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Journey to an ancient land of sultans, thieves, and a magical lamp with power beyond imagination.

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Note: Only Episodes 1 & 2 (for members) are currently available on desktop and mobile. For the full version, you can play it on Steam or with AS3 Flashpoint.

Released: October 2, 2014 (Ep. 1 for members)
or October 23, 2014 (Ep. 1 for all)
Common Room: Rumi’s Rugs (Ep. 1 & 3), The Hangout (Ep. 2)
Preceded by: PoptropiCon Island
Succeeded by: Galactic Hot Dogs Island

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Quippy’s Store Items

Quippy sells the following items in Rumi’s Rugs, the common room on Episode 1: Arabian Style, Silent Thief, Desert Lizard Follower*, and Purple Smoke Bomb*. (* = members only)

Video Walkthrough

Click through the playlist menu to find the video for different episodes. For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by HPuterpopBlake, Scary Plug, Pixel, Brave Tomato, & Slanted Fish

Table of Contents

  1. Episode 1: How Bazaar
  2. Episode 2: Lair of Thieves
  3. Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For

Episode 1: How Bazaar

You’ll start the episode in a distressed Arabian bazaar, which is a Middle Eastern marketplace. The citizens will inform you that the 40 Thieves have ransacked the entire town and left it in ruins! That’s the premise: The 40 thieves are ransacking the town. Find their hideout and put a stop to it!


Right now, you have nothing to trade with the merchants, so go right and right again (past the desert scene) to find the cliff scene. Here, you can climb the oddly shaped cave exterior and go all the way to the right of the scene. Jump into the quicksand, sinking into the room below. The room has an opening to the cave, so go inside.


Once inside, push the nearby crate right until it’s hitting a platform. Use the crate to reach the high platform and jump over. You’ll find another crate on a platform. Push it off and then left so that you can reach yet another platform. Push the crate you find on the platform off onto the ground left, which will allow you to reach a broken ladder.


Climb the ladder, and when you reach the top, push the crate there off of the platform and use it to reach another rocky floor in the cave. Jump over the two sinking sand patches and you’ll find a skeleton wearing a turban and clutching a bag of Salt. Click on the bag to collect it.


Afterwards, you’ll deduce that this cave couldn’t be the thieves’ hideout, as it’s pretty much abandoned. Go ahead and leave the cave. Once you’re outside, make your way outside the cave exterior and back out the way you came. Return to the bazaar.

Climb up onto the rooftops of the buildings and find the merchant with the green and blue turban. You can trade some of your salt with him in order to get some a bag of Grain. Click the “deal” button to trade the items.


Jump over to the second merchant, and trade with her. She’ll offer a Lamp for your grain and some Cloth for some of your salt. Trade both and then return to the first merchant. (The lamp is actually a bit of a red herring – as your character realizes, it’s useless.)


Trade the pieces of cloth with the first merchant to obtain the Spyglass. Now, return to the desert scene. You’ll find an old man standing next to a circular stone platform. He says the thieves will steal anything placed on the platform. Use your salt to place some onto the platform, then go back to the bazaar.


Climb the tower on the left side of the scene and use the spyglass to connect it to the convenient spyglass stand on the top. Click on the spyglass to look through it. You’ll be able to see the full desert scene through the spyglass. Look to the left of the screen and the right to find two thieves lurking. They’ll get close to your salt and then throw a smoke bomb down, temporarily blinding the old man and taking the salt. It seems that they’ve left something behind, however, so return to the desert scene to check it out.


Once there, you’ll find that they’d dropped some Smoke Bombs. Collect this, and then return to the bazaar.


Once there, go left once again to enter the palace exterior. Two guards are faithfully waiting outside the palace door, and if you get close, they’ll take you back outside the entrance.

To get inside the palace, jump onto the windowsills all the way until you’re right above the guards. Then, wait for one to start talking to another – this is around the time you’ll need to equip your smoke bomb (don’t worry if you mess up; the bombs can be used infinitely). Wait until one of the guards walks over to the other, until they are fairly close. Then, press spacebar to release a smoke bomb onto both, temporarily blinding them. This gives you enough time to slip inside the palace unnoticed.


Once inside, you’ll find the sultan sitting in his chair on the left side of the room. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to help him get back the one thing precious to him – his special lamp. If you try to give the sultan the lamp from earlier, he’ll say it’s not the special lamp that he formerly owned. He’ll give you his Crown Jewel to help you on your journey.


When you exit the palace, the guards will be astonished that you were in there. They say that if you keep it a secret, they’ll let you go.


Now, return to the bazaar and trade with the first merchant. He’ll offer an Ivory Camel for your jewel – go ahead and accept the offer. Once you have the camel, trade with the third and final merchant, who owns an actual camel. You can trade the ivory camel for his real live camel! Accept the offer.


Now, use the Camel Bridle that he gave you to take the reigns on the camel. The camel doesn’t like to go too quickly, so don’t rush, but drag him along into the desert area. Once there, click on the platform to put the camel on it. Now, return to the bazaar and get to the top of the tower. Don’t get too far away from the camel, or he won’t budge!


Click the spyglass to watch the thieves take the camel away – this time they can’t do it very speedily, as the camel is slow. Because of this, you’ll see that their hideout is hidden in the oasis nearby! The thief cries “Open sesame!”, and a stone dragon mouth rises from the water and she walks inside! It then recedes back into the water.


Return to the desert scene and jump into the pool of water. Your character will say the magic words and the dragon structure will rise out of the water. After jumping in, you’ll receive the Episode 1 Island Medallion! Congrats!


Episode 2: Lair of Thieves

At the end of episode 1, we last left off after entering the secret lair of the 40 Thieves. Now that we’re inside, our task is to find and retrieve the Sultan’s lamp!


After closing the task message, you can go about making your way down. Begin by navigating around until you reach a sign with an arrow pointing down. Go down that hole, which will lead you to another area – the treasure keep, with a magical altar.

Here, you’ll see the master thief, along with some of her comrades, forcing a helpless prisoner into choosing a lamp and placing it onto an altar. The poor prisoner will choose the wrong lamp and will be gone in a split second – but not his clothes!


Suddenly, the sandy platform you’re standing on will break, causing you to fall. The thieves spot you and send you to one of their prison cells. Your cellmate, the Vizier (a high official of the Sultan) will ask what you’re doing, and offer you a formula for magic sand bombs – but you’ll have to get into his cell to get it.


To break out of your cell, push your bed all way to the right, then keep jumping up on it, hitting the cracked platform above with your head until it smashes. Go up, then push the ball and chain down so it falls into your cell. Then just go directly to the right, with no turns, until you reach the prison exit.

arab2 wrecking ball

Once you exit, watch out for the thieves. To not get caught by the guards, you will need to disguise yourself as one of the thieves, but to do that, you’ll need a few things to create your disguise.

If you’ve exited the prison area, then you should be back in the altar area with the lamps. Go directly to the right, and jump onto the huge statue. Watch out for the guy (who looks like Binary Bard’s Arabic cousin) counting gold pieces, because if he sees you, you will be sent back to your cell. Wait for him to turn left, then make your move. Grab the White Robe the vanished prisoner left on the altar. Next, leap up to the ledge on the right and take the vial of Quicksilver (mercury) from the skeleton.


Drop down and continue to the right. You should be at the sanctum, where the master thief is currently at. (You really don’t want to mess with her!) Making sure not to run into her, click “Use” on your White Robe to dunk it into the sticky black oil, which will dye the clothing black and turn it into Thieves’ Garb – a disguise that will allow you to move freely, as if you were one of the Thieves! Put it on.


While you’re there, take the Gunpowder from the far right of this room (the sanctum). Then, head back to the altar area, and from the platform with the lamps, jump onto the wooden platform above and go up, back to the entrance. Grab the bag of Borax, which is being guarded by two thieves – but since you’re dressed like them, they won’t mind you taking it.


Now, head back to the prison cells and pick up the Viper Skin lying around in one of the cells – another item for our grocery list item ingredients. Follow this path (depicted below) to reach the Vizier’s cell.

arab2 prison map1

Talk to the Vizier, and he’ll give you the Magic Sand Formula, which is made of:

  • II (2) parts Gunpowder
  • III (3) part Quicksilver
  • I (1) part Viper Skin
  • II (2) parts Borax

Good thing we’ve collected all that!

Go all the way right, back to the sanctum (the room where you got the gunpowder, and where the master thief is). Use the crafting table in the room and follow the formula. Click the pestle to mix it when you’re ready, and you’ll have created Magic Sand bombs!

arab2 crafting table

Your character will test out the Magic Sand, creating an explosion loud enough for the master thief to hear. To “teach” you for sneaking around, she’ll throw a lit lamp into the room and lock the door. There’ll be an explosion – your oil-covered, highly flammable disguise will burn right off of you, and other items will catch fire as well. Surprisingly, other than your robes, you’re left unharmed.


Now equip the Magic Sand, and press spacebar to throw it onto sandy platform. It’ll magically turn into quicksand, allowing you to drop down and escape the room.


Head back to the prison area, following the path depicted below and throwing magic sand on sandy platforms to turn them into quicksand. When you knock out the first guard with the wrecking ball, pick up the Prison Key he drops. Head right, drop down, and knock out another guard in the same way. Finally, you can go to the Vizier’s cell, free him with the Prison Key, and lead him to the exit.

arab2 prison map bombs

Back in the treasure room with the altar and lamps, you’ll need to distract the coin-counting thief by sinking his stacks of gold. Use the Magic Sand bomb on the sandy platform below the gold, which will turn into quicksand – and drop the gold! The panicking thief will try to recount the gold while you and the Vizier can go over to the pile of lamps to try to find the Sultan’s special one.


Unlike the rest of the lamps, the Sultan’s lamp does not have decorations on it. It also does not have a matching pair. Basically, it looks like a plain old lamp – but it’s far from plain in terms of power. Anyway, push all the lamps aside, and there should be a plain-looking lamp in the back. That’s the Sultan’s lamp!


Just as the two of you are escaping, the master thief and her comrades catch up to you. She’ll force you to show her the lamp, but the Vizier will give her a fake, placing it on the altar… and as the lamp turns red, he sacrifices himself to give you a chance to run. Unsatisfied, the master thief brings in her muscle man – Brutus – and orders him to chase you!

arab2 vizier sacrifice

What you need to do now is… run! Run away from Brutus before he catches you. There will be obstacles along the way, including rolling barrels – time it so that you jump over them instead of running into them. Throw magic sand at the sandy platforms beside the guards to drop them out of the way. At the corner with the flammable barrels, wait for Brutus to catch up, then click on a barrel to roll one at him, and it will explode on him. You can now run up to the very top and stand on the blue button to lower the elevator – bringing with it a few more of the thieves!


Trapped, you’ll be taken back to the treasure keep where the altar is, and the thieves will force you to release the genie in the Sultan’s lamp. An ancient power is awakened…


And you’ll receive the Episode 2 Island Medallion! Congratulations.

Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For

Picking up right where we left off in the last episode, the genie reveals himself to you and the thieves. As a result, the master thief tries to make a wish but is cut off by the large henchman, who wishes to pulverize everything he touches. The genie gives him just that wish, and it resultantly causes the hideout to collapse and the lamp to be broken, and resultantly free the genie.


After being pulled out of the wreckage, your goal now is to meet up with the Sultan and give him a report on your exploits in the thieves’ hideout. Before you go to him though, look just right to where you woke up and pick up the Geode Rock nearby.


Then click use on the geode rock in front of the large former henchman, Brutus, so he can pulverize it into Geode Crystals for you.

arab6 copy

After that, to all the way to the left, through the genie fever-stricken bazaar, and you’ll be let into the palace. Talk to the Sultan, and after the conversation, he goes off to find the genie, telling you not to touch anything. Which means we’re gonna snoop around.

Click the tile from where the Sultan was originally standing and you’ll unlock a passage to the rest of the palace through the window.


Once you’re in the palace atrium, go right and head over to the open door on the right side. There, you’ll find the pink master thief looking at a piece of paper and crying over it. Before you can ask what’s going on, the pink thief notices you and flees. Huh.


After she flees, you can grab what she was looking at: a Drawing of what looks like a father and daughter holding hands. It’s her with the Sultan! Anyway, let’s head out for now.


Go to the right and you’ll enter the library. Jump up and you’ll see a bookshelf. From that bookshelf, click on it and then click on the book about how to catch a genie, which is in the bottom right corner. You’ll take a page of Instructions from it and put it in your inventory.

Then go a little bit right and you’ll find a Magic Book. The first thing we have to make is Divination Dust, which will make sure the genie doesn’t stay hidden for long.


With this in mind, and taking notice of the crafting table in the same room, let’s head over and make some trades in the bazaar.

You need to make sure you have everything you can get from the bazaar, because they will all play a role in your potion making. Here’s a guide for who offers what for what.

 Camel TraderNightlight TraderFemale Trader
Geode CrystalSesame OilXBurlap Sack
Burlap SackMoonstoneSesame OilGeode Crystal
Sesame OilGeode CrystalBurlap SackWishbone
WishboneXMoonstoneSesame Oil
MoonstoneBurlap SackWishboneX


Steps: Trade the geode crystal for the sesame oil at the bottom stall. Trade the sesame oil for the burlap sack at the top left stall. Trade the burlap sack for the Moonstone at the bottom stall again, then trade more crystal for another sesame oil. Finally, visit the top right stall and trade the sesame oil for a Wishbone, then trade more crystal for another Burlap Sack.


Once you obtain all the items, go to the large henchman again and have him smash the wishbone into Bone Meal and the moonstone into Moon Dust.

Go back to the palace library and click on the potion crafting table. Follow the instructions to make divination dust, which is 3 parts moondust, 2 parts bonemeal, and 1 part burlap (from the sack). Click the mixer to make the Divination Dust.

arab30 copy

Equip the dust bomb from your inventory and go back to the bazaar. Go to where the nightlight trader was and you’ll find the genie hiding in the top barrel. Press the spacebar to throw a bomb. The genie will proceed to flee to the left.

As you proceed to go, a camel will break free from his trader’s grasp and go left also. Chase after the genie and you’ll end up at the palace. You can see the genie hiding at a lantern in front of the palace, but you can’t reach it yet. First you have to go by the palace entrance and talk to the guard who now has to endure endless camel kisses. He wished to attract all the ladies, but the genie gave him the attraction of female camels instead. After talking to the guard, the camel will chase the guard around. Go by the lantern the genie is hiding in and wait for the camel to be there too. Jump on the camel and throw the divination dust bomb at him. The genie will flee right.

Go right also, past the bazaar, and you’ll be back where you started the episode. Look at the man with the “genie compass” and you’ll find the genie hiding in his headdress. Talk to him, and then throw the divination dust at him. The genie will flee again, but this time, up in the sky. You’ll need the levitation potion in order to reach him. You’ll grab the searcher’s Compass after the cutscene.


Go to where the telescope is and give it to the thief looking through it. All he wanted was to see the world without fear of getting lost, and by you giving the compass, his wish is granted without a price. He gives you a Skeleton Key and goes off. Meanwhile, if you look through the telescope, you’ll see the genie in the distant sky.


A skeleton key is a special type of key that will unlock any lock it comes across. This should be helpful. Go back to the palace and go to the treasure chest by the entrance. Unlock it and you’ll find out that the treasure chest is actually the coin collector of the thieves, who had wished to hold infinite wealth, but instead became a treasure chest. Ask if you can rummage through the treasure chest and you’ll find a Golden Lamp. This is a step towards capturing the genie.


Go into the palace and up from the painting entrance and you’ll find a locked door. Use it and you’ll find yourself in the lamp room. Go to the right and you’ll find yourself a Roc Feather sticking up from a fancy vase. This was the only ingredient missing to make the levitation potion.


Exit the room and go back to the princess’s room. Use the skeleton key on her diary and you’ll discover the genie’s name: Samhal. Now that you have the name and the lamp, all you need to do now is fly.


Go to the library again and use the table again to make the potion: 1 part roc feather, 2 parts moondust, and 3 parts sesame oil. You’ll make the potion, but you end up dropping it onto the carpet underneath it. Now you’ve got a Magic Carpet! After the obligatory Disney’s Aladdin reference, go outside and fly up to the sky in the desert scene, where Samhal is.


Get on your magic carpet when you reach the desert, fly up, and you’ll find Samhal (if you look through the telescope in the bazaar, you’ll find him there). Samhal flees by the sand snowman and then you fly up to him again, since you have everything you need. The genie will proceed to flee left, and now, you’ll have to return to the palace.


Follow him into the palace atrium, where you’ll see him fly right. This will trigger a mini-game where you must flick back and forth between the real room and its reflection at the bottom, using the green arrow.

Watch the reflection for the slightest movement, then go back to the real room at the top and click on the piece of furniture that moved, which will knock the genie out. You’ll need to do this three times in sixty seconds because he’s made ghost copies of himself to trick you. After you knock out the three copies, the real genie will do his ghost-copy magic again, and you’ll have to do the same thing again, and again, for a total of three rounds.


When you’ve finally exhausted him, he’ll go hiding in the lamp room. Follow him there.

Click use on your Golden Lamp to start the binding spell, but then – the master thief shows up and steals the lamp! Before you know it, she’s used it to make herself a genie, and escapes the palace.


Chase her on your magic carpet, and you’ll be in another mini-game: from up above, she’ll start throwing large objects at you as you fly up to catch up to her. Just watch for where the puffs of smoke appear, and fly away from them so you won’t get hit when her objects materialize. You can still survive a few hits, though. Anyway, once you reach her high in the sky, she’ll destroy your carpet and send you crashing to the stone dais below.


The Sultan will appear, demanding his daughter to stop. Turns out, the master thief is the Sultan’s daughter! He wants his riches returned to him, but can you convince him there’s a better way? Pull out the drawing of the Sultan and Scheherazade (the princess), and he’ll finally realize that his desire for riches had blinded him from what his daughter really wanted – for them to live as a happy family. Aww!

He’ll ask you to make a wish, and you can choose from three options (a robot army of butlers, the ability to speak to animals, or to be the world’s best banjo player). The wish you make will decide the album photo you get for this episode, but you can always replay the episode for the other photos if you wish (see what we did there?)!

The Sultan himself wishes that he’d never found the lamp to begin with, and he’ll award you your Island Medallion credits for the Store. Congratulations, you’ve finished Arabian Nights Island!


Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.

Note: The third photo depends on the wish you make at the end of Episode 3. There are three possible photo outcomes: talking to animals, an army of robot butlers, or being the world’s best banjo player.


  • Arabian Nights Island is Poptropica’s 41st island, and the first episode was released to members on October 2, 2014. The login screen featured kids being chased by some of the Forty Thieves. Episode 1 was released to non-members on October 23, 2014.
  • Episode 1 was re-released on Haxe for all on November 24, 2020. Episode 2 was re-released on Haxe for members only on December 7, 2021.
  • Arabian Nights (full version) was re-released for Steam on May 25, 2022.
  • Common room: Rumi’s Rugs (Ep. 1 & 3), The Hangout (Ep. 2) (contains the camel stolen by the thieves at the end of Ep. 1)
  • Rumi’s Rugs may be named after the 13th-century Persian Muslim poet Rumi.
  • The idea of Arabian Nights Island was conceived by the winner of Poptropica’s “Create Your Dream Island” 2013 contest, Sarah S. from South Carolina. You can read more about it on the Creators’ Blog. The original pitch for the island was this: “On Arabian Nights Island, Poptropicans go on a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.”
  • Arabian Nights Island is based on the traditional stories of Arabic culture found in One Thousand and One Nights (also known as Arabian Nights, of course).
  • Episode 1: “How Bazaar” is a pun on the phrase “how bizarre.” One of the places in Ep. 1 is a bazaar (Middle Eastern marketplace).
  • The coin-counting guy in the treasure keep in Episode 2 looks a little like Binary Bard from Astro-Knights Island, with a red jewel over one eye.
  • On the vial of quicksilver you get in Episode 2, the symbol etched on it is the alchemy sign for the element of mercury, also known as quicksilver.
  • The album photo for Ep. 3 depends on the wish you make at the end. There are three possible outcomes.
  • Scheherazade, the princess in Ep. 3, is named after the original storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.
  • In Ep. 3, when you’re chasing the princess-turned-genie, she’ll throw objects at you that are from other islands, such as the “Funny Bunny” carrot farm sign from 24 Carrot, the elephant from the Nabooti safari, cannons from Skullduggery Island, and more.
  • When you get the Magic Carpet in Ep. 3, your character says, “Now I’m in a whole new world,” a reference to Disney’s Aladdin.
  • Now Available! Members get an Arabian Nights Poster and a Plundered Armor Costume in the Poptropica Store! (plus a Shield and Scimitar! Go get ’em!)

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        4. Click on the image, and you will be able to play member-only islands on the Haxe version even if you are not a member!
        Hoped that helped! 😁😁😁

      2. Wow, that’s so awesome!! I have the app, so I’ll be sure to use that glitch. Thanks so much for helping, Incredible Flame!!

    2. Same here, Sneaky Flame!
      Brutus is really hard to beat, for anyone who hasn’t finished episode 2.
      And get this…..
      when he gets near ropes, he disappears and then reappears right next to the rope. In my opinion, that’s an unfair advantage to him, and the rolling barrels just make it worse, because with this advantage, Brutus can catch up to you really quick.
      Can someone email Poptropica and ask them to delete this advantage?

      1. Yeah it’s wayyy to hard to stay in front of him, because he does not use the ropes he just jumps to the platforms! Also, I had a membership before and then it expired, but then I got another one, so I don’t have time to equip the magic sand to my character! Please help!

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