Forget Zomberries, it’s a Unicorn Frenzy on Poptropica’s Roblox ๐Ÿฆ„

Hey Poptropicans Robloxians!

Remember how Poptropica teased an upcoming Roblox game inspired by Zomberry Island? So, Poptropica’s first Roblox game has arrived, but no Zomberries. Instead, it’s Amelia’s wildest fantasy: Unicorn Frenzy!

In Unicorn Frenzy, “Youโ€™ll have 2 minutes to dash, jump, and scramble around the arena to collect as many unicorns as you can! Race against other players and be on the lookout for purple lightning bolts. Youโ€™ll earn speed power-ups that can mean the difference between winning and losing!” Plus, don’t miss the baby unicorns in the clouds!

Now, you do need 5 players to start a game, and unfortunately nobody else came along while I was waiting. However, you can see some screenshots above, some from the lobby waiting area and some on the inside from the Pop Creators. Pretty sparkly, huh? Play it here!

So that St. Patrick’s Day pic with Amelia turned out to be a sneak peek for this game, but this whole development still leaves a lot of questions for us players. First, what happened to all the hype about a Roblox game inspired by Zomberry Island? Is Pop working on multiple Roblox games?

Sneak peek for a Roblox game said to be inspired by Zomberry Island

Second, what does Unicorn Frenzy have to do with Poptropica? Sure, the Pop Creators can spin a story about Amelia’s love for unicorns as we discovered in her mini quest, but it’s a bit of a stretch considering Amelia isn’t even in this Roblox game. In fact, other than a couple of posters with nameless Poptropicans and a support chat with “Dr. Beev,” there isn’t much connection to Pop to be found here. Seems pretty off-brand.

It’s worrying that the new Roblox game(s) don’t really build on the world of Pop. Not only is it on another platform, the content feels unrelated to Pop’s visuals and stories, and also doesn’t tell any new stories through its endless games, contradicting the Pop spirit we love.

Third, why is Poptropica building games on Roblox anyway? It certainly isn’t anything the fandom ever asked for, and seems to take resources away from building on their own game in the world of actual Poptropica. Sure, we might speculate that this could tap into Roblox’s bigger player base, and allows for wider multiplayer functionality than what is available on Pop. But it’s still too early to tell if that’s happening, and so far waiting for players to join and start a game has been pretty slow.

UPDATE: After sharing this post, former Pop Creator Mitch Krpata responded on Twitter with a meme saying, โ€œHahahahaโ€ฆ this sucks, man.โ€ And the evidence that even a former Creator doesn’t recognize any value in this may be enough to show just how far Pop has gone.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Unicorn Frenzy and Poptropica’s ventures into other frontiers? Share with us in the comments!


24 thoughts on “Forget Zomberries, it’s a Unicorn Frenzy on Poptropica’s Roblox ๐Ÿฆ„”

  1. I’m gonna be totally frank here, I’m hating these updates.
    Really, why would Poptropica work so hard on these unrelated, completely out-of-the-blue topics for really no reason when they could be spending valuable time and resources on those old islands and features we know and love? And when did ROBLOX get involved in this mess??!
    Yeah, I really can’t stand this for much longer, and I doubt the game will, either. I’ve played Poptropica for so long and experienced so much of that game I love, but if the creators don’t do something fast, I’ll have to watch it go away entirely, and I doubt that will be a long time before it happens.
    Please, Poptropica. Please, if you care about this game at all, just listen to us.

    1. Come on! If you aren’t working on old islands, at least give us some news of Secret of Jade Scarab.
      Or making those members-only islands available to all

  2. Making Roblox games sounds cool, but Poptropica should be a little more focused on improving their own game before doing something else completely different. Once they bring back the old Poptropica that everyone has been asking for forever, then they could other things. But the timing for this isn’t really ideal. Also, I don’t know why, but my comments aren’t coming in on other posts. Maybe a glitch.

  3. Ok firstly, I wanna play the old islands not this. I do like Roblox but I also like Poptropica. I just wish I could see old islands and what they were like. I checked the game out but it has nothing.
    When you join the game it says waiting for 8 players but it is isn’t that popular so you’ll probably be stuck in the lobby forever.

  4. I mean, again, our complaining gets us nowhere. The Poptropica Creators obviously think that bringing back the old islands isn’t a top priority if they can invest time and effort into designing Roblox games, of all things. Imagine running your own game, and then adding on to a game that isn’t yours. From what I can tell, no one plays that Roblox game they’ve, so it’s pointless, especially considering that this game was meant to appeal to Roblox players who might want to try Poptropica out after playing it. Perhaps it is too soon to make such judgements, but from looking at this game, I don’t really think it’ll appeal to much of anyone. I certainly don’t see what good it does for us older Poptropica players. (By the way, I hope there isn’t a rule against posting negative comments. I’ve sort of resorted to using these comment sections to vent and share my displeasure at the current state of the game. However, I think I do it in an appropriate way, so perhaps it isn’t of much concern.)

  5. Guys?
    I just downloaded FlashPoint so I could play old islands, but itโ€™s really glitchy. Every time something goes to the top half of my screen, it quadruples and glitches out. Help?

  6. So I got Flashpoint, but itโ€™s not letting me save my game! Does anyone know how to fix that?

      1. Thanks, I would, but I donโ€™t think the creators know about the Flashpoint glitch. And, if we alerted them about it, they would probably get rid of it, which would be very sad. I donโ€™t know, I might just have to figure it out. Does anyone else who uses Flashpoint have this problem?

      1. Can you plz make an interview with the creators. Iโ€™m like one snap of a finger away from quitting poptropica. And if you do make it about old islands.

  7. I wouldnt be angry if they released a full island on ROBLOX, although that would be kinda weird, because Poptropica needs updates, I don’t think any Poptropica player cares about ROBLOX poptropica islands, but this in the other hand, this is very very weird, I don’t know why they’re promoting their game in another game… Does ROBLOX even know this?

    1. I agree i mean don’t get me wrong i enjoy playing roblox but i also hate the fact that we are adding in POTROPICA updates to ROBLOX but the HAXE version is seeing no love, at least not since flash went down. Some of us miss the old islands but there are also the new players that NEVER got to see poptropica in its glory days. and I know that complaining will probably get us nowhere but if we don’t say anything the creators might never live up to their promises of eventually getting all the islands back up and running.

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