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Zomberry on Roblox: Humans vs Zombies Survival Guide ๐ŸงŸ๐Ÿซ

Look out: the Zomberry outbreak is back, but not on Pop! Poptropica’s second Roblox game is out and this time, it’s hide-and-seek.

To play Zomberry: Humans vs Zombies, you’ll need a free Roblox account. Once you enter the game, you’ll find yourself in the parking lot of Joe’s Donut Drive-in, which is the lobby waiting area. We’ll delve more into fun finds from this area below, but for now, click “ready to play”!

Two or more players can start a game, which already makes it more accessible than Pop’s first Roblox try, Unicorn Frenzy. Each player is randomly assigned to one of two teams: humans or zombies.

  • ๐ŸงŸ Team Zombie: You’ll start off in a shed and will need to bust open the door by rapidly clicking on it till it opens. Once you’re free, start looking for humans so you can infect them with your spit! If all humans are infected and become zombies, zombies win.
  • ๐Ÿ‘ท๐Ÿพ Team Human: Your role is to run and hide from the zombies. If you’re infected, you’ll join the zombies team to try to infect others! But if you can stay hidden until the 3 minutes are up, humans win.

You’ll also play as a random 3D Poptropican avatar, which could be any random civilian or, if you’re lucky, an iconic character such as Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot Island, Xavier Pendragon from Home Island, or even Joe Puddy himself from the OG Zomberry Island.

But that’s not all of the familiar faces: in the arena, you can find a fountain with the missing statue of Xavier from the Home Island quest. And in the lobby, inside Joe’s Donut Drive-in, the storekeeper is none other than Amelia… with a zombie caged above her: the Baron. Eerie…

By the way, you can talk to Amelia by clicking on the cup of caffeine (one of her beloved teas?) in front of her. She’ll explain that zombies have taken over the city, and now the donut shop is a safe house.

Behind the counter, you can also find secret rooms inside the donut shop. The one on the left is a storage room with another bizarre sight: a Frozen Zombie. The one on the right is a cozier room with film gear, a unicorn plushie you can ride, and framed photos previously seen in Amelia’s home (thanks for the tip, Tough Spinner!).

Back out in the lobby, you can find the leaderboard as well as a few more Easter eggs. On the outside walls of the donut shop are movie posters previously seen in Poptropica: Pony Bros (PoptropiCon), Night of the Living Carrots (24 Carrot), and Zombie in Paradise (Zomberry).

Poke around and you’ll find a mini one-seater car which you can ride around the lot at varying speeds. The car even has “RED” as its license plate โ€” could be the Red Baron’s? She’s quarantined now, so enjoy!

If you played this Zomberry game on its release day, April 1, you might’ve met the Pop Creators, who held a launch party at 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST, but were also online for a while before that. ๐ŸŽ‰

Plus, the friends of @Pop_Creators account that hosts Pop’s Roblox games might reveal individual team members’ Roblox handles. ๐Ÿ‘€ We don’t recognize most of the 12 names, but there are a few familiar ones, like Pop artists @jonpitcher (Jon Pitcher aka Master Mime) and @lionhearted_gale (Abigail Grigg, who also has a webcomic called “King and Lionheart”). And @bloctorhare: “block” and “Dr. Hare”?

Another point worth mentioning: Poptropica’s Roblox games mark the first time officially having free chat in a Poptropica medium, something they’ve previously shied away from due to safety concerns. It might be a welcome change for players, but also indicates a shift in values.

Overall, this Zomberry romp is a decent minigame with some nice references to tie it into the Poptropica universe we know and love, which gives it more substance than Unicorn Frenzy. But as with that other Roblox release, and with our half-joking rant on release day, we’re still left wondering why develop on Roblox in the first place. It’s more Poptropica this time, sure โ€” just not the Poptropica we’re looking for.

๐Ÿ Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! ๐Ÿ


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  1. Thanks for mentioning me in this blog! I wasn’t expecting that.
    Btw I did not know you could talk to Amelia.

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