Déjà vu, it’s Kamp Koral Island 2 🧽

Hey Poptropicans, remember Kamp Koral Island? It’s back!

Poptropica’s third SpongeBob Island comes with three limited time items which you can win from playing the various mini-games.

The first thing you’ll see on Kamp Koral Island 2 is SpongeBob standing by a house marked Obstacle Course and surrounded by balloons. Getting the game to activate was a real obstacle for me, but fortunately, Ammonite provided some pics. At the end of this sea-legged race, you’ll win Plankton’s Helicopter Pack.

The fun continues at the next house over, marked Jellyfish Meadows. This is the exact same game from last time — collect all the jellyfish before time runs out — though the prize is different. You’ll win a Wacky Pool Noodle, which has a thrust action accompanied by SpongeBob’s hilariously creepy laugh!

Nearby, talk to Plankton and he’ll tell you that SpongeBob borrowed his chips. Follow the chip trail up to the lookout at the top and pick up your very own purple Chip Bag! (Tap the space bar to take a bite.)

That’s all for the prizes, but there are a few more activities left on the island! Like the previous SpongeBob Islands, you can play three head-to-head arcade games: High Dive (Sky Dive), Star Link, and Bubble-loons (Balloons), all styled with SpongeBob graphics. Also like last time, you can pull a lever to make jellyfish rain.

While it may be too late for this iteration of Kamp Koral to make it to the 2021 Poppies, there’s still time left to vote for the “Okay-est Ad Island” and other fan awards. Be sure to cast your votes before the poll closes this Thursday, and join us this Saturday for a poppin’ party (that’s got the Creators’ seal of approval) to hear the winners announced live! 🏆🏝



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