14 thoughts on “Time to Tangle with credits to spangle ๐Ÿค‘”

  1. Ok now I’m mad at poptropica.

    They removed getting credits from the islands. WHY!!! I CAN’T LOG IN EVERY SINGLE DAY


    SO WHY. Now I’ll not even bother playing islands I’ve already done..

    And imagine if you’re about to finish seven days and when you login pn the seventh day you get the black screen ๐Ÿ˜

    1. I’m stressing with writing for the PCB, finishing up a website I have to code for a class I’m taking, and drawing fan art and requests… I sometime just want to play Poptopica to chill but there NOTHING to do. So watching Naruto and drawing has taken over my chill time….๐Ÿ˜

    2. are you able to log in on all the days except the seventh day, or have you been getting black screen every day when you log in?

  2. Hey guys,
    I was thinking, Poptropica is making mini-quests and ad islands more than they bring back what we want, right? Which means that’s what our membership money goes into. And those get old
    after a while. Since they get boring so quickly, Poptropica is kinda wasting our money.
    As the ad sales lady said on Mocktropica, “It’s your money. You can do what you want with it.” What we want is old islands back, so wouldn’t it make more sense for the creators to put our money into bringing back old islands?
    I’ve been sending in many emails and messages to the creators about this, but they don’t seem to listen.
    I think that the only way to convince the creators to use our money on what we want is to stop paying for memberships.
    I don’t want to make too big of a deal out of it, and I certainly don’t want to start a riot or anything, but it kind of makes sense. If the creators don’t use our money on the things we want, and instead uses it on things that are only good for a day or so, why should we keep paying?
    I have already informed the creators about this, and I have already cancelled my membership, and I told them that I, and hopefully others, won’t pay for memberships until they announce on their blog that they will from now on use our money on what we want.
    Some people may think that this is going a bit too far, but we’ve been going through with this for years. I think it’s time to take action and do something. If these are the lengths we need to take, so be it. This may be the only way to get their attention, so please help.
    Thank you so much for understanding. You don’t have to if you don’t want to; I’m just trying to do my part in bringing Poptropica back to life.

    1. To be fair, ad games/โ€œislandsโ€ are generating money for Poptropica. Ads and memberships are their main sources of revenue. People are free to choose whether or not they want to pay for something like a Poptropica membership, but if we want Poptropica to survive, it does need financial resources like any other business. Of course, whether or not our membership dollars are supporting the creation/maintenance of the game we want to play (i.e. one with real story-driven islands) is another consideration.

    2. I kind of agree. I don’t use membership And I’m glad because there’s hardly sometime to play Poptropica and since I’ve done almost everything available right now. I just join when there is a costume update

  3. I finished time tangled yesterday it took long but it is fun Iโ€™ve been looking forward to another island to play because Iโ€™ve finished all the islands on the map

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