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Multiplayer on mobile and Zomberry soon rising on Roblox ๐ŸงŸ

Pop on in โ€” we’ve got updates on the Pop app and Roblox game!

At long last, multiplayer functions are now available on the Poptropica mobile app with the latest update. But recall that earlier this year, a bunch of old islands were deleted from the Pop app. So if you do decide to update, be warned of what you’ll be missing. โš ๏ธ

Anyway, if you do proceed with this app update, you’ll get all the multiplayer features from the desktop version of the game, including the arcade and island common rooms with Quippy stores, 1v1 arcade games, and private parties in player clubhouses. Plus, when the Baron visits, mobile players will get the same experience as desktop users! ๐Ÿ“ฒ

In other news, we have a launch date for the teased Zomberry Island-inspired Roblox game, and it’s this Friday, April 1! ๐ŸงŸ The date might be sus but this is no April Fools’ joke, according to the Pop Creators’ Blog.

As you can see above, there’s a new sneak peek of an infected 3D Poptropican bitten by Zomberry blues looking as horrified as all of us when we learned of Poptropica’s first Roblox game, Unicorn Frenzy.

Anyway, let’s hope this one turns out better โ€” according to previous peeks, it’s going to be survival-based, humans versus zombies. Now, what about other questions of survival: Poptropica vs Roblox? Desktop vs mobile? Share your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Poptropica announced on their Instagram story that they’ll be hosting a launch party for the Roblox game, with more details to come. In the meantime, here are the latest fan art features from their stories:



4 thoughts on “Multiplayer on mobile and Zomberry soon rising on Roblox ๐ŸงŸ”

  1. I wonder if they are going to focus on finishing Jade Scarab after the Zomberry Roblox game is released. I’m not sure why they are prioritizing Roblox over their own website, but you’d think they would at least finish Jade Scarab once the Zomberry game is released.

    1. Considering Jade Scarab was made by a fan and was announced earlier than this, while the first two winners (Fairytale and Goofball) were done much faster, yeah, I hope they finish it soon!

  2. …What? What?!
    I can’t believe this! We’ve told them countless times we don’t want these pointless Roblox games, we want old islands back, but they just keep doing it??! And to make matters worse, they make it off of an old nostalgic island just to torment us?!
    People hardly even GO on Poptropica anymore, so I guess the creators think moving to another platform will give them more players, but don’t they realize they’ll get players if they just convert old islands? After all, bringing back stuff that’s already been made has to be cheaper than making your own stuff, especially if that stuff is on a platform you don’t even own!
    This is the last straw, I’m really sorry to say this, and I’m sorry I’ve been so negative lately, but… Poptropica is gonna die. Soon. Unless the creators do something NOW, Poptropica will continue to be pretty pointless, and the complaints will just keep rolling in.
    I wish you guys good luck on your most important Poptropica journey, but I’m retiring from my duty as a Poptropican.
    Pop Nonstop for as long as you can,
    Silver Shell ๐Ÿ˜”

    1. I’m sorry it’s gotten this far, but I hope you still stick around, it’s been nice having you here! :> Tbh, I haven’t played the game for a while, I just enjoy being here and thinking about good ol’ times.

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