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PHB Membership Giveaway: March 2022

Hey Poptropicans, we’re approaching the end of the month, which means it’s time to announce another lucky Poptropican to win our monthly membership giveaway! 🎁

Congratulations, Magic Poptropican — your new membership status allows you access to some exclusive island adventures, including Arabian Nights, Ep. 2: Lair of Thieves and PoptropiCon, Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert! Plus, you’ll also get to enjoy the next month’s member gifts.

If you’re not a member, you still have the chance (or many chances, in fact): the PHB is hosting a giveaway every month, and it’s easy to enter! Just comment on the Free Poptropica Membership page and leave at least two other comments around the PHB within the month to be entered into that month’s giveaway.

We’ll announce a winner sometime in the final week of each month. If you don’t win, you can always try again for the next month! Full details »

Congrats again to Magic Poptropican! Keep on popping on! 🪄


1 thought on “PHB Membership Giveaway: March 2022”

  1. Hi fellow poptropicans i would love to have the free membership because i really really want to play the new games ive been dying too since they came out and ive been looking for other websites for a free membership but they didn’t work for me so im coming to you guys

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