Balloons or bust! Looking to get good at the Balloons game on Poptropica? Float on over here and we’ll help you pop ’em in no time.

To start a game of Balloons, visit any of the common rooms (like the Arcade) and look for the head-to-head game machine. Click the arrows on the side until you come to Balloons, then wait for an opponent to join you.

How to play

Like a reverse Connect Four, the goal is to get four of your color in a row, but unlike the original game, the balloons float up, not down.

Click on a nozzle to release a balloon. The first person to get four balloons in a row wins! You can line them up straight or diagonally.

Video Guide

Tips & Tricks

You and your opponent will be on opposite sides with pumps corresponding to the color of your balloons: red on the left, blue on the right. Each player takes turns to release a balloon from the nozzles on the ground. Don’t wait too long when it’s your turn, or your turn may get skipped!

First to form a row of four balloons of their color wins. If the whole grid is filled and there is no winner, it’s a tie. Some tricks you can try are:

  • Putting a balloon in a corner makes it easier to form a diagonal connection of four. (Thanks, Silver Wolf!)
  • Keep an eye on your opponent’s balloons so you can block them when they almost have a row of four. (Thanks, Zany Dragon!)
  • Before planting a balloon, check to see whether you may be aiding your opponent in getting closer to a row, particularly for diagonals.
  • Put a balloon on either side of the middle, then put a balloon in the middle itself. Then if your opponent blocks the sides, you can try to put the balloons in a diagonal. (Thanks, Shaggy Tornado!)

Have a tip for Balloons? Share it in the comments! ๐Ÿ‘‡

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33 thoughts on “Balloons”

  1. Adam, dont you mean baloons is like connect four?

    Scary Tomato: Probably, yes… Find Four and Connect Four are the same game, just with different names. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I call it connect four. But the counters/balloons are inserted the opposite way around.

    Scary Tomato: Yep, there is a game called Connect Four – but it’s a little different. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Scary Tomato, the Creator’s Blog added a post of a Big Nate comic strip called New Years Resolutions, OK?

    Scary Tomato: I saw that. I usually don’t bother to post Big Nate comics, though. Only a few times. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. little melon, I go on Club Penguin too! my penguin is Midnight4568 and I go on server Blizzard almost always

    Scary Tomato: Cool, but, please don’t talk about Club Penguin here. It’s off topic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hey if u r really bad at this game there is a glitch… if u ask someone 2 play it don’t press play wait and wait and wait until it says other player has left so u win the game! Try it it works! (;

    1. I know, but I don’t think you get a higher battle ranking. I’ve tried it. And I don’t think it’s a glitch.

  6. It is a good idea if you start first to head straight for the middle. That way, you may get to put one on the left and right, so you can win either way. (like if you have 3 in the middle, you can put one on either side and you win, even if the other player puts one on the side)

  7. My way of playing this game is that I put a balloon on either side of the middle then I put a balloon in the middle itself. Then if the opponent blocks the sides, I can try to put the balloons in a diagonal.

    ST: Great tip! I’ve added it to this page now.

  8. What I do is I try to make a diagonal, and while the other player is making a vertical and is thinking I’m being dumb, I catch him off guard at the last moment! And of course, it’s to late for him/her to recover so I win! This is my 2nd favorite game!

  9. Keep an eye on your opponent’s balloons to make sure they don’t have an almost-row. If they do, block it. While doing this, also try to make your own row. The diagonals are usually the hardest to spot, so this is important for those especially.;)

  10. How long is a turn(if you keep waiting) How long will you get?

    Hijuyo: I don’t know exactly, but long enough for you to actually make use of your turn. You could try and time how long you get.

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