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5 reasons Poptropica is the best virtual world for kids

While surfing through the waves of the web, I came across an article called “Five things learned from five years of Poptropica“, which you can click to read if you’re interested. It’s written by Director D – I mean James Lema, the director of product development at Poptropica.


Anyway, onto the good part! Here were 5 reasons James cited as what makes Poptropica a better kids’ virtual world than any other game:

  1. We are not building a game. Letโ€™s create a collection of narrative driven quests.

  2. Ask for age and gender. If they want to register, ask them after they have played around for a while.

  3. 2D is faster, cheaperโ€ฆ and none of us know 3D.

  4. We will use pre-scripted / random chat.

  5. We are NOT Facebook for kids.

Interestingly, Poptropica started out with a staff of just two artists, one of them being Lema, and Poptropicans spend an average of 30 minutes per session on the site! If you’d like to read more, check out Lema’s Poptropica article on Dubit, which explains the 5 things more in-depth.

Want to know what we at the PHB think about Poptropica? Check out our Poptropica: Game Reviewย article in the Cool Stuff section!

Now the question is, why do YOU think Poptropica is awesome? Let us know in the comments! ๐Ÿ˜€


23 thoughts on “5 reasons Poptropica is the best virtual world for kids”

  1. Poptropica is such a fun game, I prefer it than any other virtual world! It’s kid-friendly, fun, and addictive! There are so many things to do in Poptropica and asdfghjkl I can’t think of any other words to describe how awesome Poptropica is.

    ~Ciao! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. 5 reasons:

    1. Poptropica isn’t unfair non-members.
    2. Poptropica isn’t completely interactive (there is only a Common Room. Besides that, you can play however you like without other people).
    3. Any age can play it and have fun.
    4. You get pick different styles (you can complete islands, dress in costumes, battle other players, etc).
    5. I love the quizzes! I also love seeing other people’s personalities while at the same time being safe!
    That’s why I love Poptropica. Of course, there are more reasons, but there are too many to count. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you enjoyed why I think Poptropica is awesome! :mrgreen:

  3. 1 Its is educational it example it teaches about mythology
    2 it doesn’t have chat so people can say ”there age” ”were they live” and they can NEVER curse at people or say VERY mean things plus
    3 if people don’t have a computer they can use the DS version just the computer version has more island
    4 They were in 2011’s 50 Best Websites according to Time Magazine So if you can contact time magazine to talk about that
    5 i love the friends experience
    6 i love so creative island names i especially like the travailing islands especially at the end if you get to travel but i don’t like at the end of Mystery train or lunar colony you cant go on the train or in the rocket ship and i love counterfeiter island

    but i like islands like Crypdids , Naboti, Astro knights and ghost story and i have a idea crypdis island 10/10 nabori 9.5/10 backlot 10/10 those are 3 islands on a scale 1-10 Difficulty EP E ST E TT E 24C E SP M SPY M BN E AK SH those some acronyms for islands and difficulty i also like the quizes So on a scale 1-10 i’ll give poptropica a 10/10

  4. I agree with you. Yes, Poptropica is the best, but I like Club Penguin, too.

  5. I hate how other virtual worlds practically ONLY give Members all the game has to offer, while the Non-Members can’t even enjoy the game. Poptropica, however, gives Members a few extra stuff, like closet and access to view all their photos, Early Access to Islands, Bonus Quests, and stuff for free. Non-Members almost get all the same access as Members, but not the full advantage, like 1 photo per Island, needing Credits to get stuff, etc.

    1. Yes there are lots of games out there that give all most everthing to the people who pay for it. Just to name a few and there is a lot of them out there is Star Wars the Old Repletic,DC Online, Runescape, and the list goes on. Please list a few If you are feed up with game giving everything to their members!

  6. Lol Wizard 101 is just about the same on membership as Star Wars the Old Republtic! Or wosrt it is hard to tell. Also Pirate 101 which is made by the same people stink on membership.

  7. I don’t even need any reasons to support why poptropica is the best virtual world for kids… it’s the best website ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. OMG i totally agree with ” its fair to non-members”. ITS DIFFRENT ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!

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