Mother knows best

Every once in awhile I keep getting this little feeling in the back of my head like I forgot something…yeah, well maybe that sort of feeling was right and should’ve reminded me more than ever once in awhile despite whatever troubles I still have to be concerned about xD. Ladies, gentleman, err, and whatever you are in the crowd over there since I can’t tell, thank you for putting up with me for the last period of time! I had some personal adventures to deal with…ahem, digging deep into the boughs of the earth to discover a rare mineral that would one day secretly save humanity…no xD.

What day is today? If you’re past the International Date Line, maybe this is a bit late for you…I’m talking to you, Australia! Just kidding. It’s Mother’s Day! Say thanks to your parent or guardian or your ma! And what better way than sending her a big hug rather than another “Just five more minutes before I get up, mom.” Poptropica decided to kindly remind us with a few mothers from some old and new islands:

Some mom this was! As the creators stated, the queen didn’t even know of her child’s missing state.

Hey, my son too is reliving Jaws on a deserted island whilst I wait around with my purse doing nothing! ๐Ÿ˜€ What a great mother.

It seems to me that I’m seeing a trend her; this mom never knew her child was the size of a hair or a pea. “Hey look, I just stepped on an ant…wait a minute…”

Katya’s mom sure had some common sense. But according to the story, did the person ever listen? Nopa. Obey your parents, kids. You won’t earn 200k a year flipping burgers as a runaway xD.

Who forgot about Greg and his silly adventures? I read in a Chinese translation by an editor that claimed even the boy in the series was more clever and funnier than his parents. Unfortunately, his adventures were often ruined by his mom. At least that was the funny part.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh, mom, if you’re reading this: sorry I didn’t get those chocolates the day before xD.

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