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5 reasons Poptropica is the best virtual world for kids

While surfing through the waves of the web, I came across an article called “Five things learned from five years of Poptropica“, which you can click to read if you’re interested. It’s written by Director D – I mean James Lema, the director of product development at Poptropica.


Anyway, onto the good part! Here were 5 reasons James cited as what makes Poptropica a better kids’ virtual world than any other game:

  1. We are not building a game. Let’s create a collection of narrative driven quests.

  2. Ask for age and gender. If they want to register, ask them after they have played around for a while.

  3. 2D is faster, cheaper… and none of us know 3D.

  4. We will use pre-scripted / random chat.

  5. We are NOT Facebook for kids.

Interestingly, Poptropica started out with a staff of just two artists, one of them being Lema, and Poptropicans spend an average of 30 minutes per session on the site! If you’d like to read more, check out Lema’s Poptropica article on Dubit, which explains the 5 things more in-depth.

Want to know what we at the PHB think about Poptropica? Check out our Poptropica: Game Review article in the Cool Stuff section!

Now the question is, why do YOU think Poptropica is awesome? Let us know in the comments! 😀

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Reality is a lovely place… but Poptropica is a better one.

Following into the travels of Dr. Hare, last week we saw him posed in front of yet another ferris wheel. As our blog readers correctly predicted, he was touring London, England, with landmarks like the London Eye and Big Ben behind him! And now, here’s another shot at the same location, but with a different angle, so you get a glimpse of St. Paul’s Cathedral as well.

It’s cool how Poptropica is showing how they can extend to be bigger than just something on your computer screen – the things you can learn from Poptropica are part of the real world too! And, you can apply real world things to Poptropica…

That’s Hermione, Harry Potter, and Ron in Poptropica form! As you may know, the PHB has its own Costumes page, a collection of images of creative costumes you can put on. Someone recently submitted this great picture, and if you’re interested in more, click here.

Also, two Poptropica Creators’ names were recently discovered and added to our database. They are Nate Tufts, Illustrator/Designer working for Poptropica (see his blog) and Nasan Hardcastle, creates and designs artwork for Poptropica.com (see his blog).

On a final note, as I mentioned before, I may have less time to blog here since high school has started, so although you may see less frequent posts from me, I hope the rest of the authors will continue to bring you guys the news in a timely and awesome fashion. I will still be around to work behind the scenes to ensure the blog is updated well. 🙂