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YouTube Gaming remembers Poptropica

History repeats itself โ€” Poptropica’s once again trending on Twitter!

Similar to when this happened last May, mentions of Poptropica picked up steam from an image post that asked people to pick their favorite out of a list of nostalgic kids’ virtual world games from the 2000s. This time, the tweet came from YouTube Gaming, a subsidiary of YouTube.

Plenty of Poptropicans weighed in, including a torn Thinknoodles, Poptropica itself watching the scene unfold with a tea-sipping Amelia, and sister site Coolmath Games, whose support garnered extra bestie points from YouTube Gaming, the original poster.

Meanwhile, Poptropica is putting their best foot forward on their Twitter profile with another one of their odd memes โ€” walking slouched is now “Poptropica posture syndrome.” Watch your back!

Over on the Pop Creators’ Blog, guest writer Golden Horse shared part one of a fanfiction story set after the events of Fairytale Island, before Rumpel’s side quest happened. The fanfic weaves together heroic unicorns, old and new characters inspired by other legends, and a quest to gather items to defeat a great Evil. Read it here!

Rounding off this post, here are the latest fan art features from Pop’s Instagram stories this week. Enjoy! (Protip: The PHB always links to each original IG post, so you can click on the artists’ names to view their work in detail, Poptropica’s comments, and bonus pics if any!)

Keep on poppin’ on!



4 thoughts on “YouTube Gaming remembers Poptropica”

  1. I would definitely pick Poptropica… if they’re talking about old Poptropica. The way Poptropica is right now, I wouldn’t really care if it was gone. Unless they start bringing back some old features (if not the old islands, then at least the common room games, multiverse, or the old friends page with the pop quizzes) or making new updates that people actually like, Poptropica is going to die very soon :/

    1. Considering some of the other games on the list are already gone (unless we’re counting unofficial rewritten versions), it’s probably fair to factor in old Poptropica rather than the state of these games in the present. Definitely hoping for improvements in the present, though.

    2. Agreed. Some people say a new version of Poptropica is better than no Poptropica at all, but this new version isnโ€™t Poptropica. Itโ€™s gone, and replaced with some sad excuse for our childhood game.

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