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Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic (2 of 6) & Dream Island contest

It’s August, and that means a couple of things for Poptropica – new Poptropica books are out, and the Create Your Dream Island Contest has begun! The map has been updated too (thanks ayman351!):

vh on map

First, Virus Hunter Island! The second page of the Pandemic Panic comic is here, continuing from the first part, and here our PDC heroes are stopped by a lovely Canadian Mountie and capture an innocent-looking Labrador Duck with a deadly CC13 virus. What the heck are you all doing, eh?

You’re going to need to be fit if you want to survive Virus Hunter Island, because the Expectation-Free Zone gym there wants to get you pumped up (and they say they’re expectation-free…):

As for the second new icon (the island contest), clicking on it will bring you to a page for the Island Creator Kit, containing a video message from Jeff Kinney:

Well, that’s all for now! Go get your creative juices flowing so you’ll have a stellar entry for that Create Your Dream Island Contest before it ends in December! (And if you win, you know it might just be the most exciting thing that happens in your childhood!)

9 thoughts on “Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic (2 of 6) & Dream Island contest”

    1. I think I may beat you! LOL XD Just kidding. This is one of the only times I’ve posted something about the same subject before the PHB. I just didn’t do the comic part. LOL XD

  1. So the virus is in the wings of an extinct duck.

    …well, since its extinct in real life, at least we don’t have to worry about such a thing IRL.

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