Poptropica is CANCELED 😡🙅‍♀️😡

Fellow haters, it’s time we rise up against the mutilation of Poptropica!!

With every update that isn’t an old island returning, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Poptropica doesn’t care about building a quality game anymore. And we’re done building them up! From now on, the Poptropica Help Blog is going to be a Poptropica Hate Blog. 😤

Honestly, with so much to be mad about, where do we even begin? 🙄 Let’s count the ways in which Poptropica has sinned against us; everything they’ve given that no one asked for: Costumes. Membership. Side quests. Social media. Contests. And… Roblox??

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Poptropica has developed a strange obsession with costumes over the past few years: new costumes, new areas and revamps for costume shops, monthly costume contests. Booorrrriinnng… and it never ends!! 👘 There’s no denying it: they’re spending more time on these instead of the islands, i.e. the actual game!

Art Attack: No one respects true art anymore.

What is the one thing they can’t stop churning out? Store updates. 💸 They’re more than happy to keep their promises and stay up to date with weekly store rotations and monthly costume contests, but year on year we’re coming up with almost no new islands. What gives??

And okay, we can appreciate a cute fit every now and then. But new stuff every week? That just seems excessive. If this were real life, they’d be indulging in some very unsustainable fast fashion practices right now. And even though it’s virtual, why are they emulating such toxic practices and encouraging so much consumerism anyway? What kind of message does that send to kids — the values of superficial spending, hungrily hoarding, and dressing to impress? Come on, think of the children!!

Poptropica wishes they could be as cool as Club Penguin.

Oh, but the consumerism extends to real life, too — the good stuff is too often locked under the paywall of membership. 🤑 Rare is the parent or guardian who will fork over a few bucks a month for your extra Poptropica perks, but should you be so blessed, only then will you get to enjoy fractions of old islands, new side-quests made for babies, and half the store in exclusive items. Back in our day, we had full islands for free, and now you have to pay for a partial island without all the episodes? Not only is that a terrible deal, but the whole membership model just reeks of capitalist greed and reveals the unfairness of class privilege. Canceled!!!

Or… fine. Let’s try our patience and put up with their weird new additions, their costumes and member gifts, and other wearisome whatnot. But when it comes to their horrible new methods of “storytelling,” we’ve gotta stop and say no to side quests. Disjointed, unorganized, facepalm-worthy, Mocktropica-esque side quests.

When the Creators promised a “year of stories” back in 2021, we were hoping they’d fill the year with real good Poptropica stories; y’know, stories with original characters and intricate plots. Stories told in the space of an island. Guess we shouldn’t have been so quick to assume! Fragments of unicorns and fairytales and bee-themed news reporters and who knows what else scattered about; we can’t keep up anymore!! Creators, if you care at all about our wellbeing, you’ll refrain from releasing such headache-inducing content, please and thank you!!!

Plus, can we talk about Amelia popping up all over the place? Pop’s Amelia, as you may know, is based on a real historical figure, Amelia Earhart. Why use Amelia as the central character of a story when there are sooo many original characters they could instead!? Especially when the real Amelia Earhart didn’t even like tea and had no known affiliations with unicorns?? ☕️ How dare Poptropica call themselves an educational site and then share such obvious misinformation!!

Just the sight of this makes us want to exit Poptropica and never log back in.

While they’re busy not bringing back the old islands, though, they sure like to bring up references to those classics on social media to chase that clout. 📱 After they remembered who Betty Jetty was, it seems nostalgia has been their trustworthy strategy for reeling in the fans — which would work if those characters and islands still existed, but alas, all we have are weird TikToks about how Ringmaster Raven is a liberal.

Train in Vain: Go nowhere fast in this subway tunnel.

Plus, they think they can distract us with all those contests? 🏅 We’re not even playing the game anymore, we’re asked to go offline (excuse me?) and dream up costume designs and island plotlines for the honor of having them featured in the game or on their blog. What, are we having to do the Pop Creators’ work because they can’t come up with good ideas anymore? And why are we making more costumes when we already have weekly store hauls?? Told you Poptropica has a shopaholic problem.

But wait, there’s more. Let’s talk about that Roblox game Poptropica recently released, which just about embodies everything that’s wrong with the state of the game today. No, we’re not talking about the Zomberry game that’s dropping today, because we already decided to boycott it as this post was being written. 😤

That’s because we’re not crazy about Unicorn Frenzy, the pathetic pastel pony pile-up. 🦄 No story or substance related to the game, and it’s not even on Poptropica’s platform? It’s evident that the Pop Creators are making a vain attempt to appeal to Roblox’s much larger fanbase, but what’s the point when we can’t even gather five players to start a game at any given moment?? Besides, the sickeningly saccharine scenery is a poor imitation of My Little Pony Generation 3’s beautiful visuals. Sadly, it reveals the Poptropica of today: soullessly devoid of originality.

Where’s the Poptropica we loved? All we want are the old islands back, or at least new ones that could be just as good — yet we’ve gotten everything but. If actions speak louder than words, Poptropica’s tone-deaf updates are violence crushing our once-hopeful hearts. 🔪💙

And not for lack of trying: we’ve shared Pop Petition posts, contributed to countless comments on social media, and even made a music video for the cause. We know they hear us, but their silence is suffocating.

Best of the Best: A Poptropica designer’s work is never done.

Meanwhile, the Poptropica of the present just isn’t cutting it. So from this day forth, we’re not the Poptropica Help Blog anymore. We’re more like a “Help Poptropica” Blog now. Because this game really needs some help.

We’re calling it now: Poptropica is canceled. It’s too far gone. Cut it out of your life and join the chorus of haters pronouncing it dead. Until the ashes of Captain Crawfish, Gretchen Grimlock, and all our old faves rise from their graves, we’re just gonna be here to gripe. Let’s let it all out!!

In the comments, bring your rage, your sorrows, your calloused hearts! Join us in taking down these posers who call themselves storytellers. 🤯 LET LOOSE YOUR HATRED! WE DESERVE BETTER!! 😤😤

Dare to dissent,

🔥💀💔 The Poptropica Hate Blog 💔💀🔥


34 thoughts on “Poptropica is CANCELED 😡🙅‍♀️😡”

  1. Ok, so the points made in this blog were very true. And Poptropica really needs to start listening to the players about the game before it’s totally obsolete and no one would even play it. But about the Poptropica “Hate” Blog, I happen to know that today is April 1st, so yeah…..

  2. Yes, Poptropica really needs to bring back the old islands! Though I just started playing this last 2 years, I really like the islands, and I really want to try the old islands! But why is Poptropica creating games in Roblox instead of trying to get back the old islands? :((

  3. Ah, an invitation to hate about current Pop! I’ve got a few.
    Seriously though, no matter how many times we ask, Poptropica just won’t work on old islands! To make matters worse, Poptropica called the Roblox Zomberry Quest a ONE-OF-A-KIND project! Really?! As if they didn’t copy it off one of the old islands?!
    For another thing, IGNORANT SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS. Jessica Devine (Skinny Moon) was great, and she actually LISTENED to us and answered our questions.
    I got Flashpoint, so I’m probably gonna spend most of my time over on old Pop, and at this point, I think soon that’ll be the only Poptropica I CAN play.
    I know this post is just an April Fools’ joke, but considering how hopelessly easy Poptropica is these days, a Poptropica Hate Blog would probably get more updates than a Poptropica Help Blog. At this rate, I think the only Poptropica Help people will need is emotional support.
    Ah, right. Back to complaining…
    I’ve never been much of a negative thinker, but I just can’t view current Poptropica any other way right now. It’s ruined itself. If the creators didn’t spend so much money on, like you said, disjointed, disorganized mini-quests, they might have money to bring back old Poptropica. Don’t they know the only way the game will survive is if they listen to us?
    But, as much sorrow goes into our complaints, we get nowhere. The creators don’t listen. The creators don’t care. All they do is ignore us. We waste our time and energy on trying to talk sense into them. It’s pointless.
    However, a blog of people hating Poptropica…It may be interesting to see how others react.

  4. I fully support this blog now. They are doing garbage ideas and when we ask NOTHING. nothing ….😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️👎🏼

  5. Finally ,Poptropica is cancelled and the old Poptropica “help” blog is now gone with the old islands and stuff. Gone with our favorite Creators and media. Fishy can act as new leader as we put a stop to the Creator’s messing around. Baron and Amelia can move over, we can just do the work for them because we might just take the game as our own and shut it down. It’s time for the jokes to end and we can be put together again, after the new Creators quit or work for us. We can even tell the best stories and have the best fun with tea that Amelia gives us. Slanted Fish is our new Queen, all hail Fishy! We can bring back the old islands ourselves officially, no need to mess with the pesky “new” Creators. Ha ha, we’ll create our own happy ending.

  6. Now this was a very convincing april fools joke. Been waiting for this day for a looong time. XD

  7. Poptropicans is cancelled. It’s time for Baron and Amelia to move over and make room for our new leader, Slanted Fish. She is taking over as head Creator of our team to get our islands back. Boycott away, I say. I think the Poptropica Hate Blog deserves a chance. Happy April Fool’s (or not)


  8. Preach! I can’t believe what the ‘creators’ have done. The old team is gone and replaced by people who don’t care one bit about the game’s integrity or quality. It makes me mad. I’m glad you guys, the bloggers, are finally starting to speak up. Maybe they’ll listen to you guys since they don’t us, but I still hold no hope until I actually see evidence of them turning things around.

  9. Amen my brothers and sisters! Finally! I’ve appreciated the fact that most, if not all, if you have been feeling the same as I these past months and years, and I respect your choice to mostly keep it tamped down and optimistic, with just a sentence or two per post hinting at true feelings, but April Fool’s Day joke or not, I know this was a chance to show how you truly feel. Respect, thank you, and my condolences ✌️😔

      1. I’d say it means so be it, verily, or truly. A missive of agreement, sometimes a praise, depending on context

      2. It’s traditionally used at the end of Christian prayers, but Grumpy Storm is correct–it’s literal meaning is “so be it” and it can also be used as a phrase of agreement!

  10. Most of these points are actually true. The only positive thing I can say about Poptropica right now is that I like the store updates. There was a long period of time where they only added new costumes when there were new islands coming out, and they were usually costumes that are not wearable as regular clothes (like the virus costume, boar costume, or pufferfish costume). I remember back when Skinny Moon was still the social media manager, a few of us talked to her about adding more costumes that are just regular clothes. So, I’m happy to see that they’re finally doing that at least.

    That said, I hate what Poptropica has become overall. Most of the people criticizing Poptropica aren’t just “haters” though. Most of us were big fans in the past, which is why we hate to see how they’re ruining the game. Poptropica was a big part of my childhood. I started playing in early 2008. Since it was such a big part of my childhood, I hate how they’ve removed everything that makes the game so nostalgic. And it’s not even like these new updates are appealing to little kids. When I was 10, pretty much every kid I knew played Poptropica. Clearly that’s not the case with 10 year olds anymore. I would understand why they are changing the game if kids actually liked these updates, but that’s really not the case.

    If they keep doing what they’ve been doing, Poptropica is going to die.

    1. 100%. Sure there will always be people who will never be pleased, or who are overly negative, but Pop seems to be taking on the idea that “all criticism = negativity” when at this point even fans who used to be totally willing to give them the benefit of the doubt are giving up, or at least speaking up more.

      A friend of mine, Jia, actually mentioned some information on the demographics of Pop would be useful, and I could see it helping fans and the creators better understand who they should aim their content at. But as far as I’m concerned, a time when so many kids played Pop on school computers and they had books in Barnes & Noble, compared to now, I doubt they’re doing even close as well as then.

  11. Ever since I was in elementary I’ve been playing Poptropica with my friend and I loved the game. But in Middle school, things changed, when I got on I saw all the islands that I knew were gone I knew it was the flash game. When I heard they were going to bring some of the old islands back I got excited, but when the new island was released I was disappointed because this was a membership island. (even the side quests) After I saw Poptropica on mobile, I got the app and saw a couple of old islands there to play. (I was trying to beat mission Atlantis and the survival islands) After a few months went by they got rid of them and replaced them to look like the computer version of the game I was mad because I wasn’t finished with the old islands. So basically it was like an up and down rollercoaster for me. So what I’m doing now in Poptropica is replaying other islands (that got boring after a couple of times) and going to the arcade or the Barron to hang out with friends and play games. So I’m not sure what’s going to happen to this game, but the developers need to listen to us and try and get other islands back to Poptropica because if not I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    P.S Roblox? what are the developers doing?

    1. Invisible Ring…
      I completely respect you, and your movie was great, but at this point, you really have to admit Poptropica’s over. They won’t stop ignoring us!
      I admire your determination, but I really don’t want you to be disappointed next time the creators do something horrible again.

  12. Might I express my disappointment at this not being an actual call of action against Poptropica? AHAHA,

  13. I quite like reading this post. Not only does it present us with some of the major flaws of the present-day Poptropica, but it also made me think about how developed this blog has become. There is a lot more character to the posts we see nowadays. It’s a pity there isn’t much to talk about on this blog anymore, other than store updates, art contests, and social media posts along with some of the other appallingly dumb moves made by the Creators.

  14. I also want the old islands back… I can only play them if I play on my mobile device without updating the game! They also added those stupid animations nobody asked for, And made these crap two second islands that could never compare to the originals.

  15. I played poptropica when there was only one page one the map if I’m remembering right. I’d really loved to play them again now I’m an adult I could play them with my kids. I really want to see the old worlds and good stories. If you’re correct then I don’t know if I even want to play it again. How sad.

  16. Poptropica used to be my favorite growing up, I loved that there were no ads, there were so many different islands, and you could copy and customize your character. Now it’s just boring and has an ad video every ten seconds. its ridiculous. I WANT THE OLD POPTROPICA BACKKK:(

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