press Fly
    13. You can fly all around Africa!
    14. Let’s go to……Mountains Of the moon! Go there
    15. Go left! JUMP OVER THE GOATS!!!!
    16. Pass the water, jump over the goat again, run left the the very end, and LET the goat hit you, you’ll go up a cliff
    17. Go jump to the nearest tree,which is right, the next tree, jump up to the girl with a blue hat
    18. Talk to her, she wants a fig, see the red fig thats above you?
    19. Jump to the fig and you have it!
    20. Go left to the lady, jump over the water, and keep running left to the end
    21. Jump on the cliff, the next cliff has a goat, ump on top of the goat and it will take you up to icy paths
    22. Go right of the icy path and jump on the last icy cliff
    23. iIf the goat doesnt help, go jump on the cliffs on the left, walk right out the icy paths
    24. Go jump to the old man, he wants to play Macalana with you, I can’t explain how the game works, but it will tell you
    25. Hopfully, win, if you do, he’ll let you enter the cave
    26. When you win, enetr the cave
    27. Just jump to the very bottom, get the cellphone Remember?
    28. Go up again, jump right to the skinny, long stones, do it until you see the red jewel
    29. Get the red jewel
    30. Get out of The moutains of the moon
    31. And go to Blue Nile Falls
    32. Jump on top of the airplane, jump up to the grassy cliffs, all the way up and get a purple flower
    33. I KNOW THERE SOMETHING ELSE TO DO, but go back to Nabooti
    34. Go back to the yard sale
    35. Click on the woman in orange
    36. She wants a trade with the purple flower
    37. Just click Its a deal!
    38. Put on the turban
    39. Go back to the plane and to GIZA
    40. Go right, a guy will give you a shovel
    41. Go back to the plane and to KAYA’S FOREST
    42. Walk right, jump onto a pot, then to the house, and then to a tree, and get the gold
    43. Back to Nabooti!
    44. Go to the yard sale, give the man in purple a trade for the gold, he’ll give you a camera
    45. Goto SAFARI
    46. Go all the way right and talk to big Zeke
    47. Click on the last thing you can say, and he’ll take you to a good place
    48. Take 7 good photos, but I’m pretty sure you can only take 8 photos, so dont mess up
    – Alligator
    – Gazelle
    – Elephant
    – Bird
    49. Aafter you token 7 good photos, Zeke will give you a mining hat
    50. Put on the mining hat a get out of SAFARI and to DIAMOND MINES
    51. Do whatever you have to to get to the right end
    52. The working man will let you through, go to the yellowinsh machiene
    53. Click in the stick between the yellow and green light, it turns off the eletric
    54. You only have a matter of time to go back left, up the grass, go right, and enter in to somewhere
    55. When you entered, go left and jump on the minecarts railings to the top, go to where all the carts came from and enter down
    56. See that green button? Aand the can to the very left with a fire sticker on it?
    57. First, turn off the green light
    58. Push the can till the bolder blocks it
    59. Turn the green light back on and the bolder explodes
    60. Turn off the green light again
    61. Move the can till the very very very end!
    62. Turn the green light back on
    63. The rocks explode
    64. Enter the new room
    65. Go right, push the thing until it goes down the ramp, the thing when be like a roller coaster
    66. When it oes to the top, bend your head DOWN
    67. Also, when it tells you to jump; JUMP!
    68. Might have to try it a couple times
    69. When you are done, you have entered a new room
    70. Go right, jump on the bump, and jump on the blocks
    71. Click on the jewels, they say that you can reconize the Nabooti jewel by the magnifing glass
    72. Pick up the magnifing galss on the bottom right hand corner
    73. Once you found the right jewel, go up the rope
    74. Get out of the DIAMOND MINE and to Blue Nile Fall again
    75. Go all the way up a few grass cliffs, and to the person with a chicken, feed, and a fox.
    76. Press how can I help, heres how to do it
    -Bring the chicken to the other side
    – Bring the feed to the other side, don’t go back yet
    – Take the chicken and bring it to the other side again
    -Take the fox and bring it the the other side
    – Take the chicken and bring it to the other side again
    77. When your done, the person will tell you that a secret cave is behind the large bush in the right waterfall
    78. Jump to a stone to the RIGHT
    79. Like the person said, go to the large bush (kinda looks like another plant) and click on it
    80. Enter the secret hole
    81. Jump to the possible skinny , tall cliff, ignore the spike, and jump FASTER THAN FAST!
    82. You don’t have to jump faster, it’s just better, some skinny cliffs, when you land on some, a spike will drop, you fall down the water, and get up again, but there will be no spike the second time
    83. Once you jumped over the cliffs, walk right and get the purple jewel
    84. Go out of BLUE NILE FALL and back to KAYA’S FOREST
    85. Go right, see the big turtle? Feed it the redish fruit thing, it will move, use your shovel to dig a spot, and you’ll get a elephant and 2 soliders, talk to them
    86. He asked for help, we’ll come back
    87. Get out of KEYA’S FOREST and to GIZA, before you go to Giza, go back to Nabooti Isalnd and do a last trade to get something, go back to Kaya’s Forests and return the fingo, you’ll get a jewel(now go back to Giza)
    88.Look at your shovel closely. See the number? Dial it on the cellphone
    89. Someone will get, click on his backpack and you’ll get a moon stone
    90. Place the moonstone in the ring on top of the cat thingy
    91. It will open the door, enter it
    92. Go right, see the thing with 4 strings on it?
    93. Click and move the strings until all the strings are in ROWS
    94. Go more right and jump on the block, till the end, go in the room
    95. Jump p, walk left and see the 4 blocks?
    96. you have to match the 4 block to the bottom, once you did you can go on the thing that held the 4 blocks and jump VERY left to get onto the trap door, well used to be a trapdoor
    97. Walk left, go down, and see the block?
    98. Jump on the pictured blocks in a order, to know which comes first, the first room in this pyrimid had markings, the markings tell which is in order
    99. When you got the 4 blocks, jump to the last block and go you the rope, go right
    100. Look at the BIG statue, next to it are mini pictures of the satue, go to the right one a flip the swich
    101. Flip the next swich, go reight another statur, flip it’s swiches, go fast cause the sand is rising!!!
    102. You can always press reset, which is on the very left
    103. Oh yeah, see the picture in the bottom middle/ The statues are telling to oreder, the swich just makes the statues fall down, so get to know the oreder first
    104. If you did it correctly, the coffin will open, realving a mummy with the last gem, get out of the place and back to NABOOTI!
    105. Go back to the museum and put the gems back
    106. Put gems in order like this:
    107. YOU FINISH!
    Dial 911 on the cellphone and you can wear a polica hat Dial 411 and get a brain Hat
    My account is

  27. shaggy tornado says:

    This is the Time Tangled guide, not the Nabooti guide. You should have commented on the Nabooti guide.
    P.S. Scary Tomato, isnt the Poptropican in the Aztec period a man? 😕

    Scary Tomato: I’m not sure, but it looked more like a woman than a man to me… 😐

  28. serious spider says:

    You should post that on the Nabooti guide link not here.

    Anyway, I was meant to reply ages ago but I still managed to pass Time Tangled Island with my account because I got my bro to keep jumping and somehow (amazingly) managed to grab the Peace medal!

  29. little melon says:

    Hey Scary Tomato! You used MY way of getting out of the cave! I fell into the water. IT WORKED!

    Scary Tomato: It’s not really “your way”… anyone can do it. No offence. 😉

  30. Lina says:

    litle melon: Like Scary Tomato said, it is not really your way if you know what i mean. but i have to agree, i thought it was my way until i read the guide! 😆

    Scary Tomato: I fixed it for you. Follow the instructions exactly as they tell you on the Cool Stuff page. 😉

  31. little melon says:

    Serious spider, I know another way to get the bonus viking suit! Go below where the viking suit is and press Ctrl+Shift+F5 and jump. Then you will fly!!!!!!!!!!!! Then fly to the platform. You will get it!

  32. little melon says:

    What I meant by “my way” is that I fell into the water after getting the vase and my Poptropican said “oh no! torches don’t work in water!” and you got out of the cave and you wrote it Scary Tomato.

  33. Sky says:

    CTRL+Shift+F5 then jump makes it so you can fly, like on super power island at the end you get a flying power Exept on ANY island!
    cool cheat little melon!

  34. boney wing says:

    WOW thnx 4 the walkthru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if it wasent 4 u i would still b on mt chair watching youtube explanayions that dont make sence!!!!!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!

  35. little melon says:

    Sorry, but the flying cheat got removed today. Don’t get mad at me for lying.
    -Little Melon aka Thirsty Rider
    (Little Melon and Thirsty Rider are my poptropica accounts)

  36. Cool Icicle says:

    if your getting a headache on the cave-and-vase part (like me!) or are just bored maybe you can go to main street jump up party tower and bounce on the black lines with birds,it really catapults you up so try the bottom lines

    Scary Tomato: I love doing that. :mrgreen:

  37. shannon (a.k.a gentle cloud) says:

    This guid is cool and all, but it doesn’t say how to get the notebook that has all of the inventions and stuff in it…well if it did then I didn’t see it….

    Scary Tomato: The notebook for Leonardo da Vinci’s time is mentioned in this guide. However, you can’t read it. 😉

  38. Green Berry says:

    Scary Tomato,
    Iluved the end of this mission! I hope this is how the real future is because Contamination reduction helps our planet. TY AGAIN!

  39. Wild Singer says:

    this guide was great! it really helped my get my way around. thanks to you scary tomato, i finally finished the island that i was desperately trying to finish.

  40. Fantastic Star says:

    All I need to do is claim my medal!!!
    -P.S. Poptropica is so awesome! Thanks for this guide, Scary Tomato!!!!!!! 🙂

  41. Jennifer says:

    This is a a VERY kool (cool) website! I’m sorta new to Poptropica, so I need some help with some things. I mean c’mon, some people are guineses when it comes to things like this, and these guineses that created this amazing website are, Scary Tomato, Smockers, Codien, and Grumpy Wolf!

  42. moomoo says:

    you must be working hard man!
    thanks whoever wrote this! it let me beat this in only 2 hours,thats not bad compared to other islands ive done,anyway you really helped I LOVE POPTROPICA!

  43. Chocoholic says:

    Hi!!Thanxx for the guide but next time check your spelling in Leonardo da Vinci you wrote ”The time priod will be repaired!”and im copying and pasting(hope theres no copyright)anyway thanxxxx thanxxx thanx time tangled is realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly long and so it mustve been boring to write thanxx again(and again)

    Scary Tomato: Thanks, I’ve fixed it now. 🙂

  44. Incredible Monster says:

    Oh no! i tried to go on Poptropica today but it’s down for maintenance! Oh well. Anyways, COOL GUIDE!

  45. Lemon908 says:

    Oh my! This is the overall BEST website for poptropica cheats ever! I love the format of how u guys write them. I think its totally cool. I’ve used ur cheats for almost every island! U explain them so well! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! U GUYS ROCK!

    ~ Lemon

  46. Shifty Lobster says:

    Love the walkthrough, I didn’t really like the part where you have to go in the cave to get the golden vase. Only because I was silly and didn’t read on to see the direction for the cave >________>

    Other than that, good job on the walkthrough


  47. Brittany says:

    This was really useful. Thanks. It helped get through the last part. Man, this is the funnest game ever! Fer-sure. Alright, well thanks again.

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    I think poptropica is the best website for kids because i couldn’t find a website that was fun but my friend suggested poptropica and i have been playing ever since
    I really enjoy it
    Poptropica Rocks
    This guide is also awesome because i am trying to do all the islands and i was stuck on time tangled and this guide really helps me
    thank you Poptropica

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    Hey Phb staff, can i please use your Time Tangled, Spy, Astro-Knights, Nabooti, and Big Nate Island Help Guides for my blog? Thanks!

    Maroon Thunder

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    I thimk your guide was really cool. I wanted to try a level all by myself. I almost did but on super power island i couldn’t find out how to catch Betty Jetty so i used your guide. It was really helpful. I will use it more often!!!!

  51. Little Cloud aka director Cloud aka Lady Cloud says:

    When i went to time Tangled island i saw that the pendulum lab light was flashing,(and ive already finished time tangled island!)so i went inside,and went into the time machene.the beautiful future was replaced by the ugly possible future!I tryed to restore the the vikings time,i tryed to get the amulet of thor,but the old man said that i already had the amulet!please help me.

    -Lady boa who just lost her sky home.

  52. purple fang says:

    this was really helpful, because everything is so mixed up in time tangled and if it wasn’t for this, i NEVER would’ve finished that place!!!

  53. joker says:

    it took me 7 days to figure it out before i saw your help blog … -.- … i should have known eariler ._.

  54. joker says:

    hmm.. actually i used the oracle to find out where is the things to… the oracle gave some clues to help us get those items .. espically the sun stone….=]

  55. ash says:

    how do u get back to the presnt at the end when u talk to ur future after u have finished the mission?? plzz tel me quick!

    Hijuyo: Use your time device to go back to the present-time Lab.

  56. Abey Lee says:

    hey thank u a billion times all the others didn’t tell me specifically wat to do urs did and agin thank you a billon gilllon times

  57. Shaky Crown says:

    You don’t need to have the glider wings to get the medal for Leonardo da Vinci you put the swing you used to get to the house to the top then you got to they swing that is halfway on it’s rope you jump on to it then jump to the medal. I hope it works for you

  58. halazona says:

    I Just Wanted To Ask Hijuyo How She Managed To Write This In So Much Detail!!
    And Thanks Alot 😀

    Hijuyo: It took a lot of work, but I’m glad it has helped you! 🙂

  59. neatheartluvschinese says:

    In the portion you titled The Graff House, you said that there were hedgehogs on the ground. However, those animals are porcupines which are actually commonly found in the Pennsylvania wildlife.

    Hijuyo: They might be either, or you could be right. Close enough – it doesn’t make a big difference whichever kind it is. 😛

  60. Messy Bee says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I must say, this is the hardest island to do without help! And I noticed something, when you were on top of the tree in the Louis and Clark expedition place, it says “Clark was here” on the tree.

  61. karina says:

    i loooove this website! all the giudes are super accurate and really easy 2 understand! I was stuck for 5 months trying to get out of it and it just proves how amazing you guys are to be able to get it so fast! (and remember everything you did)!!!! HAHAHA! well i wouldnt have it any other way! keep being awsome

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  63. sammykayswizzle says:

    So, I went to the Graff House & I went to the roof & onto the chimeny. I went to go get the salt rocks, & they weren’t there! It must be a glitch or something! But it really frustrates me. I’ve beaten everything else except for that one place where they need the salt rocks. In the beggining, I got the salt rocks & gave them to him. But it says I didn’t & the salt rocks are gone. I really don’t know what to do anymore! What should I do?

    Hijuyo: Sorry to bring you bad news, but that’s a glitch that doesn’t seem to have a known solution. You should probably just move on and skip that island, but if you really want to finish the island, make a new account.

  64. Hellokitty says:

    OHHHH thnx alot i found this the hardest island it took me a week to finish it .

    Ok by the way r u a girl or a boy n im a girl

  65. Larry says:

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  66. Melody Brocke says:

    I Just finished the island. Your guides are the best Hijuyo!!! Thanks.
    I am half was done ALL the islands. The first half. So, you can ask me for help one some of them to. Like one red dragon island I couldn’t get to the part to fix the bridge. I found out that I needed to click one the clay stuff in my bag to get to the part.

  67. Sydney says:

    Thanks for helping with the island it took me for ever the first time so I reastarted the island and now I can do it right!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!! 🙂

  68. Random Person says:

    My poptropican 50 years older wasn’t wearing the rock girl 2 eyeliner/star makeup. Also, instead of my red velvet colored hair (Which by the way, I made in 24 Carrot Island), she had gray hair. 😛

    • Magic Lightning says:

      Obviously you 50 years from now will look like you, but do you expect your character to have the exact same look it had 50 years ago? Obviously there would be slight changes. My poptropican holds a hammer and my future self held a stick instead O.o

  69. Nottelling says:

    this really helped! i kept getting confused without this! Poptropica is really cool. my future house is awesome! except the robot…

  70. Undefined Undefined says:

    Anyone remember Mr. Crow? Or do I just have a bad memory, since I was 5 when I saw him? Someone tell me if I’m right or wrong, because I looked him up but there were not any results, and I’m almost POSITIVE I saw him.

    Please help,
    Undefined Undefined 🙂

  71. Blue Wolf says:

    My hair’s white, and the older version has a gray-ish white hair color… Anyways, thank you for the help!
    Blue Wolf(Female Poptropican ‘Angel’)

    • Magic Lightning says:

      When you arrive at the Great Wall Of China, go to the right as far as you can. On a small platform there should be a barrel filled with some black stuff. That’s the gunpowder.

  72. Trinity says:

    When I found out that the old lady was me from the future, the first thought that popped into my head was “Hi future me!”!

  73. lovie21890 says:

    when u said grab the pot on the beavers head heres a example of wat u should have said it trick to get the pot because every time u jump or hits it home it going to go inside its home because ur scaring it away so it going to hide from u. soo hopefully u fix that but other than that thx for ur information it helped me really and a lot of other people but when said that it was difficult for me because u know it hide when i tried to jump and get the pot hopefully u fix that

    Slanted Fish: No, it just pops out every once in a while, and you have to be quick to grab it.

    • lovie21890 says:

      oh thx and for me it doesnt pop up every once in a while but i finally got past it soo thxxxxxxxxxxxxx soooooooooooooooo much my sky home is amazing and thx again

    • Magic Lightning says:

      Probably a glitch occured when the server was trying to create someone who looks just like you and make him older to create you 50 years from now, and accidentally put him as one of the future citizens.

  74. alyssajobug says:

    the year for The Graff House is actually 1777 but thats ok! thank you for soooooo much help!!!!!!!

    Slanted Fish: According to the time device on Poptropica and the historical signing of the Declaration of Independence, it was 1776. 😛

  75. Anomymous says:

    Last time I did it I was confused. Thank you for the vikings hint because I have lost my way in the cave. A million thank yous

  76. Sarah says:

    I can’t find the gold vase at the end of the cave in the Viking place, even though I took the right path. Can you help?

    • Magic Lightning says:

      Are you sure? Try watching a video or refreshing the page. I myself can say that there were A LOT of glitches on this island, so try refreshing. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do than restart the island :I

  77. Angelica-Fresh says:

    I bought the baby girl costume from the store, and you have no idea how funny it is to see yourself as elder, dressed up as a baby.

  78. Charlize says:

    I finished all the places on the time watch thingy but it somethings wrong with it,BUT I didnt finish the indian place and its not letting me, because when I gave the curry guy my rock salts I saved it and logged off…and the next day I completed all the places except ‘india’ because the man said I didnt get his rocksalts, and I already did, because I checked the red house for where to get the rocksalts but Its not there any more..SOO LOST BUT I DONT WANT TO RESTART THE ISLAND!!!!NEED HELP..but I doubt anyone would know how to fix it.

    Slanted Fish: Sounds like a glitch. You can try contacting Poptropica about the problem or restarting the island.

      • rebecca rodriquez says:

        OOOMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG i put the headdress on but the ugly boy wont give me the goggles. he’s just like, “I like your mask.” like boy okay now give me the goggles!!!

    • Bronze Boot says:

      If “Slanted Fish” is a glitch, and this keeps on happening, just try to create a new character and if you friended Slanted Fish, don’t friend him/her again. Redo the island, and use this website, it’s simple! (sk8ter910… Friend me!)

      • Slanted Fish says:

        @Bronze Boot – That’s not how it works. I (Slanted Fish) was replying (in bold text) to Charlize on how to address the glitch, which has nothing to do with friending me (but my usernames are hi.Juyo and slantedfish if you wish to add me). I hope the guide helps you, though. 😉

  79. Bronze Boot says:

    Time Tangled Island is really cool! I loved completing it! I did Early Poptropica, too! Wow, this website is great! My friend (she doesn’t want her name to be mentioned) just joined us on Poptropica and is having trouble, so I told her to use this website and she already has 5 islands down! (P.S. add me: sk8ter910)

  80. the most amazing chocolate covered with sprinkles ice cream ever! AKA magic snowball (kkool223) says:

    The future. SPOOKY 😦 i can’t belive we all have sky homes. To be honest, i actully hate the future (no offense 🙂 its horrible. sorry eveyone.

  81. Chilly Storm says:

    hey, i didnt find the ponograph! 😦 WHAT HAPPENING? 😦

    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’re in the right place! The phonograph is on top of the Treasury building in Ancient Greece.

  82. Thirst Wolf says:

    Please help! When I went to the statue of liberty building place, I went into the building, but there was only some guy saying some other guy was distraught about the statuette. I talked to a man atop the statue and he says that I have the statue and I should return it to the guy. WHO IS THIS GUY? I also don’t understand what you mean by the “chat option.” do you mean like in the common rooms? that can happen outside of Common Rooms? am really confused.

  83. Unknown says:

    Awesome and super informative. Did you know there is a free viking suit at the very right of the viking world on the huge cliff?(must use glider to get and fly from cave)

  84. Purple Socks says:

    ok,so apparently because they improved time tangled island, I have to start over again! RAAR!!!!!! and i can’t get 2 the top of mt. everest cause at the first rope it just takes me back down when i try to go up!! 😡

  85. swag says:

    i had the same probem i emailed them and they fixed it i had to restart, and the at first it doesnt work but the second it does^

  86. Fast Crush says:

    help! In the future, I can’t get the hovering platform to float up to my house. When i get on it, it brings me up a bit and then drops me.

  87. corine.bell.poptropican.forever. says:

    Umm there is another wayy to retrieve that notebook, you could jump on the tallest ledge on top of the brown statue and, go RIGHT you should land on the 2 boxes and, jump up with all your might and, you should land on a trampoline go LEFT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT, then you have the book 🙂 thats the most easiest wayy btw

  88. PopLover says:

    Please help me.I am stuck on 24 Carrot island.I can go to the blimp,but the map…The blimp won’t move.I can’t travel to another island,and even creating a new account won’t work.The new account gets replaced with the old one.
    So please help me,nothing can ever work with me please anyone tell me anything.

    Slanted Fish: Sounds like a glitch. Try playing on a different web browser and contacting Poptropica!

  89. Magic Lightning says:

    OMG I discovered something so weird! when i finished time tangled island i randomly decided to go to shark tooth island where i bought the “follower spook pack”, i tested my follower to see how he flew and then i randomly jumped onto the very top of the Tourism Center where there was a ANCIENT GREEK SOLDIER STANDING THERE! I talked to him and he said ” Why am I here? I should be on Time Twisted ( a.k.a Time Tangled) Island!!!!”
    OMG 0.o
    I bet no Poptropican has ever seen this before. I should be famous!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Actually, that soldier on Shark Tooth was originally supposed to be a teaser for Time Tangled before the island came out (it was also being advertised as “Time Twisted”). Mysteriously, the soldier reappeared there around the time the updated version of Time Tangled came out in February 2014, possibly to advertise, although they didn’t change the words “Time Twisted”. You can read more about it in one of the PHB posts here. 🙂

  90. Magic Lightning says:

    And another thing, when you want to get that silver medal thingy at Leornado Da Vinci’s place there is another way you can do it other than using the glider. You can jump onto the platform which lifts you high enough to reach the actual workshop. Jump on it until it goes all the way down. The bottom-most (lowest) platform should be near the silver medal enough for you to jump and get it!

  91. Magic Lightning says:

    There were alot of glitches on the new version on this island. 😡 But i managed to get through it eventually!

  92. coolkid45666 says:

    the watch says the lab is in 2014 why is that

    Slanted Fish: The lab year is whatever year it is right now, which as of now is 2014. 😉

  93. Shaky Dragon says:

    I had the mask from the atzec empire on and the glider on at leo’s time period, and when I got the peace medal, I just flew up to the top of the screen,which was a good thing because I had my glider on, and it was just soooooooooooooo awesome!!!:-)

  94. Shaky Dragon says:

    also when i had the mask and gliuder on and i was in the future and i went in the water i flew up to the top of the screen.is it a glich or smtng

  95. Ashlynn says:

    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gave the amulet to the boy but i reloded the page and he dosent have it i cheked my inventory i cheked where it is supposed to be it is not there.

  96. gaby8132001 says:

    once u reach the cave in the vikings time, u have to use leonardo da vinci’s glider and jump all the way to the right. you get a free vinkings costume! thx for the blog, extremely helpful.

  97. Dignity AJ says:

    XD If you click the robot in your sky home, you’ll say ‘Would you please stop following me around!’

  98. Powerpingu19 says:

    Uhhhh, I’m playing POPTROPICA on my iPad. When I do this island, I can’t find any plug anywhere (when I need to powers the machine)! Can you help? Thnx.

    Slanted Fish: The plug should be on the lowest level of the building.

  99. Popper says:

    Help when I try to go to the future after repairs all the time periods the machine won’t power up. I have retried it a few times and it still doesn’t work..

  100. Short Fire says:

    How Do I Fly, My glider isn’t working (I honestly can’t remember how because this was the first island I ever did on my old account so I lost all my data) Add Me + miamya99123 (I think the nick name says Short Fire

  101. Kylie says:

    my hovering platform keeps glitching or something because it never brings me high enough to go to the tube and I am not falling off it just brings me a different length every time

  102. veronica says:

    help i went back to the lab after completing the island and its not the future its only the same lab when i started the island what do i do?

    Slanted Fish: You need to power up the future machine by pushing the plug like in the beginning. 😉

  103. Lone Star says:

    In the Viking era, if you equip the gliders from the deVinchi era and go the cave entrance, you can jump and go to the right and get a Viking Suit. Don’t know if you know this 🙂

  104. nervous seagull says:

    if you equip the glider and go to Vikings, 831 and go to the cave where you found the golden vase and go right and jump. you will land on a ledge and there you will find the viking costume

  105. stupididiot says:

    Wow, that was fun! I adore the future house. I also got the viking suit 😀 The thing with edison singing mary had a little lamb for real is amazing.

    • Blue Starfish says:

      That also happened to my sister.She just had to keep on getting it back.Or you could save the part in which you give the amulet back until all the other time periods are completed.Then try again.

  106. Bella says:

    This is a really good site thanks for making it.

    This is just an idea but what if you get your own youtube channel to put this kind of stuff on?

  107. the KILLAMETER says:

    Every single time I go on Poptropica I always search up “poptropica (name of island) walkthrough” and no matter what I would go on this you’ve helped me alot and I think everyone got alot of help from this sight! ROCK ON SCARY TOMATOE!!! (plz replie if you agree)

  108. Sporty Bird (imprincess5) girl says:

    When i asked my sister “What was the hardest island you did?” She said it was Time Tangled, because she didnt use a guide like this one.

  109. lucky bird says:

    Hey guys, I have a doubt, since TT is an IOTM, I know that I’m supposed to get 300 credits for repeat finishing. But when I completed the island now, That credits bag in the congratulations pop up was missing. Does that mean I got my 300 credits or not??

    • Slanted Fish says:

      @lucky bird – I’m not sure, but you can check your Store or Friends profile to see how many credits you currently have, so you can see if you were given the amount you earned!

  110. Fearless Penguin says:

    So on time tangled island i have fixed all of the past. But when I go to the future it is still bad. Help?

    • Marissa says:

      I am too. I have it on my phone and I´ve finished everything and when I go into the future it shows it for a second then brings me into the ruins. I have no idea what to do.

  111. alondra says:

    I restored the past but when I go back to the future it is still the same as it is in the beginning someone pls help.

  112. Marissa says:

    I downloaded Poptropica on my phone and I finished all the quests on Time Tangled Island and when I go into the future it shows it for a second then brings me to the ruins and I don’t know what to do. I have all of the past restored but it isn’t fixing the future. What should I do?

  113. Mickey says:

    I had completed all the time travel task thibgys (out of the order listed above) returned all the ppls jawngerellas and my time machine reads all green and the lab sign is. Blinking white the lab tedch says it has appeared you fixed all the stuff so check it out and when I travel to the future it’s still a mess I thinkm there’s a glitch also in the Atlantis thing there’s a typo when you take more then one pic of a glyph

  114. Mickey says:

    Oh and even though I’m v sure I completed everything the lab tech said I did & my travel watch thingy is all green & I restarted the app & had exited to the map and back it still doesn’t work. Fix it i have no life and I love this games graphics it’s so cute

  115. Leiah says:

    You have good advice and instructions but everytime I go back to the future nothing has changed. I’ve completed and even got the extra items. I don’t know what to do now.

  116. zach says:

    This was so helpful i like this island and the carnival island I got my costume from the carnival island and the store i look like a bug with the clown suit on its a Halloween costume

  117. Kat says:

    Hey I was wondering how you were able to use my poptropican as an example in your guide (Lewis and Clark, Aztec, and the Statue of Liberty). I typed my player’s name in google and saw it in this link. Im currently trying to recover it because i’ve been playing it since 2008 (before the “add parent e-mail for ‘forgot password’ ” feature and all that membership mess) and i still wasn’t able to retrieve it. Any pointers on doing so?

  118. mad tornado says:

    i have cleared this island so much that i know it like the back of my hand i just gotta say i hope they bring time tangled to poptropica worlds

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